Waiting on the Word

Waiting on the Word Advent is a season of waiting and anticipation in which the waiting itself is strangely rich and fulfilling Poetry can help us fathom the depths of Advent s many paradoxes dark and light emptiness an

  • Title: Waiting on the Word
  • Author: Malcolm Guite
  • ISBN: 9781848258006
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • Advent is a season of waiting and anticipation in which the waiting itself is strangely rich and fulfilling Poetry can help us fathom the depths of Advent s many paradoxes dark and light, emptiness and fulfilment, ancient and ever new For every day from Advent Sunday to Christmas Day and beyond, the bestselling poet Malcolm Guite chooses a favourite poem from across theAdvent is a season of waiting and anticipation in which the waiting itself is strangely rich and fulfilling Poetry can help us fathom the depths of Advent s many paradoxes dark and light, emptiness and fulfilment, ancient and ever new For every day from Advent Sunday to Christmas Day and beyond, the bestselling poet Malcolm Guite chooses a favourite poem from across the Christian spiritual and English literary traditions and offers incisive seasonal reflections on it In the spirit of the season, he blends the familiar and the new, ranging from from spiritual classics such as Edmund Spenser, John Donne, George Herbert and Christina Rossetti, to contemporary voices Luci Shaw and Scott Cairns His own acclaimed sequence of sonnets for the great Advent antiphons are also included.

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    1. (3.5) Guite chooses well-known poems (by Christina Rossetti, John Donne, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Samuel Taylor Coleridge et al.) as well as more obscure contemporary ones as daily devotional reading between the start of Advent and Epiphany; I especially liked his sonnet sequence in response to the seven “O Antiphons.” His commentary is learned and insightful, and even if at times I thought he goes into too much in-depth analysis rather than letting the poems speak for themselves, this remains [...]

    2. I have read this book for the last few years during the Advent/Christmas season. And every time I am so inspired. 5 stars once again .____________________________________________________________ I don't normally read a lot of poetry. I think I'm going to change that habit this year. As long as I can have access to writers like Malcolm Guite. In this wonderful book, Guite includes a wonderful 1-2 page analysis with each daily reading/poem. There are poems from old greats, such as George Herbert, [...]

    3. A wonderfully diverse anthology of poems, all meaningfully selected and commented on by a great poet himself. The reflections are brief but substantial, balancing the discussion of meaning with poetic form and effect.

    4. Malcolm Guite, in his Waiting on the Word devotional did for my understanding of poetry what rich, creamy butter does to a piece of dry toast. Can't say enough good about this tasty morsel of literary fare. Worth its weight in gold and then some.

    5. One is always hesitant to turn the last page of one of Malcolm Guite's poetry anthologies, lingering on the final lines as one lingers in the doorway after waving goodbye to a dear friend. Indeed no analogy is more apt; Guite's strong voice in both his selection and thoughtful commentary of the poems is a most welcome companion. He is our Virgil through the dark descent of Advent and our Beatrice as we climb to the guiding star of Epiphany. This collection of poetry spans centuries, crosses ocea [...]

    6. This is a selection of poems with explanatory essays by Malcolm Guite for the season of Advent and Christmas through to Epiphany. There are some great poems by Rossetti , Donne, Coleridge and Herbert. But there are also contemporary poems by Guite himself, as well as Grevel Lindop and Luci Shaw.An excellent resource for advent season.

    7. Shortly before Christmas recently I'd kept running into the name of Malcolm Guite, never having encountered him or his poetry. This book was an absolute "gift" this Christmas, not only with the wonderful writing, poems and insights of Guite himself, but with those of a number of other poets, classical and contemporary, which he includes. The poem which struck me most forcefully, perhaps, was Scott Cairns's contribution, "Nativity" (p. 109), which by happenstance I was able to share with a gather [...]

    8. Like The Word in the Wilderness, this collection has a poem a day for a specific season in the church year--in this case, it's seasons, and it's the Advent and Christmas seasons, plus one for Epiphany. We have really loved reading this with our kids--our older 3 took turns reading a poem at breakfast (I missed out on most of these, but was able to join in on the weekends and read on my own the rest of the time). As an adult, I find Guite's commentary on the different poems just as useful and int [...]

