Blind Date

Blind Date I exercise control in all things Miss Carpenter I recognized the line from Shades of Grey Oh That kind of contract I m what they call a Dominant I cleared my throat I ve read Shades I know wha

  • Title: Blind Date
  • Author: Nikki Steele
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I exercise control in all things, Miss Carpenter I recognized the line, from 50 Shades of Grey Oh That kind of contract I m what they call a Dominant I cleared my throat I ve read 50 Shades I know what that means When Tiffany s best friend sends her on a blind date with a handsome Billionaire, she thinks all her dreams have come true He s her very own Chri I exercise control in all things, Miss Carpenter I recognized the line, from 50 Shades of Grey Oh That kind of contract I m what they call a Dominant I cleared my throat I ve read 50 Shades I know what that means When Tiffany s best friend sends her on a blind date with a handsome Billionaire, she thinks all her dreams have come true He s her very own Christian Grey, complete with kinky dark side to boot But there s a difference between fiction and real life sometimes what you fantasize about isn t what you want in reality When his kinks become too much, will she be brave enough to walk away And then there s the best friend There s something stirring there but if she acts on it, will it ruin everything Blind Date is book one in a short, smoking hot romance trilogy It contains light BDSM scenes which are for adults only Each book is a self contained episode, but just like a good TV series, this first book has a cliffhanger which builds a larger storyline across the three books What readers are saying Not your typical Billionaire romance Good plot plenty of potential The will they won t they is hot It was sweet and funny, and the heroine wasn t a complete doormat which is too often the case.

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    1. Steele launches this series with a flair and dose of heat that really draws you in. I enjoyed how this story blends fiction with reality. The way in which the characters interact with one another was both engaging and appropriate for the story at hand. I liked how we got to know them as they get to know one another, while also getting a bit more insight. Overall, this was a hot, engaging start to Steele’s trilogy. I’m excited to see what happens next. Please note that I received a complimen [...]

    2. Ok, there is a girl who wasted 4 years of her life with someone and now she is alone for more than six months,there is her best friend who sets her up with blind dates - not very successfully,there is this rich slightly older guy who believes that money can buy anything and he is into heavy BDSM.The girl and the rich guy goes on a date with an expensive limousine, an expensive dinner and a really expensive wine. The guy kisses her.The girl and the rich guy goes on a second date to meet his horse [...]

    3. Talk about a way to grab your attention and reel you in, quickly! This is the beginning of a series, and it is steaming, almost to the point of boiling! Tiffany has been in a funk since her long term relationship ended over six months ago. Her best friend Ryan, has decided it's time she looses the funk and gets back in to the dating game, and sets her up on a couple of blind dates. Needless to say, not all blind dates end up in happy ever after, as she quickly discovers. But when a blind date tr [...]

    4. Cute short read. The heroine is a blogger and is set up by her best friend on blind dates that she blogs about after. It's fun and different and I enjoyed this read. I did however feel she referenced 50 shades too much though.

    5. Read as part of a box setOK this was a great read, now I can not stress enough read the author's note at the beginning of this book, in it she states that it is more dark than her normal stuff and that you have to keep reading to enjoy the whole story, I couldn't agree more with this, at one point in the book and trust me, when you read it you will know what I am talking about, DO NOT STOP READING, no matter how annoyed or disgusted or just down right upset you get just keep reading, I almost st [...]

    6. It's hot and steamy, but very triggering. I appreciate the author's perspective here because I'm very angry with the mainstream media that has used parts of FSoG to justify abuse in romantic relationships so long as it's been dressed up as BDSM. Trust and respect are essential in any partnership and Tiff's having difficulties finding that with anybody but her best friend Ryan. But he's her boy friend not her boyfriend. When Edward shows up looking to maybe fill that position, Tiff thinks she's h [...]

    7. 2 stars. That's it. I really dislike leaving bad reviews because what I like, read and interpret will always be different to others. So this will be very short, but not so sweet. I had such high hopes when I started Blind Date, it started great, I enjoyed the middle but sadly after that it became horrible. Without any warning Edward (the male lead character), turned bipolar.Sadly with a story like this I had expected this to be some drama and tantrums, let's face it, we've all read 60 shades, bu [...]

