Clarice Bean, That's Me!

Clarice Bean That s Me When your annoying little brother shares your room your older brother is in the tunnel of adolescence your dad hides in his office eating rocky road ice cream and swaying to Frank Sinatra and your

  • Title: Clarice Bean, That's Me!
  • Author: Lauren Child
  • ISBN: 9781841215839
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • When your annoying little brother shares your room, your older brother is in the tunnel of adolescence, your dad hides in his office eating rocky road ice cream and swaying to Frank Sinatra, and your mother listen to foreign language tapes in a candlelit bathtub, what can you do to get away from it all Meet the feisty Clarice Bean and sympathize with her search for just aWhen your annoying little brother shares your room, your older brother is in the tunnel of adolescence, your dad hides in his office eating rocky road ice cream and swaying to Frank Sinatra, and your mother listen to foreign language tapes in a candlelit bathtub, what can you do to get away from it all Meet the feisty Clarice Bean and sympathize with her search for just a little peace and quiet amidst a family many of us will recognize only too well In a brilliant picture book debut, Lauren Child s witty text and jazzy illustrations capture the wonderful wacky chaos of a large extended family from the hilarious vantage point of one of its youngest members.

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    1. This is my first addition for a new children's bookshelf. I realized I'm leaving out a huge chunk of my reading material, but not accounting for the many books I read with my children. My daughter LOVES the Charlie and Lola series by Lauren Child, so she picked up this book last week at the library. It is a very cute story line; the length and vocabulary are right for her pre-reading level, but some of the content was a little over her head - there was a little name-calling and rough-housing bet [...]

    2. Clarice Bean, That's Me! is presented in a uniquely creative way - the text covers the pages at all sorts of angles and this encourages and challenges children to read in a different way, as well as making it exciting and interactive.Another element of the book that I find really interesting is the variety of fonts as they definitely add another layer of meaning to the book - the different fonts mirror the personalities of the different family members, whether it be messy, playful or serious. Th [...]

    3. Clarice leads a cool, socialised life. Chaotic expressive pictures work well with scattergun text itemising clarice's likes and dislikes, family, relatives and friends. Stereotyped mum (relaxes in the bath ) and dad ( big office with Ms Egglington to buzz you through ). Many 10 year old girls might want to be Clarice.Plenty of humour to make us laugh, and detail to make us talk.Not necessarily one I would choose for a shared read or whole class read out loud.

    4. While the book is very artistic the message it sends is awful. Siblings need to be given examples of kindness not name calling and rudeness. I stopped reading it to my 6 year old mid way because of all the name calling. Not a good book.

    5. Clarice Bean just wants to be alone, but finding some time and a place to be alone in her house is a challenge. Clarice lives with her mother and father, shares a room with her younger brother and has an older brother and sisters too. On top of that, her grandfather lives with the family. But when living stacked on top of each other leads to a big fight, can Clarice make the best of the consequences.A nice picture book for the primary reader who hasn't quite graduated to to the chapter book. Giv [...]

    6. Clarice Bean has a bit of an attitude and although it gets her in trouble, it turns out she loves the quiet time. Not so thrilled with the bit of aggressive behaviour described here, very different from the Lola and Charlie series, however, very real in many families. Lauren Child totally delivers in the visual department, as usual.To the parents, perhaps the out or control children need a bean bag and some quiet time before they get themselves into trouble!The story can be used as an opener, di [...]

    7. Adorable! Those these are series books, this one was great. Clarice just needs some alone time but is the youngest, has to share her room, and has a large family! The words used to describe things are fantastic, and the people in the book are hilarious and realistic. (Ex: the mom listening to whales sing in the bathtub while standing on one foot = yoga; and the older brother that's a teenager in his room with headphones on and a shirt that reads, "Shut up and go away.") A good book to read as an [...]

    8. Best for kids ages 6 and up.Early Literacy Skills: Narrative SkillsFrom cover:When your annoying little brother SHARES YOUR ROOM, your older brother is in the TUNNEL OF ADOLESCENCES, your grandad pours SOUP on his cereal, and your mother listens to foreign language tapes in a CANDLELIT BATHTUB, what do you so to get away from it all?Meet the wickedly fabulous Clarice Bean and sympathize with her search for just a little peace and quiet amidst a family many of us will recognize only too well.Scat [...]

