The Force Awakens - Rey's Story

The Force Awakens Rey s Story Rey never thought she would leave the desert planet of Jakku but her life is turned upside down when she meets BB a small droid with a big secret Like it or not Rey is about to be caught up in so

  • Title: The Force Awakens - Rey's Story
  • Author: Elizabeth Schaefer Brian Rood
  • ISBN: 9781484774090
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rey never thought she would leave the desert planet of Jakku, but her life is turned upside down when she meets BB 8, a small droid with a big secret Like it or not, Rey is about to be caught up in something much larger than herself a galactic war between the evil First Order and the fledgling Resistance But something is awakening inside of Rey, something that might turRey never thought she would leave the desert planet of Jakku, but her life is turned upside down when she meets BB 8, a small droid with a big secret Like it or not, Rey is about to be caught up in something much larger than herself a galactic war between the evil First Order and the fledgling Resistance But something is awakening inside of Rey, something that might turn the tides of fortune in the galaxy

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    1. 4 starsI am not a huge fan of Star Wars, but I have seen the last one that was released. I like the movie. After reading this book it had followed the movie. I kind of expected it to go into more detail about things and what not. I was kind of disappointed that it didn't. Overall I liked the movie just as much as I like the movie. I am not sure if I would read it again. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes Star Wars or is a fan of Star Wars.

    2. As a big Star Wars fan I bought this book to put on my daughter's shelf in the hope that Rey's adventures might one day pave the way for her to become a fan too. As a veteran SW reader I didn't expect it to bring many insights beyond the movie. It didn't. Having said that and having read it myself, I think this version of SW VII is a good way for any SW loving parent to introduce their daughter to the saga. Beyond that, Rey's self reliance, optimism, fitness, bravery, loyalty and character make [...]

    3. When Episode I came out there were a small series of children's books marketed which were written as certain characters' diaries (I had and loved the Queen Amidala one, and really wanted but never saw the Darth Maul one). They had a lot of extra information alongside a narration of the film's plot, and so when I saw the Rey/Finn's Story books I hoped they would be similar.At least in Rey's case that's not quite so. There are a few bits of extra info, including an opening chapter which related he [...]

    4. I got this thinking it might be some kind of midquel after the events of the first movie. Or else another short story like the ones from Before The Awakening. Instead, this is essentially the movie novelization except that it's all the scenes with Rey from her perspective. Some of it has been changed from the novelization to be compliant with the released movie and it's interesting to see more of Rey's thoughts but otherwise, it feels like cheating to say this is a completely new book. However, [...]

    5. A quick fun read. If you liked Rey in the movie, read the book. There is some added details of what her life was like on Jakku.

    6. This book retells the events from the Force Awakens movie strictly from Rey's point of view. I figured it wouldn't have much new to see but still it was cool to have a look into her mind. Readers and fans just get to know Rey a bit better. It's a quick and easy read, perfect for children, Rey's such a good role model i hope she becomes a bridge for the next generations of Star Wars fans!

    7. “Child, the belonging you seek is not behind you. It is ahead.”Competent young reader’s novelization of Star Wars The Force Awakens movie, told from the perspective of Rey, the young woman. Appropriate and readable by pre-teens. Takes the reader inside Rey’s head for questions and insights the movie only hints at. “Hug later. Escape now.”

    8. While definitely written for a much younger audience, this was much better than The Force Awakens novel. Telling the whole story from Rey's point of view was really cool, but somewhat limiting at times. Definitely not a stand alone novel, but a fantastic complement to the story of The Force Awakens.

    9. Middle grade novel retelling The Force Awakens from Rey's point of view. It incorporates some details from the novelization, like Rey turning off BB-8 and countering Unkar's original offer. Ultimately it's a better read, with more emotional depth. And besides, Rey's my girl and I love her. There's a great extended conversation between Rey and Maz which includes the "who are you?"/"I am no one." exchange from the trailers.

    10. This does not expand on the novelisation much, but it does provide one or two new interesting things to support or deny some of my fan theories about the next movie. Not really recommended unless you're trying to get a kid into reading or trying to devour everything in the new Star Wars canon (which I am :D).

    11. Enjoyable. Revealed slightly new perspectives into Rey's thoughts on the events of TFA, nothing that wasn't in the TFA novel that I can remember though. There were some jumps in descriptions as many parts were summaries rather than descriptions. If you've seen the movie these may be noticeable but your mind will fill in the gaps, otherwise some may be a little confusing.

    12. I really enjoyed January LaVoie's reading of this book. She always does a good job with audiobooks. The authors did a good telling of our new favorite star wars saga. And it's good to hear Rey's side of things. If it went deeper into her feelings and emotions, I would have loved that, too.

    13. It’s a children’s book that I was given for Xmas. It’s cute. Follows the basic plot line from Rey’s view in the Force Awakens. There is a line from Kyle in it that’s suspect: It is you. Her who, what does he know.

    14. yup, this story is exactly the same as the movie i thought it is something different as this book added "Rey's story" to its title

    15. The story provides good insight to Rae’s thoughts and some motives behind her actions I previously misunderstood.

    16. I wanted it to add some depth to the movie, no such luck. No reason to read this if you watched the movie.

    17. Enjoyable read with the little guy. Another perspective on the Force Awakens story that allowed more insight into Rey.

    18. Very nice, simple telling of the story from Rey's point of view and perfect for junior readers' comprehension.

    19. It's a cute book. It's quite similar the novelization of the film with only Rey's point of view. It's well done though. It doesn't feel tired as some novelizations do.

    20. It was okay. Was shortd added virtually nothing to the FA or Rey's story. It was basically a short POV from Rey about FA.

    21. Read this because it's in my school library and it was available on audio. I can see how a die-hard fan would enjoy it. I saw the movie, and it pretty much followed the movie exactly.

    22. I listened to this book via Audible.Rey's Story is a retelling of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens from the perspective of Rey. It's a quick read that condenses things down and leaves out the parts of the movie where Rey wasn't present. It's an accurate adaptation that gets you inside Rey's head so you can see things from her perspective.Generally, if you've seen The Force Awakens then you know if you'll like this or not. It's not meant to be different or deep or anything like that. Ther [...]

    23. This was good, but not quite as good as the Finn one. Some things happened differently than they did in the film, which more often than not changed the tone of those scenes. In places Finn's characterisation didn't feel quite right and in general the book felt rushed, like the required word count wasn't quite enough to do the story justice. And finally, Rey does not meet Poe in this, which is something that does canonically happen despite not being shown in the film, and frankly that was a huge [...]

    24. Even though this book is geared toward much younger readers, it is no less enjoyable for adults. Rey's Story gives a good account of Rey's life (as it begins in the film version; there are no surprises here) -- from her point of view. Yes, the story as told in this book skips a lot of the detail as seen in the film, but if you've seen the movie (especially as many times as I have ;-) ), your imagination can fill in the gaps.Whether one is an adult reading for one's own pleasure, a youngster draw [...]

    25. Definitivamente es un libro para un lector más joven, una versión del episodio VII pero desde el punto de vista de Rey, te da un poco más de información acerca de su vida en Jakku y sirve de ejemplo para conocer lo autosuficiente, la valentía y el carácter que su personaje tiene.Sin duda la parte que está más desarrollada es la psicometría que tiene respecto al sable de luz de Luke hay cosas que particularmente no se mencionan ni en la película ni en el libro.Las ilustraciones de cada [...]

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