All About Passion

All About Passion Gyles Rawlings fifth Earl of Chillingworth and an honorary member of the Cynster clan is determined not to marry for love To that end he makes an offer of marriage sight unseen to the niece of an

  • Title: All About Passion
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • ISBN: 9780749937225
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gyles Rawlings, fifth Earl of Chillingworth and an honorary member of the Cynster clan, is determined not to marry for love.To that end, he makes an offer of marriage, sight unseen, to the niece of an old friend He believes he s chosen a docile, biddable lady who will bear him an heir and leave his emotions uninvolved He arrives for his own wedding without having ever acGyles Rawlings, fifth Earl of Chillingworth and an honorary member of the Cynster clan, is determined not to marry for love.To that end, he makes an offer of marriage, sight unseen, to the niece of an old friend He believes he s chosen a docile, biddable lady who will bear him an heir and leave his emotions uninvolved He arrives for his own wedding without having ever actually met his fianc and at the chapel s altar is astonished to discover that he s offered for the wrong woman His wife is the cousin of the woman he thought he was marrying The two ladies share the same name but the woman he has married is a passionate female that makes his head spin Francesca isn t docile, certainly not biddable and she has no intention of settling for anything less than her husband s heart The battle lines are drawn in this war of love, with both parties well aware of the stakes Will Giles continue to barricade his heart or will Francesca s love and loyalty tear down the walls that keep him from her And if Giles can t thwart the strange threats to Francesca s life, neither may live to see the end of their contest of the heart.

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    1. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestThe Cynster series appears alongside a lot of other series I like, such as The Gamblers and Wallflowers series, so I've been meaning to get my hands on one of Stephanie Laurens books for a long time. When ALL ABOUT PASSION showed up at the local thrift store for 50¢, it seemed like the time had dawned for me to start living in Cyn(ster). That was a terrible joke and I'm sorry. But in a way that is actually perfect, because this was a pretty terri [...]

    2. All About Passion4 StarsGyles Rawlings, Earl of Chillingworth, has vowed never to succumb to the allures of love. Required to marry in order to secure the family line, Gyles selects the perfect candidate for a pliant wife, Francesca Rawlings, and proceeds to arrange the nuptials. Fate, however, has other plans as Gyles's betrothed is neither timid nor obedient. Rather, she is a proud, passionate and opinionated vixen who evokes all of his possessive, barbarian traits. Will Francesca be able to c [...]

    3. I absorbed the first four or five chapters in this book. I was so drawn into finding out if Gyles Rawlings "Chillingworth" would finally find out who Francesca really was. He has been so determined to have a wife that is meek and quite and won't give him any trouble. It is amazing that he never asks who Francesca is he just assumes that first woman he meets and Rawling House is the one he is going to marry. It was fun watching him dig himself further and further into a hole with Francesca. It wa [...]

    4. Great book, the story is really about passion and how it was manifested in many guises. Gyles (Chillingworth) isn't really a Cynster but he's an honorary member, I enjoyed reading about him through the previous Cynster novels and his character is really amusing. Upon reading this book I knew I would like it as I'm very intrigued with his character. This didn't disappoint, I'm very pleased with the story, as it went on it made me curious and anxious at the same time to read about Chillingworth's [...]

    5. This was utterly amazing!The earl of Chillingsworth was made an honorary Cynster in the last book- so ofcourse he tries to deny fate and arrange a marriage of convinience with "meek and timid" Francesca.What he ends up with is a strong, willful and gorgeous wife who overcomes his every resolves, opens his heart to love and steals it.This book was SO DAMN HOT! The detailed sex scenes between the main couple were scorching. I loved the chemistry and their inability to resist each other even one ti [...]

    6. Gyles, Earl of Chillingworth and honorary Cynster, meets his match in Francesca and is determined to stay away from her, while arranging his marriage to who he believes is a docile woman who will do his bidding and not complicate his life or evoke any feelings in him, while at the same time allow him to regain ownership about a part of land that used to belong to his family.He mistakenly assumes, however, that his fiance is the quiet young lady he's seen around the estate and not the actual woma [...]

    7. Giles Chillingworth, a well known rake within the ton, realizes he needs a wife to help manage land and estate. He decides to enter a marriage of convenience with Francesca, a distant cousin with Italian heritage whose dowry will bring him additional land. Giles is so determined to treat this union as a business transaction, he doesn't even want to meet his bride-to-be before the ceremony. He is shocked to discover that he does know Francesca, and the physical passion between them is something h [...]

