Forever and Forever: The Courtship of Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton

Forever and Forever The Courtship of Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton A Proper Historical Romance seriesThe first book in a new series which will focus on the lives of real historical figures who have intriguing stories of courtship that are recreated in fictionalized a

  • Title: Forever and Forever: The Courtship of Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton
  • Author: Josi S. Kilpack
  • ISBN: 9781629721422
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Proper Historical Romance seriesThe first book in a new series which will focus on the lives of real historical figures who have intriguing stories of courtship that are recreated in fictionalized accounts based on real biographical and social history research.It s 1836, and nineteen year old Fanny Appleton, a privileged daughter of a wealthy, upper class Boston industriA Proper Historical Romance seriesThe first book in a new series which will focus on the lives of real historical figures who have intriguing stories of courtship that are recreated in fictionalized accounts based on real biographical and social history research.It s 1836, and nineteen year old Fanny Appleton, a privileged daughter of a wealthy, upper class Boston industrialist, is touring Europe with her family Like many girls of her day, she enjoys the fine clothes, food, and company of the elite social circles But unlike her peers, Fanny is also drawn to education, literature, and intellectual pursuits.Published author and poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is also touring Europe, but under much different circumstances Widowed while on tour, he has stayed in order to gather credentials that he hopes will secure his professorship at Harvard College When Henry meets Fanny, he sees in her a kindred spirit, a lover of language and literature and high ideals He is in love Fanny, however, is uncertain He is ten years older than she is, and from a much lower social class How could such a relationship ever thrive Could a book of Henry s poetry, personally delivered, persuade Fanny to believe in a love that lasts forever and forever

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    1. The love shared by Henry Longfellow for his wife Fanny Appleton is legendary. We all know the story of her tragic death and the pain he experienced at her loss. We know how his grief inspired him to pen the poem that eventually became the beloved Christmas hymn "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day." Because I knew and loved this story, I had to pick up and read Forever and Forever by Josi S. Kilpack. I rarely read romance novels of any variety and if I do, it's generally because someone picked it [...]

    2. This was my third novel in Josi Kilpacks historical proper romance collection and I really enjoyed it. Another neat love story about a literary couple. The scope of this novel is impressive. It takes place over the course of 7 years but still flows well. I admired the ways Henry and Fanny changed, forgave, overcame devastating loss and turned to God. I love the romantic climax of the novel. Theirs is really a beautiful love story. I am also inspired to read more poetry by Henry Wadsworth Longfel [...]

    3. FOREVER AND FOREVER was historically rich, bittersweet, and deeply romantic. Enjoyable from beginning to end with relateable characters, realistic and heartfelt experiences, and fantastic writing. A truly superb read! To be highly recommended to book clubs, general women's fiction, romance, and inspirational romance readers.This story was just so good. I don't know that I can really give it credit. I will say that it will make my top reads for 2016, if not the top read. I loved the historical co [...]

    4. I've never really wondered about the love life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and this story was very heart-wrenching and intriguing. Times were different in the 1840s and a ten year age gap, with Henry being a widower at his first meeting with Fanny, was enough of a different to put Fanny off for awhile. Some women take awhile to woo and Henry was smitten almost immediately and was persistent and devoted enough to continue on, no matter how discouraged he felt. I love historical novels because I [...]

    5. ***4.5 stars***The courtship of Henry Longefellow and Fanny Appleton wasn't on my radar before this book. I wasn't even mildly curious. I wanted to read this book first, because it was written by Josi Kilpack, and second, because it is in the Proper Romance Line from Shadow Mountain. I know that I will have a quality reading experience because of the two things listed above.The book in many ways seemed poetic to me. Maybe it was the subject matter, the setting, or the time period. I feel that Jo [...]

    6. I loved learning about Fanny and Henry Longfellow's courtship, but the pacing was really off for me. With a 7-year (one-sided!) romance, I'm not sure what the author might have done differently, but there were a few YEARS where they hardly talked, so it killed the momentum of the story. The author could have easily shaved 80 pages off of this without losing anything. But I actually would have loved more background on Fanny to explain some of her reticence. I did appreciate Kilpack's attempts to [...]

