Best of My Love

Best of My Love The final chapter in the Fool s Gold series it can t be missed From NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Susan Mallery read what reviewers are calling the biggest romance of this summer To overcome h

  • Title: Best of My Love
  • Author: Susan Mallery
  • ISBN: 9780373789191
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The final chapter in the Fool s Gold series, it can t be missed From 1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Susan Mallery, read what reviewers are calling the biggest romance of this summer To overcome her painful past, baker Shelby Gil goes on the hunt for a friend a male friend to convince her stubborn psyche that men can be trusted But where in a town as small as FooThe final chapter in the Fool s Gold series, it can t be missed From 1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Susan Mallery, read what reviewers are calling the biggest romance of this summer To overcome her painful past, baker Shelby Gil goes on the hunt for a friend a male friend to convince her stubborn psyche that men can be trusted But where in a town as small as Fool s Gold will the petite blonde find a guy willing to not date her Dark, charming Aidan Mitchell puts the adventure in Mitchell Adventure Tours and into the beds of his many willing female tourists Until he realizes he s inadvertently become that guy the one night Casanova and worse, everyone in town knows it Maybe Shelby s boy girl experiment will help him see women as than just conquests so he can change his ways and win back his self respect.As Aidan and Shelby explore the secret lives of men and women, the heat between them fires up the Fool s Gold rumor mill If no one will believe they re just friends, maybe they should give the gossips something to really talk about

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    1. Imagine a second-wave feminist writing a romance novel, but set it in contemporary times, and you'll have BEST OF MY LOVE. Shelby Gilmore, traumatized by an abusive father, still has difficulty trusting men, and ends up picking all the wrong ones as romantic partners. To try and wean herself of this bad habit, Shelby decides she needs to be friends with a guy, something she's never done before. So she asks local manwhore Aidan Mitchell (who is suffering from embarrassment after one of his one-ni [...]

    2. 3.5 stars probably but I rounded it down because I wasn't too fond of the way the gender lines were so drawn in this book. There are "man" things and there are "women" things and they can not overlap! The two main characters weren't too bad though, although the plot was predicable as all of these novels are. I do believe this is the last novel of this series (after 20 and a bunch of novellas!) and she will be doing a spin off series in a town call "Happily Inc" (yupp, real name). Not sure if I w [...]

    3. The Best of My Love by Susan Mallery is a 2016 HQN publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. The last book in this series I read was kind of lukewarm, but I realize any long running series will have a ‘one off’ from time to time, so I was confident the next book I picked up would be back on track. I did worry at first, though, when the first half of the book seemed to repeat the “We are just friends” mantra over and o [...]

    4. Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.: amzn/1Yb2h87Best of my Love is the perfect read if you're looking for a slow building low drama romance. It was a lovely time as Shelby and Aiden start up a bit of an experiment--strangers spending time together and becoming friends. No romance involved. That's right. No naughty bits shall meet and become friendly like. Just two people--who happen to be a female and a male-- getting to know each other, hanging out, and hopefully getting over their r [...]

    5. Whenever I am looking for a feel good romance, I turn to authors like Susan Mallery. Her stories that take place in Fool’s Gold have never failed me and this one was no different. While there were some things that bugged me, I know that those things come with these kinds of books. The things I didn’t like included how unrealistic it is that a small town would have multiple ex-NFL players, country stars, ex-Olympic athletes, etc and that these stories are so predictable. But the predictabilit [...]

    6. 4.5 stars This one was a lot of fun. I loved Shelby and Aiden and the deal that they made. The idea of having girl nights and boy nights was hilarious and effective. It really showed how each of them grew as the story progressed. I loved that he painted her toes and she played poker. I especially loved how they reversed the roles when the big break up inevitably happened. My only complaint is that I would have liked more of the HEA. The ending was fabulous, but I really wanted more of a future-t [...]

    7. Fantastic book. This may be my favorite out of the series because it was emotional, fun, and definitely different than the others. Aidan and Shelby are two people who are determined to make changes in their lives. Aidan is a good-looking charmer of a guy, with a reputation as a ladies' man. Then he is confronted with the realization that he doesn't like the man he has become. He's determined to avoid women for a while until he can find a way to earn back his self-respect. Shelby is an attractive [...]

