The Stubborn Suitor, Complete Series

The Stubborn Suitor Complete Series Introducing The Stubborn Suitor the hot and sexy new series by Alexa Wilder Cami Hendricks has a lot on her plate She s a single mom works full time and her ex is a nightmare Plus every time she s

  • Title: The Stubborn Suitor, Complete Series
  • Author: Alexa Wilder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Introducing The Stubborn Suitor, the hot and sexy new series by Alexa Wilder Cami Hendricks has a lot on her plate She s a single mom, works full time, and her ex is a nightmare Plus, every time she sees her mother, Cami has to tolerate her jabs about her weight As if all that wasn t enough, the first guy Cami thinks she might really like seems to be playing games withIntroducing The Stubborn Suitor, the hot and sexy new series by Alexa Wilder Cami Hendricks has a lot on her plate She s a single mom, works full time, and her ex is a nightmare Plus, every time she sees her mother, Cami has to tolerate her jabs about her weight As if all that wasn t enough, the first guy Cami thinks she might really like seems to be playing games with her His hot and cold attitude is not what she needs, especially with her ex playing hardball for full custody of her daughter Drew Sloane is torn he can t get Cami out of his mind Ever since he met her at a party, all he can think of is her beautiful face and her luscious body But the timing couldn t be worse Before he can dedicate himself to winning Cami, Drew has a delicate personal situation he has to clear up Now that Cami has lost all trust in him, can he convince her that she s all he wants This hot and steamy alpha billionaire romance is perfect for fans of Hannah Ford, Lila Monroe, Cassie Cross and J.S Scott Available exclusively for and Kindle Unlimited readers BOOK ONE EXCERPT She allowed him to lead her towards the beach, where they both sat down in the sand and stared out at the ocean Or rather, it was Cami who was staring out at the ocean After a moment, she realized that Drew was staring at her She turned her eyes towards him, and her breath caught at the his hungry look One moment they were staring at each other, the next, they were kissing Cami didn t know how it started, but what she did know was that Drew s lips were suddenly on her own, hard and hungry, his tongue seeking entrance into her mouth For a split second, Cami froze She had not been with a man since her divorce and hadn t planned on being with one now But Drew had been so sweet, and he was so sexy, and his lips felt delicious against her own So Cami finally allowed herself to relax, leaning into the kiss and opening her mouth to let him in.

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    1. 5 StarsMaggie and Declan's journey is fun, witty and over all romantic. This is the just another amazement in the series by Alexa Wilder and as she writes this couples journey it becomes evident that this author knows leaps and bounds within the pages and the characters that she so writes about. The sex is in the book is like a cold winters day that needs just the right amount of hot cocoa with a touch of marshmallows. The melting of the marshmallows will dissolve in your heart just as these cha [...]

    2. The Stubborn Suitor, Book One -Cami Hendricks has too much going on in her and not in a good way. Her ex husband is wanting custody of their daughter after not really wanting anything to do with their kid for so long, she works long hours at the hospital, and her mom picks on her about her weight and she hasnt had a date in way too long but then her friend invites her to this to do and there she meets this great guy--Drew. OMG It was like instant magie and she thought they had this chemistry but [...]

    3. After finishing the third book, I'm still not sure how I feel about the seriesThe entire deal with Drew's "secret" and hot and cold behavior towards Cami was unnecessary, something that could've easily been explained without the entire drama surrounding it. Sigh.Also, cami's resolve sucked. I like to believe I'm a strong woman, capable of sticking to my own decisions. It wasn't the case here. She would cave, and then berate herself for it. This happened constantly. And it got boring after a coup [...]

    4. Cami is the girl living the BBW dream when she meets and attracts the oooooooooooh so sexy, alpha male, Drew, with money and a conscience. She is a single working mom with ex troubles. He is a man with a conflict of interest going on in his life. Cami is having this electric chemical connection with this fine as all get out male may not have come at the best time, but some things just make life happen and others make life worth it all to risk it. Alexa Wilder has delivered another five star read [...]

    5. Crap writerThere are a lot of YA writer wannabes out there, and sad to say, for the most part their work is substandard. I can't decide if they're bad because they're illiterate, or if it's because they're pandering to illiterates. This one is definitely in the first bunch. Soooo far to go. Recommendation: read The Elements of Style, by Strunk & White. That should do for starters, but also read the classics. Just read! Forget soap operas and reality shows on TV -- that's what's got you in th [...]

    6. I gave it 3 stars and I was feeling pretty generous about it. They have sex, he leaves without any notice and she cries about it for 5 seconds. next time he calls she's all over him again and the story repeats it's self. I don't care how damn hot the sex is if he treats me like a freaking booty call. I just don't get it. advice: Get yourself a freaking dildo! At least then you won't feel used. like I said: 3 stars and feeling pretty d*mn generous.

    7. GreatGreat story, about Drew and Cami, the fight over Madison was nasty but it all got sorted in the end.

    8. I read and liked the three parts in this sweet and hot serial:Part 1: Real and sexy, this story appeals to me because of the heroine. She's a modern damsel-in-distress who has to fight to keep her daughter when her ex-husband sues for primary custody. Strong, warm, she's a mum and a nurse, yet still craves romance despite life's sour lessons.The casual writing style makes the story seem close and believable in a day-to-day sense. It has drama, and a mystery around the elusive man she meets at a [...]

