One thought on “التفكير الناقد مقدمة”

  1. This was more of a text book than a reader's manual, but, I enjoyed it.It did destroy some contours of my head, and strained my eyes, because as you know critical thinking is one of the most difficult skills to adapt. However, I'm slowly growing, and enjoying it as well.WHAT THIS BOOK MADE ME REALIZE THOUGH IS THIS-You're going to go around the Earth with tons of theories, and new knowledge, but none matches the graces of happiness being bonded to it. You cannot be bitter, and be smart. You cann [...]

  2. Perhaps a few too many exercises, which kept breaking my concentration and the flow of the text. Of course, the book is written for people taking exams in Critical Thinking (like me!), and so exercises are useful - but as I say, too many, or, perhaps, ill-placed. Still, I learned some things, and I shall be skimming it again closer to the exam.

  3. A good introduction to Critical Thinking, but it doesn't touch all of the aspects of Critical Thinking. Some topics that the book doesn't talk about include: Cognitive Biases, Logical Fallacies and Basics of Logic; personally I think these topics are really important even in an introductory text.However, the book has plenty of exercises, almost 200 if not more! And it does a good job of bridging critical thinking to decision making in the last chapter.

  4. Had to read this as summer reading for a course. As I've already been explicitly taught critical thinking skills, this book was simply a long winded reiteration of what I already know. Struggled so much to get through it that I simply stopped part way through.

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