    8. El protagonista, un aristócrata machote que no se quiere enamorar, decide que lo mejore es tener un matrimonio concertado con su prima. Por supuesto, la susodicha prima es una mujer de primera y le va a poner firme y se acabó, no hay más, por que una vez se casan el libro se inunda de una monotonía que la autora intenta solventar torpemente haciendo que la vida de la protagonista este en peligro por un villano que se ve venir de lejos.Eso sí, la Laurens aprovecha el matrimonio para hacer ho [...]

    9. 3.5 stars I liked Chillingworth more than I liked the last few Cynster men. However, his fluctuating moods and actions with her drove me crazy. Francesca was a fiesty little thing who won him over. All in all, another great addition to this series :)

    10. 4.5 stars. I liked this one Both H and h were interesting and sexy. Their chemistry was sizzling and the plot was interesting. The mystery was predictable but I didn't mind it because I was enjoying the way the H/h were loving one another. Laurens was light on the angst which I really appreciated!

    11. After the Bar Cynster, Chillingworth is the next I'd wanted to see wed. This is his book and even though Gyles Rawlings, Earl of Chillingworth, understands he must marry he doesn't want to marry for love but for convenience. He watched his father die at 7 years of age and then watched his mother mourn the loss of her beloved husband. His man of business picks his wife, Francesca Rawlings. And when the Earl visits and makes his offer to Francesca's guardian and uncle, he gets a glimpse of who he [...]

    12. Okay, I've now read 7 of these Cynster novels, and I'm still not seeing what all the fuss is about. They are enjoyable, easy reading, but none of them have given me warm fuzzies or made me blush as they are advertised to.I always read in reviews of more current books, "Ooh, it's hot like the Cynster books", so I managed to buy or borrow them all, and I obviously have a very different definition of hot than most.Calling the heroine's mouth a "wanton cavern" is not hot. Spending 6 pages describing [...]

    13. I really liked the beginning of the story, when Chillingworth organizes his perfect marriage of convenience with a bland obedient puppet, while being violently attracted by an exotic witch. And of course, the exotic witch is in fact his intended, and the other her cousin.I liked that Francesca does not behave impulsively (and stupidly) and slowly works on getting her husband recognize that he cares for her, does not want a marriage of convenience with her and loves her.Chillingworth is torn betw [...]

    14. The time has come!The next book in the Cynster series lays eyes upon Gyles, Earl of Chillingworth! He has made reoccurring appearances in the Cynster gent's stories and now, it's his turn. Chillingworth wishes to marry Francesca, a miss he believes to be demure and tame so he can run wild and also inherit some land. He mistakes her cousin Franni for her, so imagine his surprise when he ends up marrying the exotic and untameable beauty, Francesca! Their love story begins, and of course we know fr [...]

    15. Review - I think this is the best Cynster novel since Devil's Bride as Chillingham has been an intriguing character from the beginning. It's a strange union, but it is said that opposites attract, as played out in this story. I loved it because it includes the Cynster clan and the wider ton society, which few of the Cynster novels have done. Thoroughly recommended. The arranged marriage story is one I've been hoping to read in Stephanie Laurens's unique vein. It doesn't disappoint as Francesca i [...]

    16. Yet another amazing Cynster Tale from Stephanie Laurens! This time, instead of an actual Cynster, the story focuses around the Earl of Chillingworth, who was made an honorary Cynster at the end of the previous book. At the beginning of the story the reader just doesn't like him because he is determined to enter into an arranged marriage in order to avoid the Cynster curse yet, it is easy for the reader to deal with as you KNOW that his plans will fail. Even though you are aware that at the end C [...]

    17. 3.5 - Francesca has probably been one of my favourite, if not my favourite heroine in this series so far. Passionate, independent and competent. Chillingworth was okay more of the same. It took him longer than the other heroes to stop acting stupid and accept his feelings for her, which got boring after awhile. The main reason that this wasn't a 4 star book for me was that the plot wasn't as exciting as some of the others Chillingworth saw more adventure in Gabriel's story than in his own. Franc [...]