    7. I could not put this book down. I have been a fan of Josi Kilpack's work for years. I think this is her best. The story of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Fanny Appleton is a beautiful story, and it comes to life in Forever and Forever. I appreciated the research that went into the telling of the story that made it so real, as well as the emotion behind it. I could feel the nervousness, the tension, the anger and the love. I highly recommend this book.

    8. This one moved along a little slowly for me but I enjoyed it okay. It was interesting to learn facts among the fiction about this couple in history. A fun insight.

    9. This was based on a true story about Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton. It spanned from their meeting to their marriage. I liked how the author explains after the story which parts were true, and where she had to fill in the gaps with her imagination. However, I felt like the story lacked a lot of substance. I also found it heartbreaking how he pined over her for years and years until she finally returned his love. How awful for him!

    10. Beautiful book! This isn't an action-packed, heart-pounding kind of story. It is steady and real, the language elevated and inspiring. I have loved Longfellow's writings since college and I loved getting to know him and Fanny better. Such amazing people with a sweet love story. If you struggle with the pacing, just remember that this is a seven-year-long courtship and rushing it wouldn't work nor do the story justice. The last third of the book makes it all worth it. Just beautiful.

    11. Forever and Forever is another win for this talented author. First of all, I will read anything Josi writes. I know her books will be well-written, clean, with amazing characters and a fantastic story. I really enjoyed Josi's take on Henry and Fanny's life. I was impressed with her research (as always) and the engaging characters. One of my favorite scenes with Fanny and Henry was when Henry was telling Fanny his take on education for women. I enjoyed their interaction. I felt the pacing was jus [...]

    12. Loved this book. It's everything I love in a story--history & romance & a great setting. Henry and Fanny didn't have the typical courtship, and I loved watching their relationship unfold, but most of all I loved learning more about mid-1800s America and all of the political and cultural changes going on. A great read to immerse yourself in this summer!

    13. I picked this up at the Longfellow House Museum in Portland, ME this summer when we were there on vacation. It looked like a fun, fictional romance based on Longfellow's life and it was, but it was more than that. The footnotes and the way she wove true events with fiction really made Longfellow come alive to me in a way that dry non-fictional biographies had not. Most of those focus on the basics of Henry's life and writings, but this was all romance, and it was fun. I'm not saying it was great [...]

    14. I was intrigued by the idea of this story. Longfellow was known for having a beautiful relationship with his wife. I think the book is pretty true to their story. The book ends with a lot of chapter notes, so it seems to be well researched. Unfortunately the story of their beginning is kind of long and drawn out. There are long periods of time where they didn't see each other and not a lot is going on, but I'm not sure there's much the author could have done differently about that.

    15. I loved this story!! Beware it is a little slow paced but I didn't mind so much--I think listening to it helped instead of reading. I think Josi S. Kilpack did an amazing job. Looking for her next one "The Lady of the Lakes".4.5

    16. I enjoyed reading this and learning a little about Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton's relationship, but it was a little light on the history for me. The author definitely embellished certain aspects and it felt a little over simplified.

    17. I really, really enjoyed this book. It had so many things that I love: historical setting (1800's America and Europe), real historical people, and a good (clean) romance. Throw in the fact that the main character is an author and a poet, and you have the recipe for a GREAT read in my opinion. I knew nothing about the romance of Henry W. Longfellow and Fanny so it was all new to me. The characters were delightful, the story well told, and the ending was well done. There were a few things that see [...]

    18. I'm excited for this new series which will focus on the courtships of real historical figures! This book is about Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton. I knew nothing about their story before I started reading it and found it intriguing. When they first met, Fanny was young (19) and Henry was ten years older than her. Henry fell in love with Fanny right away, but she didn't return his feelings.Henry was easy to fall in love with because he wore his heart on his sleeve and was genuine. When he fir [...]