    9. Disappointed in this seriesI really enjoyed the Wedding Rescue and Courtship Maneuver series, but was surprised and disappointed in the Stubborn Suitor. To me, he wasn't stubborn at all, just consistently a user. He used her and then left, over and over again, not calling or offering her any explanation, until he shows up weeks or months later, with still no explanation other than "I'm sorry and I can't explain". Basically, he treated her like a booty call, over and over again. Also, her life st [...]

    10. The Stubborn Suitor Series is an interesting story. Unlike the normal story line of girl meets rich man and falling in love, having an obstacle/misunderstanding to overcome, this series deals with the issue of finding someone at the worse time in two peoples’ lives. There is Cami, a nurse with a small child, who is trying to get her life stabilized after a divorce while dealing with an ex husband who is intent on seeking primary custody. There is Drew, a billionaire, is dealing with his own is [...]

    11. My least favorite of this series of book series (seriously?) about three BBW ER nurses who end up with Alpha Billionaires. Cami is divorced and about to enter a huge custody fight with her ex for their 3 yr old daughter. Drew is in talks to sell his software business and become a multi-billionaire, and seems into Cami, but is AWFUL at showing it, leaving Cami to feel like he's hot and cold and just confusing.If we hadn't had his POV on any of this, I'm not sure I'd buy his excuses to Cami for hi [...]

    12. Well. I am annoyed. This book was exasperating to read. I'm not going to comment much because 1) I've been leaving a lot of bad reviews lately and I don't wanna seem bitchy. 2) People have done a good job of putting the problem in this book into words.But basically, what truly annoyed me was 1) Cami's weak resolve. She was just too weak, a pushover even. It's a continuous cycle in the series. She would harden herself and then her resolve would crumble in two seconds flat the moment Drew would sh [...]

    13. HappinessCami is a divorced, mother of a 3 year old girl and has an absolutely horrible ex. She meets a gorgeous, and rich man at a beach house and falls for Drew. Now she's in an expensive custody battle, and having to work overtime just to pay for a not so good lawyer. Drew doesn't give up on her even though he's busy trying to sell his company and keep the employees on with the new owners. I'm frustrated because although she learned that he grew up poor she still has the ridiculous idea that [...]

    14. (view spoiler)[I kinda wish that Cami did not cave so easily I really though that Drew would have to do the extraordinary for her just think about letting him get back on their lives It's not that I didn't like Drew, I actually was happy that he was determined to get her back, but I was disappointed with how easy it was for him! Oh and the ALL story was (or I felt like it) rushed! I like books with a lot more details I like to know everything that it's going in their minds (hide spoiler)]So yeah [...]

    15. The Stubborn Suitor, Complete Series by Alexa Wilder Was the best series in along time really enjoyed it so will you if you read it about a girl named Camilla who fell for a guy named Drew things where shaken but got better her drunk ex tried to take her daughter but she fell in love with Drew Camilla finally got full custody of Madison read the series you will enjoy it to I loved it Margie Moran

    16. Continual flow of hot and sexyThis was a pleasant read. The characters kept me involved with the story while the author moved the storyline along at a quick pace. Cami was a strong single mother doing her best when she met Drew. And while their attraction was clear and steamy she knew she had to keep her focus on her daughter and her slim if an ex husband. I would call this a great beach read or something to read on a rainy day. Medium angst but HOT on the lovin.

    17. This series is suppose to have an alpha male as one of the main characters. However what I found was uncommunicative, billionaire Joe Schmo. Which quickly deflated my balloon and my desire to continue to read the series. I eventually plowed through the eye rolling scenes and finished the book. I would not recommend this book to anyone and I want a refund of my time for false advertisement.

    18. The Stubborn Suitor, Complete Series (An Alpha Billionaire In Love BBW Romance)This is a five star rated series. Camille and Drew's trials and tribulations are very real in today's world. How each fought back to make sure that they would have a life together was remarkable. Wonderful HEA.

    19. I really enjoyed this book! I've loved everything I've read by Alexa Wilder so far, and this series was no different. I loved the chapters from Drew's point of view. I received an ARC of this book from the author, but I would have read it anyway.

    20. It was okI like the story but I ended up getting the narration and it took something away from it. I think it made it dry as they told the story it sounded like they were whining. Didn't sound like an alpha billionaire to me, not very manly.

    21. This book was different than most that I read. I loved it. It had real issues and problems that everyday people have. It also had hope for those people. Oh it had the handsome prince and his beautiful curvy girl. It had the sex and confusion that we expect. AND LOVE!!

    22. Literally couldn't put this book down. Like it kept me up way past my bed time, but it was so worth it. Drew was a great guy to read about and Cami, poor girl. I really wanted to smack her ex! So did Drew! and he did! Read it! You'll love it!

    23. I enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed Alexa Wilder's other books.Drew and Cami's story is an easy read.

    24. Great fun readOnce again you managed to capture my heart with Drew and Can story. JEEP doing what you do best and I will continue reading.

    25. GreatSweet loving story I just adore the characters story line was good loving story exciting sexy all rolled into one

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