On Her Trail: My Mother, Nancy Dickerson, TV News' First Woman Star

On Her Trail My Mother Nancy Dickerson TV News First Woman Star The former White House correspondent for Time magazine examines his stormy relationship with his legendary mother Nancy Dickerson the first female member of the Washington D C television news corps

  • Title: On Her Trail: My Mother, Nancy Dickerson, TV News' First Woman Star
  • Author: John Dickerson
  • ISBN: 9780743287838
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The former White House correspondent for Time magazine examines his stormy relationship with his legendary mother, Nancy Dickerson the first female member of the Washington, D.C television news corps and the first female host of the Today show of photos.

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    1. I'm sure this book was hard to write and that made it a little hard to read. As some reviewers have noted, Dickerson is writing about his mother and that makes him to close to the subject to be totally objective. However, he knows that and objectivity isn't a goal. Instead, we see his understanding of his mother as a human being develop throughout the book, probably much like it did within him toward the end of her life and after her death. Because of my own conflicted feelings about my mother ( [...]

    2. "The first time I ever heard my mother sound nervous, she'd been dead for two years." --from On Her Trail: my mother, Nancy Dickerson, TV news' first woman star by John Dickerson While I expected this book to be interesting, I was happily enticed by the delicious first sentence. My expectations climbed as the words teased me to speed my reading. Apart from the bio of his famous mother, John Dickerson writes with great good humor and intoxicating detail. If you are at all interested in biography, [...]

    3. Always read John Dickerson's columns on Slate, so thought I would check out this book. Really interesting from many vantage points - it's the story of a man who follows in his mother's footsteps to become a White House correspondent, the story of a woman struggling to reconcile career and family, the story of an era when a reporter could throw lavish parties for her sources and have them hashing out key policies until daybreak. Nancy Dickerson went on a few dates with JFK before he married, was [...]

    4. A son's investigation of his Mother's career and life. John Dickerson always appears to be so suave and smooth on TV, but it wasn't always so, and this book reveals as much about him as it does about his famous mother. They didn't always have a great relationship and he admits he actually learned to know her through reading material for this biography. He found there was a lot more going on than he realized. As a ground-breaking female reporter, she couldn't win no matter what she did. She was c [...]

    5. I vividly remember Nancy Dickerson's afternoon newscasts from my childhood. Her son is a good writer and conveyed all the complexity of her life without much sentimentality. At the same time, the parties she threw for access to information and high ranking elected officials were eye opening. She suffered considerable discrimination trying to work in her career. He's trying to understand his mother and this book made me think he was able to do so.

    6. I enjoyed learning about trial-blazer Nancy Dickerson. Can't think of a better biographer than her son John Dickerson; he has the inside scoop on her personality and her profession. This book also has a 'rest of the story' quality to it--you see familiar historical figures from a new perspective. Any 20th c history buff will really enjoy these stories, such as that possibly history-making late-night call from President Nixon.

    7. I loved this book! It was thorough without being boring and gave a behind-the-scenes view of Washington reporting from the 60's through the 80's. John very skillfully wrote from a child's point of view and an adult's.

    8. A compelling mix of a biography and autobiography set in the world of news reporting and high society.I got lost a couple of times, re: timeline and actual dates, and I guess I would have welcomed additional examples of the stories Nancy covered, but other than that I found this book to be a page-turner.

    9. I would stay three and a half stars. It is an interesting book. The discrimination and challenges she had to deal with are eye opening.

    10. What I loved the most about this book1. I enjoy John Dickerson's writing style and humor and so the narrative was a bit like listening to him tell the story of his mother's life. 2. Getting to see history through Nancy's life, her struggles and her success alongside presidents and other leaders was insightful.3. I liked his approach of presenting Nancy's good, bad, ugly but in a loving way - I appreciated how his perspective changed and grew. It made me think about how my kids see my now and wil [...]

    11. It is so easy to think that women have made almost no progress in the last 40 years. Reading John Dickerson's biography of his mother, Nancy Dickerson, and her determined breakthrough as a woman in TV journalism, was, for me, a revelation. Women have come a very long way since the mid-1960s, and pioneers like Nancy Dickerson broke the ice. But the biography is about more than her career; it is the memoir of a son who came to appreciate his mother and her humanity. It is also the story of how pol [...]

    12. A son lovingly looks at the life of his mother, a pioneering woman television journalist; the book is part "mommy dearest" due to the fraught relationship between mother and son while he was growing up, and part coming to terms with his the life of his mother, who sought to have it all in an era when women either had a career or stayed home to care for a household and raise children. The book chronicles the author's journey to understanding his mother and admiring her accomplishments as well as [...]

    13. Was intrigued by the subject, a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a TV news pioneer with whom I was unfamiliar. I found the professional look more interesting than than personal look (and there's a lot on her personal life and her relationship with her son, the author, who is the current (very good) host of Face the Nation). She had an amazing job covering the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon White Houses and it was interesting to learn about it.At just over 300 pages, it's a reasonable read, th [...]

    14. Great trivia about LBJ and JFK (the latter complained his promiscuity was only to cure headaches that would otherwise ensue if he didn't get laid), and definitely worthwhile to know more about the gender dynamics in that era's broadcasts, but the writing itself leaves a lot to be desired. John Dickerson is best in twitter, but I think this book also is worse for him trying to tackle a topic that he is both too close and too far away from, making his insights mostly tepid, and really not all that [...]

    15. Fantastic read and a glimpse into how women really struggled in the news business. Still do. Written by John Dickerson about his remarkable, driven, flawed mother, Nancy Dickerson. Poignant, funny, sad. She had access to President Lyndon B. Johnson like no other reporter. Can you imagine any reporter being allowed to conduct an interview in a president's bedroom?

    16. This book really brought me back to when I was a kid and saw Nancy Dickerson reporting news mid-morning. I was entranced by her broach. This telling of her life by her son reveals the stresses and tensions any famous career woman of the 60s endured. Some of the bitterness he naturally feels still comes through in the pages here, which I didn't really need to read.

    17. This is the first Kindle book I've read past the first few pages & I devoured it. Very accessible & engaging book about a towering figure in news for us boomer women by her son, in the same business in a new time. He gets to know her and shares his journey with us.

    18. Great book about the challenges that token women face in "getting to the top" - I plan to recommend it in my freshman seminar class on Gender and Leadership.

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