One thought on “Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?”

  1. ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، در این ریویو قصد دارم به مسئلهٔ مهّمی به نام "شناخت" بپردازم که این موضوع میتواند برای دوستانِ اهلِ فلسفه بسیار جالب توجه باشد پس لطفاً ریویو را با حوصله تا پایان بخوانید-----------------------------------------‎عزیزانم، زنده یاد «ادموند گتیه» مسائلِ گوناگونی همراه با مثال [...]

  2. I do agree with Gettier and his cases. Passing the justification system of JTB does not imply knowledge, or if it does it is nothing but a moral luck.

  3. This short text challenged hundreds of centuries of thought about knowledge. It revolutionized modern epistemology, demonstrating that knowledge is more than justified true belief.

  4. I'm basing my evaluation on the excellence of the material, excellence which depends on its purpose.This paper's purpose was to illustrate a serious problem with an accepted definition of knowledge. In my opinion, Gettier achieves this in a precise, concise and powerful way. Gettier's work was very influential, and its echoes are still shaking epistemology today, so five stars from me.

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