soluble SterekDerek comes back after summer break all hot beardy and brace less Stiles honestly has no idea what everyone s freaking out about

  • Title: soluble
  • Author: HalfFizzbin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 110
  • Format: ebook
  • SterekDerek comes back after summer break all hot, beardy and brace less Stiles honestly has no idea what everyone s freaking out about.

    One thought on “soluble”

    1. ridikalussclet got me sprung like whoa many pop culture references at my disposalso manybut i'm just gonna go with GET IN, LOSER. WE'RE GOING TO PROM(please go to prom? that would, you know, complete the epic high school gaymance cycle? please?)

    2. 4 StarsSo apparently nerdy Derek came back from summer break looking like this >>(I'll give you all a moment)*ahem*Everyone at school has taken a keen interest in the all new Derek. Stiles gets possessive of what is his.It's hot as f*ck!

    3. Derek has gone through a "minor" transformation over the summer (muscles, contacts and no braces!) and everyone takes notice because hello! Of course that matters not, he only has eyes for Stiles but regardless, Stiles is feeling a bit territorial."Heh, there's come in your beard," Stiles says…"Leave it there yeah? Wear it to school. Lemme write my fucking name on your face. Tell everyone else to back off, I fuckin' saw you first.""You are so impossibly weird," Derek groans it's safe to say ne [...]

    4. Such a nice finale that Derek finally grows into his hotness and everyone else see it, but Stiles was so ahead of the game. I love how much they laugh during sex, great with the feelz.

    5. Derek has done a 180 here - muscles, beard, confidence - he doesn't think Stiles minds!!!!!!!It's cute enough to cause diabetes!Liked the laughter between them but beyond that it's too too sweet for me. Not rating as I fear not loving this shows my bitter, bitter soul

    6. It's truly ridiculous how freaking fluffy this is.Ridiculous.Totally ridiculous.Absolutely ridiculous. I need more

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