Seasons of Waiting: Walking by Faith When Dreams Are Delayed

Seasons of Waiting Walking by Faith When Dreams Are Delayed We re all waiting for something It might be a spouse or a baby It might be healing or a home Regardless of what we re waiting for it s easy to feel discontent when things aren t going as planned and

  • Title: Seasons of Waiting: Walking by Faith When Dreams Are Delayed
  • Author: Betsy Childs Howard
  • ISBN: 9781433549496
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • We re all waiting for something.It might be a spouse or a baby It might be healing or a home Regardless of what we re waiting for, it s easy to feel discontent when things aren t going as planned and our dreams are delayed especially when questions of Why and How long remain unanswered.God uses seasons of waiting to teach us patience and make us like himself.We re all waiting for something.It might be a spouse or a baby It might be healing or a home Regardless of what we re waiting for, it s easy to feel discontent when things aren t going as planned and our dreams are delayed especially when questions of Why and How long remain unanswered.God uses seasons of waiting to teach us patience and make us like himself But sanctification is not the only purpose God has in mind When we wait faithfully with unmet longings, we become a powerful picture of the bride of Christ waiting for the day when he returns and God s kingdom reigns.

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    1. He, the Giver, longs to give Himself and to satisfy the soul with His goodness. It is just for this reason that He often withholds the gifts, and that the time of waiting is made so long. He is constantly seeking to win the heart of His child for Himself. It is in the waiting I can reflect my heart and tune it to God's. A time to be in the word and prayer. A time to gather friends, family, church to pray with me. It is a time to see what my heart is really made of. The Lord knows our heart can l [...]

    2. This little book about waiting probably has something for every woman. Most women (and men) are in a season of waiting, will have to wait for something, or are walking with someone who is waiting. Howard writes from the other side of a 10 year wait for a husband. She writes with honesty, encouragement and truth. I liked how she mixed stories of close friends who have waited with scripture with writings of wise faith forefathers. There are many little insights that I found helpful for my own wait [...]

    3. This is a must-read! God may not change your situation, or change it in the timing or the way that you would choose, but He does provide grace, one day at a time. And the purpose in our wait is for His glory and for our good :-)

    4. Very good, helpful short book that will be easy to review throughout life. Some favorite quotes:pg. 34 Whenever I was able to see beyond my own loneliness to someone else's, God would begin to work. When I focused on a need that wasn't my own, the pain of being alone would start to subside. Someone who lives with unmet desires is uniquely able to identify with and comfort others who live with unmet desires, even if their longings are of a different sort. If we wait to reach out to others from a [...]

    5. Howard discusses several different scenarios in which women, in particular, commonly find themselves waiting for an indefinite period of time: waiting for a husband, for a child, for healing, for a home, and for a “prodigal” loved one. In each chapter, besides sharing stories from her own and others’ lives, Howard dwells on a scriptural example of a type of waiting and then suggests ways in which a given type serves as an emblem of our common longing for Christ. She shows how all our waiti [...]

    6. An incredibly hope-filled book. I was challenged by every word. So grateful for this book! Our lives are a parable. God is working in our waiting. All of our waiting points to our waiting for Jesus Christ to return.

    7. Waiting is one thing most Christians have experienced before, and something most of us complain about. Waiting stretches us. It tests faith and reveals character. It shows whether we deep-down trust God or not. And, it’s usually uncomfortable. I’ve been through my own long waits for provision and fulfilled promises before, so I was excited to read Seasons of Waiting by Betsy Childs Howard. Overall, I felt her outlook on waiting offered a new, big-picture perspective. She argues that what we [...]

    8. Waiting is hard. But waiting on a life long desire can be really hard. In Seasons of Waiting, Betsy Childs Howard does a wonderful job showing the Biblical approach to waiting. She talks about why it is important to wait and clearly show us what we should be doing while we wait. There are various chapters covering specific things one could be waiting on, such as a baby, spouse, or healing. “God wants me to learn how to wait so that I can wait well, even if my waiting continues for the rest of [...]

    9. Books such as this need to strike a delicate balance. Anyone who picks it up is either struggling with longing or wants to be of help to someone who is. They know well the pat answers, but they also know the lack of comfort those platitudes can actually offer in the face of years of dreams deferred. To contribute something of substance, an author needs both to bend down to affirm the pain and to lift up to show renewed perspective of substance. Howard succeeds.The author selects five areas of he [...]

    10. "Seasons of Waiting" looked at why God often asks us to wait for something good and what to do while waiting. While we get some generalized reasons, the author also looked at five specific types of waiting: waiting for a spouse, for a baby, for physical healing, for a stable home, and for the return of a rebellious child or unfaithful spouse.The author pointed out people or parables in the Bible where waiting was involved and showed how waiting can be a parable for the gospel message. For exampl [...]

    11. I don't think I'm very good at waiting, I can get impatient and frustrated. This book looks specifically at waiting for a spouse, for a baby, for physical healing, for a stable home, and for the return of a rebellious child or unfaithful spouse, but I believe these lessons, tips and strategies can be used for waiting in any situation.I am waiting for a spouse yet I found myself heavily highlighting and reflecting on the chapters about physical healing and stable home. This book is a treasure tha [...]