    8. I cannot believe the good reviews on this book! The heroine is too stupid to live (I cheered when she got kidnapped) . The villain/lover is horrible, but at least he's the villain. The best friend / drunken one nighter / hero is an idiot for wanting the heroine. ***I decided to review an ARC of this book.****I read this book as part of a collection 'Billionaire Box Set' *

    9. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book for my honest opinions. This storyline was definitely interesting, steamy hot and occasionally shocking as there is a darker side to BDSM in this plot. I thought Nikki wrote this so realistically and the writing was outstanding you will need to buy this book to find out how it ends. I absolutely recommend this book.

    10. Hot and Steamy! Short StoryI was given a copy for an honest review!Tiff has her best friend Ryan. He sets her up with a blind date. She is a blogger.Edward is a millionaire. He is into BDSM. It seemed like it would be a great fantasy life.There is one scene I did like.Tiff compares it to 50 shades.Edward is a creep.

    11. This was very hot and steamy book. I enjoyed it very much. And like I said I look forward to reading more of these books and finding out what happens. And look forward to reading more of Nikki Steele books.

    12. This is my first book written by Nikki and it was Smokin Hot.  I found myself so lost in the story I read it all the way through. This is the first book in the series, but I loved it so much I had to read them too. This review is only for book 1. Ryan and Tiffany are best friends and have been since grade school.  Tiffany is trying to get over  breakup which lasted four years.  She has hid a way in her apartment for the last six months. Ryan is worried about her so he offers to set her up o [...]

    13. Title:Blind DateAuthor: Nikki SteeleSeries: The Billionaire and the Best Friend, Book #1Publisher: NightVision PublishingRelease Date: September 24, 2015Genre(s): EroticaPage Count: 45Heat Level:4 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:When Tiffany's best friend sends her on a blind date with a handsome Billionaire, she thinks all her dreams have come true. He’s her very own Christian Grey, complete with kinky dark side to boot. But there’s a difference between fiction and real life; so [...]

    14. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.This book was a good book. The pages flew by quickly nothing over done or off the wall to prevent me from being drawn in, and drawn in I was. It seemed that Tiff's blind date with Edward was every girl's dream. But that is where that dream ends. Tiff was drawn in to the charm and the secrecy Edward held onto. Turns out the second date was a dream and a wake up call, then when she stops by his house about the contract and he gives her a real [...]

    15. This short story was written very well.It was a quick read, but had substance to the story. I love the main character Tiffany. She was a strong and independent women in the story, and it is wonderful how as the reader I can to pick that up from a short story like this. The other characters in the story were written well as well, and this includes all of the surprises that was interwoven with in the short story.This was written very well, but I had to to doubt a star because of the similarities w [...]

    16. Taking the blinders offFunny, quick, romantic comedy with a little 50 shares flare thrown in. And now a bit about the storyTiffany had been avoiding men after her last relationship came crashing down after 4 years. Her best friend, Ryan, was determined to get her back into the game. Though where he found these dates is anyone's guess!!Favorite passage: "Christian Grey was only hot because he was a millionaire. If he'd done the sand thing in a trailer park, Anastasia would have called the police. [...]

    17. ** ARC given on behalf of Obsessed by Books for an honest review **this was a hot read . Tiffany hasn't always had the best of luck with men so her bestfriend sets up on a blind date who just happens to be billionaire, very handsome and Tiffany finds him very attractive and when she finds out that she could have her own Mr. Grey will fiction and reality be what tiffany wants and she handle it when it gets to be too much.

    18. Received this as a free copy. Well that was short and sweet. Did not realise it was part of a trilogy. Enjoyed it though. I think Tiffany needs to be careful with her blind dates in future. Love Ryan but not so much Edward. Loved reading 50 Shades of Grey but what Edward wants is a bit too heavy going for me. Good read though

    19. Nikki Steele's Blind Date is a quick, smoking hot, and very enjoyable read where you can totally get lost in .It's also the first one in a series and I 'm already excited to see what will happen next in Blind Spot & Blind Trust !

    20. I received a free copy of the book for my honest review.Ok have you ever wanted to fling a book across the room? Yeah, I just experienced that with this short story. What an A**!!! Good writing!P.S. I loved the best friend though <3

    21. This is my first book by Nikki Steele and boy is it great! If this book doesn't grab hold of you from the start, then something is wrong! A steamy beginning to a good story!I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    22. This was a short little interesting read ! I was super surprised by her response along with his , the best friends was kinda a given but I really want to see what happens next

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