The Folly Under the Lake

The Folly Under the Lake Set in the early s at a country house in Surrey Witton Park is owned by crooked multi millionaire oil speculator Walter Sinnet and he lives there with his wife Blanche and their two adult childr

  • Title: The Folly Under the Lake
  • Author: Salema Nazzal
  • ISBN: 9781782284031
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in the early 1930s at a country house in Surrey Witton Park is owned by crooked, multi millionaire, oil speculator Walter Sinnet and he lives there with his wife Blanche and their two adult children Harry and Rose.Harry is a good natured bookworm who spends most of his time in the library, and has nothing in common with his father who wants him to work in the family cSet in the early 1930s at a country house in Surrey Witton Park is owned by crooked, multi millionaire, oil speculator Walter Sinnet and he lives there with his wife Blanche and their two adult children Harry and Rose.Harry is a good natured bookworm who spends most of his time in the library, and has nothing in common with his father who wants him to work in the family company His sister Rose, fun but feisty, wants some excitement in her life.Walter has become a multi millionaire by swindling the investors in his company and has a vast lake and underwater folly engineered and put onto his property People can sit in the folly and look through the windows into the lake and watch the fish swim past.The Sinnet family have a weekend house party and amongst them are Joseph Brewer and his wife Florence who are a couple in need of money who are desperate to invest in Walter s business.Another guest is Hattie Abberton, who has been invited by Blanche and has a big secret to hide.Other guests include grieving widow Cordelia Brown, who is Blanche Sinnet s niece, jewellery expert George Brown and Blanche s childhood friend Aubrey Sapping, who is in love with her.That night a storm happens that is so severe that a large tree falls down over the entrance gates making it impossible for anyone to leave the estate.The next morning Florence Brewer s jewellery has disappeared and a dead body is found floating in the lake facing down through the folly s glass roof.Inspector Marcus Thomas and his son James, who has a day off school because of the storm, soon arrive at the property Along with bumbling sidekick Constable Turner, the three set out to solve the mystery.

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    1. I loved this book! Think Agatha Christie meets Sherlock Holmes and you're got it. Loved the Olde English charm from the setting of the book to the characters. The author grabs you from the first page.The author takes you to a country home in Surrey, where Witton Park is located. It is a elegant home owned by Walter Sinnet, a not so nice man who has made his fortune by conning everyone around him. He has built this estate to be extremely lavish with man made lakes and an underwater folly smoking [...]

    2. I was lucky to be able to read this book before it went to print, and thoroughly enjoyed every page. Reminiscent of an Agatha Christie thriller, the book took me back to that wonderful era and was a real page turner. I loved the glamorous setting, which was even more interesting because it was based on a real country estate near to where I live. The characters were believable and the plot intriguing, it kept me (wrongly) guessing right to the end. A charming whodunit, I highly recommend you read [...]

    3. I received this book in exchange for an honest review on LibraryThing Early Reviewers. As a fan of Golden Age mysteries like Agatha Christie, I was immediately drawn in by the writing style which was very like the Golden Age classic mysteries isolated house filled with people, one of whom is a murderer, but none can leave due to circumstances. Whodunit!? The cast of characters were interesting and varied with more than a few secrets of their own. All seemed to have some type of motive to kill th [...]

    4. The Folly Under the Lake, Salima Nazzal If you are a fan of classis British mysteries as penned by Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers and Margery Allingham, but you have read all their novels at least twice, Salima Nazzal is a name you should get to know. She will pump some fresh blood into your tired library. While a newcomer to the popular genre, Nazzal has the form down pat. She not only gets the diction and idiom right, but The Folly Under the Lake also offers the familiar eccentric characte [...]

    5. First off, I won this book through a LibraryThing give-away.I will say I do enjoy a good whodunit mystery, much like Agatha Christie. A very pompous crooked oil speculator, Walter, is wanting to show off his latest place to a small party of friends and acquaintances, what he calls The Folly. They are quite impressed with The Folly--it's a room that is built underneath the lake and the dome is made of glass. A storm breaks out and no one can leave the mansion. When Walter disappears, everyone sta [...]

    6. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review via Librarything. First off, for its size-I was pleasantly surprised by the detail incorporated. There are a number of characters that are extremely well developed! What you have, as simply put as I can, is an incredibly wealthy man who has shady investments and burns through money like water. An example of this is the expensive statues, man made lakes and a huge folly constructed under the main lake which serves as a type of aquarium. A ret [...]

    7. This is the first time I have ever written a review, but I felt compelled to do so the second I'd put the book down. IT WAS SO GOOD!Having lived in the area where the story takes place I'd known about Whitaker Wright who the book was based on. He was something of a cad (to coin a phrase) and financier in the late 1800s and used his ill-gained money to build a subterranean folly under a lake that he had put there. Before there had just been rolling hills and Surrey countryside. He was also very m [...]

