Wicked Times

Wicked Times Detective Jack Harker and Shadow Lake s resident witch Ivy Morgan are finally on the right romantic track and they re officially going on their first date While eating dinner in a neighboring town a

  • Title: Wicked Times
  • Author: Lily Harper Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Detective Jack Harker and Shadow Lake s resident witch Ivy Morgan are finally on the right romantic track and they re officially going on their first date While eating dinner in a neighboring town, a police officer is shot and killed on the street and when the ballistics come back, Jack realizes his tortured past is still part of his tumultuous present Jack s demonsDetective Jack Harker and Shadow Lake s resident witch Ivy Morgan are finally on the right romantic track and they re officially going on their first date While eating dinner in a neighboring town, a police officer is shot and killed on the street and when the ballistics come back, Jack realizes his tortured past is still part of his tumultuous present Jack s demons are on display, and he s in danger from an old enemy s grudge and a current enemy s vengeance He s worried that Ivy is going to be caught in the crossfire, and when those concerns come to fruition, he takes a step back Ivy isn t a normal woman or witch and she s not about to let Jack go through this alone When Jack can t stay away, and Ivy refuses to give him the space he only thinks he needs, this duo finally gives in to temptation Now they just have to survive and save a lost soul in the process to be able to look forward to a promising future.

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    1. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsIvy and Jack have finally got together, and are going on their first date! But something happens to derail their happy night, so the next day Ivy decides to go surprise him with a picnic lunch. Things don't go has planned when Ivy gets hurt, and Jack ends up doing something completely stupid. This book was freaking amazing! I couldn't believe the things that happened to Ivy and Jack in this one. It was just crazy. And then Jack did something so totally s [...]

    2. I am loving this series the longer it goes on. I love the relationship that Ivy and Jack have. They are both thoughtful, forthright people. Even if Jack does have a moment in this one.Ivy's powers are growing, and it is scaring her a bit, which might not be a bad thing. She still isn't using her brain when she is in danger. She just blithely goes on as if nothing is the matter. I enjoy the relationship she has with her family too. They are all sarcastic and quick with a comeback. Too funny.I can [...]

    3. Sadly these books have a consistent thread of a supposedly strong woman allowing a controlling man, who is obsessing over her, to walk all over her. He spies on her, stalks her, openly follows her, and refuses to leave her house, Beyond making a few token verbal objections, she does NOTHING to stop him. She even stops her brother from beating him up and prevents him from throwing this man out of her house! And it's all written as if this "relationship" is meant to be a Good Thing for her. Her re [...]

    4. Tortured souls and tortured heartsJack and Ivy break up. Huh? With all that's gone on? The partner that almost killed Jack is back, seemingly from the grave, and now he wants to kill Ivy. Let's face it, what better way to hurt Jack, right? So Jack walks out. Taking any bets on how long that lasts? Worse, maybe the killer isn't Jack's old partner, maybe it's his sister out for revenge. Or is it? Race to the finish line with this one and find the saddest victim of all.

    5. OkThe first Ana second book were ok. This third book just repeats the same issue over an over again. Also they say on one page that Marcus was cremated his ashes in an urn on his mothers fireplace, then Jack says he put flowers on Marcus grave. Did no one read the book first their are so many contradictions that the books story is hard to follow. Jack is always crying Really? They are always repeating the say mistakes Jack made, really move on it is on going you really loose the story line. I wi [...]

    6. Still Loving the SeriesThis one was pretty emotional what with Jack freaking out when his past comes to haunt him quite literally. Ivy and Jack hurting sucked to read, but luckily, that part of the book wasn't dragged out. Ivy even gains another ability. She really is magic. Ivy and Jack are my new favorite sappy couple.

    7. Book 3 is another success in the seriesJack's past and nightmares come back in a way no-one but Ivy will understand. Jack's past puts Ivy in danger and when he thinks walking away from will keep her safe it only hurts them both more. Can this duo fight the evil to protect themselves and their future?


    9. Definitely Wicked Good Wow, this one really was wicked good. It had more twists and turns than most and I loved it. The ending couple of chapters are fantastic. This is one I will reread often.

    10. ThrillerA little bit of fun, romance and excitement as Ivy is out in a dangerous position again. Easy read. Jack and Ivy are fun to escape with

    11. Romantic fanThe story line is good but switching of bodies is a little too much, not realistic. Up to that moment I really enjoyed it!

    12. Very nice seriesSo far each book has not disappointed me. Started the next one to see where these characters go next. :)

    13. Enjoyable read!I very much like this book! I like Jack and Ivy's quirky personalities, although the neurosis can run on a tad long sometimes. The family and friend interactions and support worked well. As an author, I find much relaxation in reads similar to my style of storytellinga smooth comfortable romp that feels like I'm there. I look forward to Jack and Ivy's continued adventures and sweet romance and friendship. :)

    14. The pity party with Ivy and Jack that lasted a few chapters was NOT endearing (and very much unnecessary--if conflict was needed, fine, but this was not it) and it almost ruined the book for me. If I didn't have my own personal rule of finishing what I start, I would have given up and given this book no higher than a 2. It did get better, thankfully, but too much was ruined because of that.

    15. Truly Wicked!I am really enjoying the Ivy Morgan mystery books. This is the third in the series and is as good if not better than the two previous books. There's a bit of romance, a bit of witchiness, and a good mystery in each one. I would recommend these books to anyone interested in these types of stories. Looking forward to the next one supposed to becoming soon.

    16. Wickedly Entertaining! I, like the author, am a romantic at heart. I truly enjoy the growing relationship between Ivy & Jack. But as we all know, the path to true love is a bumpy one, especially for these two lovebirds. A murder, kidnapping, & a paranormal twist all contribute to this wickedly entertaining plot.

    17. Lily Harper Hart has done it again! I just love her characters, and Jack and Ivy are no exception. I enjoyed watching them face Jack's past, although I did wish there was a little less back and forth on Jack's part. The mystery was great, and I liked the paranormal twist. I can't wait to see how their relationship progresses from here!

    18. A RomanceI was looking forward to reading this book; I was disappointed to find it a romance between Ivy and Jake. It has a little mystery and a touch of paranormal. Much of it was repeated of same dialogue between different individuals. I keep reading looking to find the mystery. Ivy is supposed to be a witch but she doesn't appear to have any real powers.

    19. This was really good! I really enjoyed the trip with Ivy and Jack to Detroit and the weird things that happened in their search for the truth about who was targeting them. the ending was quite good, although a bit sad, but I can't spill why or it would ruin the book for someone else. Just read it and see how good Ms Hart is at writing!

    20. I loved it even though I thought the murderer was a little too much stretch of the imagination. But i had to let that go because I loved the rest of the book. Ivy and Jack got together…all the way together!!! Loved it.

    21. Amazing new start to the series! Awesome story! Can't wait for the next. Great add to the series! Keeps getting better and better! This is my favorite story so far, I liked learning more about Jack and where he is coming from. Keep me guessing til the end.

    22. Get this series!Ivy and Jack's relationship is HOT and the action suspensefully paced. I read the first 3 books straight through and am happily starting on the fourth!

    23. another winner in the Ivy Morgan series. I like how both Ivy's powers and the relationship between Jack and Ivy is progressing

    24. Wicked good funAnother great book with Ivy and Jack. The story and the romance keeps getting better with each new installment. Looking forward to the next book in this series

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