    19. We LOVE Proper Romances in this house. When the opportunity came up to review the new ones coming up this year I jumped at it. These books just make me happyWell, in this case a little frustrating ;).This was such a beautiful book. The writing is lovely, and Kilpack put me right into the book. The settings are amazing, and I felt like I got to know the characters on a personal level.The story of Henry and Fanny's courtships spans over 7 years. Yes, seven, frustrating years ;). I loved Henry from [...]

    20. I know a few things about Longfellow and Fanny Appleton, which made me like this historical fiction even more. I've always known the story of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" and sung it often, but knowing more about the romance between Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton give much more poignancy to the motivation for Longfellow's lyrics. And then, when my husband had a job assignment in Boston, each Sunday when he went to church he would pass by the Longfellow House. When I came to visit hi [...]

    21. This book is amazing! I loved the way that both Fanny's and Henry's characters jumped off the page, becoming more real to me than they ever were before. These characters were really well-written, making me forget over and over that it's not a fictional tale, these things really did happen to the real people. There were some parts of the book that I really didn't like Fanny, she thought things that seemed to be prideful and even rude. But then I remembered again, that these were real people and t [...]

    22. Although I've studied his works, I never learned much about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's background--his hopes, dreams, and loves that place his writing in context. I loved getting to know these things about him. I especially connected with the reviews and reactions to his writing in his time.At times, I wished there had been more of the book from his perspective because I wanted to know a little more why he was so compelled to love a woman who was, at times, hard to like. Curious why Kilpack wr [...]

    23. This book was beautifully written and a pure delight to read. Have you ever fallen in love with the characters in a book and wished that they were real? Well, this book is based on the true love story of the famous poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and the heiress Fanny Appleton.The story of their courtship is amazing, so unpredictable and with a love so deep that it left me thinking about Henry and Fanny for several days after finishing the book. I loved the author's research notes in the back o [...]

    24. Great book. I enjoyed it. It came highly recommended so I knew it would be good and it didn't disappoint. It is a sweet, clean love story. Even though you know the ending, it is not boring but has a few twists and turns to keep you interested. It is nice to read something this good that you don't have to worry about smut or swearing or anything that might offend you. I loved it.

    25. I knew very little about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and nothing about Fanny Appleton before I read this book. Now I want to know even more. This story covers the seven heart wrenching years Longfellow courted Fanny with little encouragement from her. Josi is a master of pacing. Despite the slow-moving courtship central to the plot, the story never feels slow. The gaps between the times when Henry and Fanny interact with each other are filled with their personal histories and development, which a [...]

    26. Given Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's hard life of battling tragedy and depression, this wasn't your typical proper romance but I enjoyed learning of his courtship with Fanny Appleton as historical fiction and appreciated the research involved. The story line was slow at times, reading more like a biography. But knowing it was based on a true story made those times interesting. I especially liked the redeeming chapters towards the end. And I really appreciated the chapter notes that separated fact [...]

    27. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book! I was looking for a light fluff book that would be a fun distraction. While this book was that, there were several nuggets of great depth that made me wish the book was mine, and not the library's, so I could make notes in it. It also awakened in me a desire to read more poetry. I've never liked it before, or so I thought, but now I want to give it a more honest chance.

    28. As soon as I finished this, my initial thought was to give it five stars, so I'm going with it. Thinking back, there are a few things that could have been done better, for example seeing more closely the change in Fanny's feelings toward the end, etc, but as a whole I really loved reading this book. The pace of the story is slower than many but I felt the writing was very well done (especially in comparison to some of Kilpack's other works).

    29. I've been to Longfellow's childhood home in Portland, ME, a couple of times, and read several of his works; in fact, I used the "footprints" section from "A Psalm of Life" in my high school graduation ceremony. So this book intrigued me right from the start. Also, I am a sucker for New England, especially Maine and Massachusetts. PS: And this cover so pretty!!

    30. Found the book very interesting. Sometimes I just wanted to tell Fanny to just open up her heart, but then realized in my own relationship with my husband that it took time to understand how I felt about him (not six years grant it). I loved how Lonfellow believed education should be available to everyone.

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