Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Blue Diamond (Dominoes: Level 1 400 Word Vocabulary )

Sherlock Holmes The Case of the Blue Diamond Dominoes Level Word Vocabulary None

  • Title: Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Blue Diamond (Dominoes: Level 1 400 Word Vocabulary )
  • Author: Bill Bowler Arthur Conan Doyle
  • ISBN: 9780194243407
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Blue Diamond (Dominoes: Level 1 400 Word Vocabulary )”

    1. كم تمنيت أن أقرأ أرثر بلغته الأصلية وهذا أنا فعلتُ أخيرًا ،تبقى فقط أجاثا كريستي أن أقرأ لها هي ايضا ،لكن الطريق لها الطويل نوعا ما ،ولكن بالعزيمة سوف أحقق ذلك :)تدور القصة حول عثور شارلوك على قبعة قديمة وبدأ بالاستناجه المعروف بالذكاء ، حتى توصل إلى أن صاحب القبعة قد أشترى أو [...]

    2. Well,, I can say that I started to know how to observe and think deeply before giving any judgement Thank u Sherlock :)Simple nice short adventure

    3. This simplified book is very good, the story is very interresting for this level (thanks to Arthur Conan Doyle and his legendary Sherlock Holmes!), not too short not too long, and well illustrated. You have notes in english to understand complicate words. To my great surprise the audio part is well done, with a typical english accent and it's slow enough, so that people who learn english can understand, but it's not boring.

    4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, text adapted by Bill Bowler, “Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Blue Diamond” (Oxford, 2004)Fantastic adaptation with clever activities after each chapter. These activities are creative and challenging for young readers, providing stimulating and though-provoking ways for parents and their children to investigate the case themselves and development cognitive skills.- - -

    5. شارلوك هولمز خارق الذكاء يكتشف الحقائق بطريقة بارعة جداصحيح أن القصة قصيرة جدا لكنها رائعةفأسلوب هولمز في اكتشاف ملابسات الجريمة ساحر و سريع و منطقي ولا يترك مجالا للشك لدى القارئأسلوب جذاب غاية في الروعة و الإثارة و التشويق ^_^

    6. It's full of mystery!!! Holmes found Lady Morca's blue diamond in a cooked chicken!! I love the book It's a short story the one I have is one of the short story collection Arthur Doyle have wrote; took about 2 hours for me to read the whole book!

    7. this Dominoes Series of Sherlock Holmes is awesome! There are several Activities that help me a lot as a reader to develop my reading skills and increase active vocabulary. This book is enjoyable!

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