    18. A case of mistaken identity has the Earl of Chillingworth married to the wrong young lady, or rather what he thinks is the wrong one. Pretty and biddable is what he requires, one that he can't fall in love with. What he gets is a hot headed, strong and gorgeously sensuous woman instead. Francesca comes with a piece of land that no one except Chillingworth desires, and what she perceives as a stroke of luck, will be a marriage she might have to really work at.I've always had a soft spot for Chill [...]

    19. Enjoyable marriage of convenience Regency with lots of sexy scenes (albeit vanilla).This was a character driven story, plot extras were predictable and supporting characters a bit two dimensional. Hero was alpha, heroine feisty powerful beauty.Recommended for fans of Lauren's Cynster series or readers who like lengthy intimate scenes.See more review here: regrom/2017/07/26/step

    20. I enjoyed all the Cynsters books but this one. I ended up skipping whole chapters. The internal conflict was boring and the external threat was poorly done by Laurens.

    21. My favourite sidekick, Chillingworth, finally succumbs to the Cynster curse heheThe premise of this story is very interesting, considering that Chillingworth mistook the mild and submissive Franni for Francesca, the woman whose hand he had actually asked in marriage. I was gleeful to know that Gyles had dug himself into an inescapable trench and he dug himself deeper and deeper as he continued to meet with the actual Francesca, without knowing that she is the one he is actually getting married t [...]

    22. Fact: I was happy to see Chillingsworth get his own story.Also Fact: I was not excited about the mistaken identity part.The mystery portion was easy to see coming, but also easy to understand why the characters wouldn't have figured it out.

    23. This novel is the seventh one in the Cynster series. In my opinion, not as adventurous as previous books. I expected it to be more vibrant/peppy/palpitating/intense/sultry, for good ol' Chillingworth's sake, than it was. He had seen all his Cynster male friends succumb to love, so I wanted there to be more kicking and screaming heat rather than the angsty hot and cold behaviour from the Hero. Book #1 & 2 - 5 starsBook #3 - 3 starsBook #4 - 4 starsBook #5 - 2 starsBook #6 - 4 starsThis book - [...]

    24. Once again I am back on the historical romance, however I have a reason for this one, I was given this one by my friend who wanted to know what the author, and the specific book was like. Who can turn down a book request by one of her closest friends? Not a true book junkie that's for sure.I enjoyed this one on that note much much MUCH more than Scandal's Bride, maybe because this book was entirely focused on the relationship and not religion. I got more of what I expected from the book because, [...]

    25. 3.5 Stars! Well, I'm really delayed in writing this review. December was a hectic month, and I got way far behind in my book reviews, and am just now trying to catch up. Hope I can still make some sort of sense here.Continuing on with our series read and discussion over at Romance Lovers for the Challenge-Impaired. I was really, really looking forward to this one as Chillingworth has been the most attractive guy in the series to me so far. And I have to say, I did like this one quite well. Sure, [...]

    26. This is my favorite Cynster novel so far. I almost quit the series around book 5 or 6 and took a long time to get back to it because of the same plot but I am glad I didn't. Chillingworth- started out as sort of a friendly enemy in the first cynster books but eventually became a respected friend. Always a player who got main character Cynster hero's aggression and possessiveness fired up when he admired their females, Chillingworth gets his own tale finally.Gyles finally decides to marry but wan [...]

    27. I haven't actually finished this book as I took too long and then I had to return it to the libraryI was really excited to read this book as I had just finished A lady of Expectations; I like this author as she writes regency and adds a few sexy bits too ;) however I don't think this book was well-balanced as there was just one page after the other of them actually having sex for their first night which was just too long! And then after that there were a few scenes here and there, but towards th [...]

    28. This was a difficult story to get through at times. I can't say it was my favorite. But I still feel it was worth the read.Gyles, an earl, is looking for a wife. He makes the trip to the Rawlings home to arrange for the niece to wed him. He doesn't even want to meet her. He only wants her land which is adjacent to his. A case of mistaken identity finds him discovering his mistake at the altar. There are two girls, cousins with similar names. One is very mild and one is very bold. He felt attract [...]

    29. One of the better Stephanie Laurens' books I've read!Francesca was great - instantly likable and relatable. Gyles was also not bad - I definitely appreciated that he didn't try to control Francesca too much (i.e. when catching her riding recklessly on a horse too strong for her to hold he doesn't ban her from riding ever again like she worried he was going to, but asks her to only ride horses she can actually handle - seems fair). However, the constant references to his "true self" and/or his "i [...]

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