    9. We generally check out a whole slew of books at the library and read them together. Sometimes we find winners, and sometimes not. This book had some funny moments, but the siblings are just unpleasant to one another. As I'm trying to teach my three-year-old to be kind to her little sister, I don't particularly want her hearing about siblings who tell one another to shut up, call names, and dump food on one another. Also, frankly, I think the illustrations are ugly. Just not a style I like.

    10. I wasn't blown away by this first Clarice Bean book. Perhaps that's the weight of expectations? I've read (and loved) other Lauren Child books, and this series seems particularly iconic, and has literally changed the appearance of modern illustration, and made everything a little more quirky. I will read my way through them all though.Clarice Bean lives in a crowded house, with lots of relatives, and has to share a room with her pesky younger brother. She of course dreams of a room of her own, a [...]

    11. I was quite convinced at the age of six that Lauren Child was actually a child. I think because her drawings seemed child-like. It also seemed logical that someone with the surname Child must be a child. Now we have , I have discovered she was actually born in 1965, which is a terrible disappointment. I thought she was a prodigy. I always liked that there was a lot going on in the pictures.

    12. i love lauren child (author) and i really like her clarice bean books. the artwork is great and i love her use of text as art as well. she does an excellent job of presenting the world through the eyes of a child in an amusing and playful way. i often find myself giggling like a kid when reading her books!!

    13. Calrice Bean only wants some alone time, but in her family it isn't really possible. There are people *everywhere*! Parents, grandfather, siblings, cousins, uncles, animals, and pesky neighbor boys. Super-cute picture book about a feisty little girl. Fun fun fun and too much going on to adequately explain. Can't wait to read the others!

    14. I'm a little bit obsessed with Lauren Child. Her whimsical and original style is so appealing and fun! The Clarice Bean chapter books are awesome too, although the illustrations aren't as much a part as they are in the picture books, of course. "'I have this younger brother Minal Cricket. If he puts one toe over my side he is sorry.'"

    15. there is not much of a story in this onebut talking about her self, her family and friends make ones think about their own. I like how she finally was able to find some peaceful place, but I'm not telling how:) find for yourself!This is a book I want to buy and read over and over again.One of her best.

    16. This big sized book is a wonderful introduction about Clarice Bean. Growing up with 4 siblings and being a middle child, it is hard to find some quiet and peace.She just wants some time alone for herself.I found this book is entertaining for a read aloud session with the children. And it is nice because Lauren Child wrote it from Clarice's view on how she viewed her own world.

    17. Really cute story with wacky illustrations of Clarice Bean and her family. It is all silly and fun and will make you laugh. Be sure to read all the captions and look closely at all parts of each page. This author tells it like it is…and it is FUNNY! Highly recommended for Gr. 1-3. British humor is not too difficult for kids to figure out.

    18. This book would be all right for children to learn about in one part what happens when you get in trouble. I like this book because all Clarice Bean wants is peace and quiet. I think she did do that to her brother on purpose so she could get that.

    19. This charming book has keen utility for those who counsel children, such as school counselors or therapists. Clarice's quirky family helps to convey that families can be--quirky and rough around the edges; the book can assist in normalizing a child's experience.

    20. I found the moral of this book to be the importance of family. No matter how big or how crazy, family will always be the foundation of your life. The illustrations are not only limited to the pictures, but the author also uses the words as illustrations (i.e. certain fonts for certain characters).

    21. Cleverly written observations of a middle child describing her family dynamic using large, "scratchy" and colorful illustrations with playful text-sizes and fonts. Cute book for any sister who has a little brother.

    22. My six-year-old brought this home from school as part of her reading program. And although she could read it, she didn't get it. The content is more humorous for the parent reading with the child than the child herself.

    23. Totally, totally random. 2nd graders LOVE it. I have to explain a lot of it to younger kids. But I adore it. One of my favs. Never would have found it were it not for my college roommate Emily, who bought it for me. Lauren Child has a gift. I like a lot of her books.

    24. This book is good fun, the pictures are great and the story is funny and also pretty random, throwing potatoes into next doors garden? Whatever next!Kids will love this book.

    25. 3.75, with a lot going on in every page, a great book to pour over. FAmily dynamics from a young girl's perspective.

    26. A little too grown for a three-year-old. Not nearly as lovable as the Charlie and Lola books or the Princess and the Pea. We're onto Hubert Horatio next!

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