Timmu Ämber 2: näed nüüd mis sa tegid

Timmu mber n ed n d mis sa tegid Timmu mber on tagasi Ja piisab sellest kui teada kolme asja ma s ndisin ma rajasin impeeriumi ma ilmutasin hiilgavust HIILGAV Ja n d kavatsen ma lahendada oma p lvkonna k ige suurema m istatuse Aga

  • Title: Timmu Ämber 2: näed nüüd mis sa tegid
  • Author: Stephan Pastis Ehte Puhang
  • ISBN: 9789949277339
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Timmu mber on tagasi Ja piisab sellest, kui teada kolme asja ma s ndisin, ma rajasin impeeriumi, ma ilmutasin hiilgavust HIILGAV Ja n d kavatsen ma lahendada oma p lvkonna k ige suurema m istatuse.Aga seal kusagil on keegi, kes tahab t nga teha Sulida T ssata Nii et loomulikult pean ma silmad lahti hoidma selle ainsa asja suhtes, mis v ib mulle hukatuslikuks saTimmu mber on tagasi Ja piisab sellest, kui teada kolme asja ma s ndisin, ma rajasin impeeriumi, ma ilmutasin hiilgavust HIILGAV Ja n d kavatsen ma lahendada oma p lvkonna k ige suurema m istatuse.Aga seal kusagil on keegi, kes tahab t nga teha Sulida T ssata Nii et loomulikult pean ma silmad lahti hoidma selle ainsa asja suhtes, mis v ib mulle hukatuslikuks saada Sahkermahker.

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    1. 4 STARS!!!This was equally as hilarious as the first and I had so much fun reading this. Timmy is such an interesting and funny character and reading from his POV with his doodles from his cases makes for a good time. I love how light and quick these are but still have a bit of hear to them, with Timmy's mother going through some hard times and his life not going how he'd like it. I'm very interested to see what happens in book 3. :)I was sent the entire series by Candle Wick Press for an honest [...]

    2. Guys, this story is like a special happy place packed up in a book.I tought the first book in the series was great, but believe me when I say: this, second book in the series, is even better!If I could, I'd give it 6 stars.I had so much fun reading it. Laughed so hard at some parts (especially at the part with Timmy's exams).We got to see all the familiar faces, and some new ones.The plot was more interesting then the one in the first book and, therefore, it was easier to follow.I am so happy I [...]

    3. This book is amazing, especially for young readers like me. I have recently finished the first book of this series and began the second one because i loved it that much.It is hilariousI was in so much laughter it almost hurt. It was also relevant to some of my issues so i understood what he was saying. I especially loved a particular character in this book called total which is a polar bear, he is the detective agent for Timmy,but he's a complete nuisance and does everything wrong!The funniest t [...]

    4. I thought this book was very clever and funny because the main character, Timmy, believes in what he thinks is right. Also the minor characters are very funny and clever in this book. My rating is 5 stars, if possible 10!!!

    5. With his mother still out of work, Timmy and Total (the polar bear) have moved in with Timmy's Aunt Colander, whose wealthy husband left her a big house. This doesn't stop Timmy from wanting to enter a big detective contest at school. He, of course, is the perfect person to prove who stole a globe from the principal's office, but he misses the deadline! Knowing that he should win, he manages to get himself kicked out of his school and enrolls in another school, Glouberman Academy, which has a la [...]

    6. Timmy Failure: Now Look What You've Done is the 2nd book in the Timmy Failure series and by far my favorite one. All the books don't really have a countiued but this one is the funniest to me. Timmy's motto is "I was born. I founded an empire. I exhibited greatness". Timmy is sorta a trouble maker so he gets in trouble a lot. He crashed a car into his teacher's house. So he is told that another mystery has been made, and of course Timmy gets right to work because this mystery rewards 500$ and to [...]

    7. Ах, ти, Стефан Пастис! Видя ли сега какво направи! Взе, че ме запали по тази комично-детективска поредица от илюстровани детски дневници. Време е за втория случай на Тими Провала и Мечо Тотала, подобаващо озаглавен „Видя ли сега какво направи” (изд. „Сиела”). Прочетете ревют [...]

    8. As good as the first book, Pastis has kept his audience satisfied with ingenious use of humour and puns. More adventures and mishaps follow Timmy Failure in the second book of the series. The author has named every chapter after a song or a popular book. Some examples of chapter names include- I know why the caged bird doesn't sing, One flew out of the cuckoo's nest, The lion, the watch, and the poor globe and so on.

    9. I tucked this one into my schoolbag after the same student who insisted that I read the first Timmy Failure insisted that I read the second one. Not laugh-out-loud funny like the first, but still very much enjoyed. Thank you, boy reader in my class. I do love a quick graphic novel to remind me how silly life is.