    8. I saw a few reviews for The Folly Under the Lake and they were all 5 stars so I decided to download a copy and give it a read. I'm so happy I did, it has fast-tracked its way to becoming my favourite whodunit story.The setting was unique, an underwater conservatory (or folly) where the guests of a weekend house party went to spend their time. However, someone (I wont say who) is spotted, dead and entangled in the pond weeds on top of the roof and staring down into the room. Spine chillingly deli [...]

    9. This is a charming little book, not a long read, but highly enjoyable. Based in the 30's it's a 'who dun it' with the glitz of a Miss Marple. The story is centred around a house party, held in a big house, set in parklands, with a lake that has a folly underneath. This was of particular interest to me, as it is based on Witley Park and it's creator Whitaker Wright. I spent some time at Witley Park in the early 80's and it brought back some fond memories with the description of the lakes, folly, [...]

    10. I received this book as an ebook free from the author through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review. This is a well-written book with a lot of twists and turns that keeps the reader guessing right up until the end. There is a bungling constable and the inspector’s son also gets into the action. The manmade lakes and mountains and underground room were a little over the top and environmentally challenging. It’s been a long time since I’ve read this type of a murder mystery and I fou [...]

    11. I was fortunate enough to read this to review it for the author who is a friend of a friend of a friend. It will be released mid-November 2015 and is well worth the read.Thoroughly enjoyable and right up my street. Vintage murder mystery set in an under water smoking room, which actually exists and has its being in leafy Surrey.From the author's page I could see that she was influenced by Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton. A funny combination, but I could see both of those authors reflected in the [...]

    12. Got this book free from . This is an enjoyable murder mystery, very much a homage to Agatha Christie, including the fact it's a period piece (30's maybe?). It's a nice little book , fun, with plenty of twists and turns and one or two unique touches. It was a little bit of a slow start for me - especially for a fairly slim volume, and sometimes it felt a little bit derivative. However all in all I enjoyed it, and almost felt I could 'see' the action as if it was the television show it might be ma [...]

    13. There were some good reviews on this book and I love a good old fashioned murder mystery story, so I got this one on Kindle before the hard copy was published. But now I've read it, I'm going to get a hard copy to adorn my book shelves. It was brilliant, one of those books that you stay up most of the night reading because you've got into it so much.Now I have to live with the hangover of having finished it but not being able to let the characters or story go. Really great first book and I hope [...]

    14. Loved it! I was hooked in to the story from the first few pages. Written in the style of traditional, period English murder mysteries (think Agatha Christie), with lots of fun thrown in for good measure and some genuinely sinister moments. The estate, where the story is set, is fascinating and the characters perfectly drawn. Try as I might to discover his or her identity, the murderer remained hidden from me until the grand reveal at the end. Highly recommended.

    15. This book had me hooked from the start. I couldn't put it down and read it from start to finish in one sitting - I just had to know who'd been murdered and then whodunit. I guessed wrong for both! Easy book to read and great twist at the end.

    16. Walter Sinnet is a self-made millionaire with money to burn, so he builds a massive lake on his expansive estate with a glass room for entertaining under the lake. He and his wife, Blanche, give a country house party to show off the folly and the lake and invite various guests for the weekend. Among those invited are Aubrey, the childhood friend of Blanche, who is still in love with her; Joseph and Florence, a couple with no money who are the son and daughter-in-law of Walter's closest friend; G [...]

    17. An article I came across about a secret ballroom built in the 19th century beneath a lake piqued my curiosity and led me to search out more information and photographs about this incredibly intriguing hidden marvel. The history of Whitaker Wright, his property at Lea Park where the underwater ballroom is located, his shady business deals and eventual suicide when his deception was uncovered seems ripe to transform into any number of plotlines and stories. While gathering information for my own s [...]

    18. Thanks to Librarything and the publisher for a free ecopy of this book.The Folly Under the Lake is an old fashioned whodunnit, set in the 30's in a country estate owned by the unscrupulous millionaire Walter Sinnet. The murder occurs during a weekend house party and a storm traps the suspects (family and guests) in the house until the police arrive to solve the murder.Unfortunately, the novel starts with a scene involving my two least favourite characters. Fortunately, they aren't featured promi [...]

    19. I was upset when I finished this book, it was so enjoyable that I wanted it to go on and on. That is my only criticism, that it wasn't long enough. Putting that aside, the story was really good. I read a lot of vintage crime stories and was a bit dubious about buying this one because it was written in the modern day. I wasn't sure that the author could pull off the time and the era of the 1930s to my satisfaction, but I was concerned for no reason. She did it to perfection.Agatha Christie, eat y [...]

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