One thought on “Dover Three: A Mystery”

  1. Toinen komisario Dover-dekkari oli ensimmäistä vaisumpi, mutta kolmannessa päästään taas asiaan. Tapaus on herttaisen yhdentekevä (syrjäisen pikkukylän naiset saavat ilkeämielisiä nimettömiä kirjeitä), miljöö on erittäin ankea (kylän läpi kulkee jatkuva hengenvaarallinen rekkaliikenne ja ainoa majoitusta tarjoava pubi alittaa kaikki standardit), kyläläiset ovat harvinaisen omituista ja pahansuovasti juoruilevaa väkeä, Dover itse on entistäkin epäsiistimpi, laiskempi ja [...]

  2. The mid-1960's was a bad time for Scotland Yard's public relations department. First a brutal, corrupt Inspector named Callender made headlines. Then Joe Orten's play LOOT (featuring a brutal, corrupt Scotland Yard detective) became a hit. But the low point came when Joyce Porter's fictional Chief Inspector Wilf Dover (fat, lazy, uncouth, dishonest, and any other unflattering pejorative you can think of) appeared on the scene.Porter was raised in a middle-class family in a village in the north o [...]

  3. I've never been a huge fan of this (mean spirited, I think) series, but what an antidote to all the perky women running marginal businesses! Interested only in his own physical comfort, the worst detective inspector at the Yard is sent to look into an outburst of anonymous letters in an ill-favored village. It's anything but comfortable, but better than home, where Dover's unloved sister-in-law is visiting. Dover's sergeant, the smug MacGregor, does some work, but Dover thwarts his efforts to pr [...]

  4. Dover Three is another enjoyable read in this series. It is well worth your time to look for it. The inimitable Dover is unlike any detective you've encountered, I'm sure. While not comedies, the Dover books do have comedic touches that lighten the sometimes gruesome murder scenes being investigated.

  5. It's disappointing to finish a book only to realize at the end that you've already read it. I still enjoyed it.

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