    10. Cute book, but it is geared to children a bit older than mine (who are one, two, two and three) so it is one I will keep put up until they're a bit older. On the bright side, it's a sturdy book as evidenced by my oldest continually chewing on the edges.I enjoyed it, though; maybe even a bit more than I should have at my age. From .

    11. I finished it fast so I don't think it was my reading level, but it was a great book. This is the second book to Timmy failure: mistakes were made. This is such a funny book!

    12. This is one of the funniest book series I have ever read. Timmy Failure is a winner in his book series, but not so good in other subjects. I would recommend this book for anyone with a great sense of humor.

    13. The reason why I read this book, was because it was a gift from my mum for the holidays. Although that was two years ago and I was neglecting the book ever since, I decided to read it to satiate my boredom through these holidays.Although a quick read, i felt it lacked relatability (although I am 3 years older than the demographic) but had made up for it in personality. I felt that the narrative was some what, non linear and had a lot of filler to compromise for its shorter story. Also, I felt li [...]

    14. Timmy Failure Now Look What You’ve Done is a ok book!SPOILER ALERT!!!In the book, Timmy breaks his leg, leading to a chain of events. Some of these events include, from missing his entry for the detective contest. Landing on a retired teacher and koing him! Last but not least, jumping off a (fake) Eifel tower.Spoilers end here!The plot is as follows. Timmy, goes to a museum, and sees the world’s smartest person. Timmy, enraged by the sign, tries to remove it by standing on top of Karl global [...]

    15. I just love Timmy Failure. He has a giant ego and thinks he knows everything. He gets upset when he visits a museum and some statue is labeled as the smartest person, and clearly Timmy thinks that is wrong. He is the smartest person. So he climbs on top of the statue trying to knock the sign down and he falls and breaks his leg. There is a contest at the schools in his area for the best detective. He waits until the last minute to solve it and misses the deadline. So what does Timmy do? He cause [...]

    16. Timmy Failure is hilarious! He's self-confident and super confident which always pays off with tons of laughs.This 2nd book in the series features Timmy struggling with his detective business partner, Total, the 1,500 lb polar bear. The two battle over Total's drive and ambition and just about everything in between.At school, Timmy is determined to win the county-wide detective contest, though he has quite a few interesting approaches to his goal. On the home front, readers see more of Timmy's h [...]

    17. Got this book as an advance copy! I thought this would be a similar book to the diary of the wimpy kid,and boy was i wrong. While I think the wimpy kid books are alright, Timmy failure now look what you've done, is brutally amazing! Its not just a book for kids, any adult will really enjoy reading the many detective adventures of Timmy. Every page is funnier then the last. My younger brother who doesn't really like reading is currently reading it and is enjoying it! Will definitely pick up the f [...]

    18. Not as laugh out loud or poignant as the first book but still lots of amusing and quirky bits in here. Veers a little too much into adult territory near the end. Definitely still on board for book #3.

    19. Way more sentimental than the first book, and not nearly as dark, but still fun ride. I like how the people around Timmy have started to just accept that he's crazy and work with it instead of fighting it.

    20. Timmy Failure "Now Look What You've Done" is a funny book, but it isn't the best. At the beginning of the book wanted to keep reading, then towards the end, I started to lose interest. It's also a more advanced book.

    21. I enjoyed this book. This book is a little funny but more kid like humor for 4 to 9 years old. I still like the book though. This book is for anybody really.

    22. Publicado en lecturaylocura/tambien-leoSiempre me ha gustado leer de todo, pero es bien cierto que desde que nació Alejandro tengo aún más interés en literatura infantil y juvenil. Hoy traigo una selección con recomendaciones y una no-recomendación para niños que suelen ir de diez años en adelante; bueno, excepto el de Agatha Mistery que pueden leerlo niños de menor edad, más infantil.El primero sobre el que quiero hacer énfasis es una serie de la que me bajo por el motivo que os voy [...]

    23. Timmy Failure Now Look What You've Done is one book in the series called Timmy Failure. I have not fully read the book however I skimmed through and seem to have a general idea of the plot. Timmy Failure is an "detective" and he is working on trying to solve a mystery at his school. There is an competition to find the stolen globe at the school he attends. The prize is $500 which he holds as very important. The book then goes on to explain all of his comedic adventures of him trying to solve the [...]

    24. It is a cute book about a kid detective who always thinks there is some grand conspiracy running the school. What makes the book so funny is exactly how serious the young detective treats everything.

    25. Hilarious. Timmy definitely shares some qualities with a certain US businessman/TV star/politician, although he has a much richer vocabulary and much smaller bank account.

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