    9. The subtitle of this book is A Poem a Day for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. What a pleasant surprise. I am not generally a fan of books that 'explain' poems. I am much happier just reading and rereading a poem. I often distrust poetry analysis. Malcolm Guite expertly explains each poem, yes, but his analysis leads to love. Rather than discuss them academically, he makes you feel that you are just sitting around the Christmas tree discussing things you love. It was really that brilliant. His o [...]

    10. Deeply beautiful sonnets that draw a reader and worshipper closer to Christ. Hear him read them on his blog too!

    11. Over the years I've used a wide array of books of daily readings for Advent (sometimes extending through Christmas to Epiphany, as is the case with this one), and I'd have to say this is simply the best one I've yet come across. Malcolm serves as something of a "curator" of poetry here, sharing a poem a day over the seasons; some his own, but most by other writers. We get a good range of poets from John Donne and George Herbert to Luci Shaw and Scott Cairns, but what was most useful was the way [...]

    12. No only is this my favorite advent devotional ever, it also makes an excellent beginner's guide to poetry. Guite is such an enthusiastic and thoughtful reader of poetry, it is hard not to love the poems and poets he loves (so it's a good thing he has really excellent taste and is incredibly well read.) He draws from the whole spectrum of poetry to set before your eyes a rich feast of poems that offer fodder for spiritual contemplation from the beginning of December through to Epiphany. Buy it. R [...]

    13. This is a genius idea – a poem for every day of Advent and Christmas, with Guite’s own commentary. The range of poems is good (Christina Rosetti, Edmund Spenser, John Keats, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Luci Shaw), and includes a few of his beautiful sonnets. The commentary is as much literary analysis as it is theological reflection, and what I most love about Guite’s commentary is the sense of excitement about poetry coupled with an encouragement to marvel in God more. It is a wonderful compani [...]

    14. Even though the spell of Christmastime starts earlier and earlier each year, the meaning of Christmas gets swallowed up in sale prices and the noise of Black Friday Specials. This little book has the power to change all that. A poem a day and a bit of commentary: a gentle, grounding experience to start each day of December, a companion that changes the holiday season from one of hurry to one of hope. Simple? yes. Powerful? utterly. Redemptive? absolutely. This book is brilliant.

    15. I was introduced to Malcolm Guite's poetry in mid-2015. As a result, a renewed interest in poetry grew to the point I wanted poetry to be part of my everyday reading. Waiting on the Word, A poem for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany was a perfect book of poetry to read. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons Malcom Guite gave for each day's reading. They opened up the meaning of each poem which encouraged me to read more carefully and work a bit harder to understand and appreciate poetry.

    16. I LOVED this book. Though I didn't completely finish everyday of each poem and reflection I will return to it next advent. The author, a poet himself, shares poems old, new, general, religious and specifically Christ centered but in all cases there is a devotional aspect brought out- a way to worship the God of the universe in all His glory - sometimes seen in unexpected places and ways, just like the Incarnation.

    17. A great journey through Advent and Christmas, and on through to Epiphany. The selection of poems from various eras accompanied by Malcolm's essay on each were further enhanced by daily online artwork interpretations by Linda Richardson. I loved it and felt enriched by this unique collaboration

    18. A brilliant anthology of poems for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. The editor offers commentary with each poem. The commentary is insightful, and draws in a wide scope of English poetry as well as reflections on the significance of the Incarnation.

    19. Each day I am listening to the author read the daily poem from this book. It can be found on his blog. It is wonderful to hear it read in Malcolm's voice. Beautifully done!

    20. A wonderful collection of poems, both old and contemporary (including one by biblical scholar Richard Bauckham), one per day, followed by brief reflections by Malcolm Guite.

    21. Loved his book of poetry a poem for every day from advent to epiphany. This will be the first of many times for me. Malcolm Guite speaks to me!

    22. One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year. Great collection, many new to me. But the poems written by the editor were less than wonderful. So the 4.

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