One thought on “Summer, 1940: The Battle of Britain”

  1. I have always been fascinated by the Battle of Britain and how the British stood alone against a much larger force, especially in the air. This book covers the year of that battle from the first sorties by the Luftwaffe against isolated landing fields through the horrendous blitz of London and surrounding cities. Hitler wanted to soften up England before Operation Sea Lion (the invasion of the island) and believed Goering who told him that the air force would bring England to her knees. It was a [...]

  2. A basic account of the Battle of Britain, May to September 1940. Parkinson examines the battle from both the perspective of the pilots as well as the leaders. He captures the confusion in Great Britain, especially through his use of war cabinet minutes.

  3. A fascinating compilation of first-hand and second-hand accounts. Fact-filled and moving, although the facts do push some individual paragraphs beyond a single page.On my Blitz book binge, this is close to tops, the winner being the strictly first hand narrative book I finished yesterday, "Their Finest Hour: First-hand Narratives of the War in England" printed 1941.

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