positively charged

positively charged SterekDerek takes Stiles home to meet his family It s a terrible idea

  • Title: positively charged
  • Author: HalfFizzbin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 321
  • Format: ebook
  • SterekDerek takes Stiles home to meet his family.It s a terrible idea.

    One thought on “positively charged”

    1. i mean, it's perfectly absurd—these are totally chibi stereks—but it's almost engineered to incinerate your ovaries with Teh Kyoot. literally 99 percent dialogue—and no boy, ever, anywhere, anything remotely like either of these kids, but for fuck's sake it doesn't matter because squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    2. Oh their love affair continues from Seems To Me It's Chemistry and that pivotal time to meet the parents comes up. After dinner they sneak away and shenanigans ensue. "(Derek) you're so hot. Seriously, like porn-hot, except better than porn because you're you and you're still wearing your glasses, oh my god, yes."Derek has to bite his lip to avoid saying something embarrassing like ditto. "Ditto," he says anyway. Too freakin cute. (There's one more left!)

    3. Adorable cutesy Sterek with shy nerdy Derek, his protective family and jock Stiles.Not a big Sterek vibe. VERY fluffy. YetWell it made Julio squeeeee - seriously, go see his review!

    4. 4 StarsThis cute little sequel to seems to me it's chemistry follows Derek as he introduces Stiles to his whole (slightly demented/slightly intense) family. I like the protective family vibe, but not when it involves being all judgy at Stiles! And who the hell is Grant Hale when he's at home!? (Apparently he's Derek's older brother, that's who - there's a first time for everything).

    5. How freaking cute is this series?! Super cute!!“I need to make out with you behind that big tree in the courtyard now,” he says, because he’s already learned that Stiles appreciates frank communication. “We probably won’t get caught this time.”“Ugh, who even cares if we do,” Stiles says, abandoning his lunch and darting around the table to pull Derek to his feet. “I require one hickey for each hour we’re gonna spend in detention for this. And don’t half-ass it this time, Du [...]

    6. Okay fine, I admit it, the braces are cute. These guys are just adorable, and Stiles is so Stiles even though he's a popular jock. And it was great seeing Derek gain some confidence. And finally with the sexy times!

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