    12. It's easy to see Bible stories and the biblical narrative as a parable of our future restored relationship with Jesus. It is much harder to see while in the midst of our own trials that they serve as parables of our longing for our redemption. But in Seasons of Waiting Betsy Childs Howard reorients how we interpret our own seasons of waiting to fit in the grander narrative of our wait for the salvation of the Lord. She does this by skillfully weaving together Bible stories, easily understood the [...]

    13. Everyone is waiting for something in their life. Waiting for God to move in some area of our lives. Waiting, praying, and watching for the Lord to change some circumstance in our lives can be extremely painful. In this short read, Betsy Childs Howard works through a few specific circumstances of waiting for the Christian woman. Each chapter, while different, has nuggets of wisdom for all Christian women to glean from. This book brings our earthly waiting into the eternal realm and encourages us [...]

    14. Beautiful book full of truth! I ordered two extra copies for dear friends. Will definitely re-read. Hope Betsy continues to write!

    15. The best I've ever read about waiting. It drips with raw authenticity and rich, hopeful truth. It encourages each of us to remember that we are not the only ones in a waiting season of life, and to get our minds off ourselves and walk with one another in real, honest community that fights to hold onto the beautiful hope that we have that one day, one glorious day, our waiting shall end!!! It is like a good friend that comes alongside and says, "I get it. Waiting it hard. There is no getting arou [...]

    16. I liked how this was Scripture soaked and had good theology around seasons of waiting. I didn't feel like I came across with any new insights to what I've already been taught, but it was a good refresher. However, if you can't handle a woman with a slow, southern accent reading aloud to you for 5 hoursick to the print version and not the audio. :)

    17. I did this one on audio at 1.5x speed (the reader was a slow talker) and it made for some great listening while cleaning out closets and cupboards. It feels like we've been in adoption wait forever and this was perfect for this time. It made me feel less alone, gave me reassurance for getting through the tough days. It wasn't just about waiting for a baby, although that was most applicable to me, but gave a few other examples as well. Definitely a great listen for me.

    18. I loved this book. It really makes you think of the waiting you and others are doing. What should be your main focus. Amazing!

    19. First sentence: What does your heart long   for? If you’ve picked up this book, there’s a good chance you didn’t have any difficulty answering that question. Most women are waiting for something, but some women are waiting acutely. The thing missing from their lives is in such sharp focus that they aren’t sure they’ll ever feel complete without it.Premise/plot: In Seasons of Waiting, Betsy Childs Howard primarily encourages women who are frustrated and feel stuck waiting. The book add [...]

    20. There was some stuff I agreed with in this book but there was also some stuff that I disagreed with, and I do want to address that. While I did appreciate the authors attempt to bring ease into waiting and being stories into it, I felt like there were a bit too many stories to really have a focus. There were stories about being barren, being single, wanting a home; and while she does say that we are waiting for a Heavenly Bridegroom, I couldn't help but notice that most of the stories had a comm [...]

    21. Very good book in its organization and content. Don't skip chapters that may seem irrelevant to your situation as there is sound, biblical counsel in each chapter that relates to any season of waiting. My most personal take away from the book is the encouragement to openly acknowledge that all IS NOT right with this world or our relationships and the waiting is difficult. So when that ache/longing/feeling of discontentment rises up in us while we wait it can and should immediately drive us to Ch [...]

    22. This was an excellent book. Even though I am not currently in any of the waiting periods specifically highlighted in this book, the overall concept of waiting well for the Lord was clearly outlined. Ms. Howard bought a God-centered purpose to our times of waiting. It challenged me on different levels to evaluate myself and how I "wait". It also provided great insight into how to help others in their period of waiting. The chief end to this book was to remember that we are all waiting as believer [...]

    23. I was a little hesitant when I picked up this book that it would be full of cliches and wouldn't necessarily help with my waiting. But it wasn't. It was honest stories about different kinds of waiting and the lessons we can learn. I am not necessarily waiting right on some of the things she discussed but there was so much truth that it didn't matter if I could 100% relate. A great read for anyone.

    24. I was skeptical to read this, expecting the same 'ol, same 'ol that you always hear about waiting. But I had not considered the idea of our lives being like parables. I know we are to live for God's glory, but it helped to give these particular seasons of waiting a specific, higher purpose - pointing to the gospel story in a unique way.

    25. Excellent stuff. I love how she talks about our waiting being a parable - letting our story tell God's story. No matter what we're waiting for, we are ultimately waiting for eternity with Christ, who will satisfy all unfulfilled longing. This book is a tremendous encouragement to wait we'll and to help each other keep God's promises in view as we wait.

    26. I highly recommend this for anyone in any season of waiting. It helped me to see that our life is a life-long waiting period, waiting for King Jesus to return. And our seasons of waiting teach us to wait well. I loved the eternal perspective on it. It really resonated with my soul. And she also shared how important it is for us to focus on our spiritual offspring w/or w/o children.❤

    27. At times, this book is hard to read because the author doesn't promise that you're going to get whatever you're waiting for. Instead, she speaks a powerful truth and asks tough questions.This is a must-read for anyone who is in a season of waiting and needs to be reminded that the giver is more fulfilling than the gift.

    28. Perfect timingI really struggle with patience and not really feeling like anyone is taking the wheel. This book was really good at helping me realize that I can't always be a planner because Only God knows the plans in store for me!

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