    8. Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog: romancingthereaders.With the new upcoming series I knew I needed to get caught up on the Fool's Gold series, especially this book since it's Aidan's brothers that start the new series. One of the things I love about Susan Mallery and the books that she writes is how comfortable they are. I know that sounds weird, but that's kinda how I feel. I think it has something to do with how well she establishes her characters. You really feel like they are real peo [...]

    9. I know I have said other books in this series have been my favorite and while that is true I have to say this might be my most favorite one to date. Mallery is back with another fantastic addition to the Fools Gold series! Shelby came to Fools Gold 2 years ago after her mother passed away from cancer and her father was sent to prison for being abusive. Now she has a new life filled with great friends, a career on the rise and town that she loves. The only thing missing is love and trust from som [...]

    10. Foi uma emoção grande voltar a Fool's Gold. Só tenho pena que os protagonistas anteriores mais recentes é que estão sempre a aparecer (agora como personagens secundários) e não também os mais antigos.Foi muito giro ver Aidan a fazer programas típicos de mulheres com Shelby e ela a fazer coisas típicas masculinas. No final foi tão bonito ver as mulheres/amigas de Shelby a fazerem a sua intervenção de apoio a Aidan e os amigos dele fazerem o mesmo à Shelby.

    11. I loved every page of this latest novel from Susan Mallery. I couldn't put it down from the first page until the very last. I just noticed on that it's listed as "the final chapter" in her Fool's Gold series. Say it ain't so! This is my favorite romance series and it will be dearly missed if it really is over. Maybe it's time to start back at the beginning and fall in love all over again

    12. I loved this! How they did the boy girl thing and then towards the end how the girls took care of Aidan and the guys took care of Shelby. I was kind of hoping that we would get a preview of the next book, I mean I hope there is another book coming, maybe the Mitchell boys move back? I need more fools gold

    13. After 20 books in a series you know what to expect when you pick up a new book. But this one had a great twist, not romance but friendship. I honestly didn't think things would work out as well as they did, that Aidan and Shelby they would have enough in common to be friends. What I think helped them out is that they were honest and actually talked about things important to them and that they did boy/girl events to show the other one how things usually went with their gender. I thought it was ea [...]

    14. 3.5 Stars. I was a little iffy about this in the beginning. The premise that you need to set up some "experiment" to be friends with a member of the opposite sex was kind of silly to me. I also thought setting up a time limit for that friendship was odd. But once I got past that, I did really end up liking the relationship between Aiden and Shelby. I wish there would have been a little more Just Friends time before they started to fall for eachother, though. However, I did really like that they [...]

    15. I liked the characters and there really are a lot of them in this book. However, the plot felt too simple for my tastes. While I can appreciate simple plots, it at least has to have some in-depth sketch of its characters, I felt that too is missing. But it's good for a simple holiday read or if you only want a plain romance plot.

    16. Best of My Love (Fool's Gold #20)by Susan Mallery Arc was received for an honest review, Reviewed by Ang from PNR Book Lover ReviewsEEEk I was so excited to receive this one, I have been a Susan Mallory for so many years.I used to hire her books from the library, so to get this book which is like the 20th Fools Gold story was so cool.Shelby and Aidan were so fun to read about, I adore these to I enjoyed there chemistry and the reason for why they wanted to be friends first and foremost.The plot, [...]

    17. I love visiting Fool's Gold, even for the twentieth time plus. Once again we catch up with old friends and get to know Shelby and Aidan better. Shelby needs a male friend for the next six months to help her overcome her trust issues of men, so she picks Aidan, who is well known to the females. This friendship will include NO Sex! Love it!!! You will be cheering them on and laughing along with them, as they make their journey. I believe all relationships need to have friendship as a basis to a go [...]

    18. Another fun read in the Fool's Gold series. This is Aiden and Shelby's story. Shelby was abused as a teenager by her father, beaten badly, and has trust issues with men. Aiden's father is a gifted artist who in his own way is verbally abusive. They form a bond. In spite of their backgrounds, I found myself laughing out loud from time to time. As always, I enjoyed going back to Fool's Gold for a visit and finding out what old friends have been up to. Great weekend read.

    19. Book #20We already know Shelby & Aidan from previous books. Shelby is the sister of our darling ski-pro Kipling, the guy who is now running the town's search and rescue team. And Aidan is one of five brothers, and he runs the Fool's Gold adventure tours We heard about what happened in their lives and families before, but of course we talk about it all again in here.Aidan and Shelby couldn't be any different.Shelby is a girl who is afraid to get hurt, and that's why she always chooses idiots [...]

    20. 3,5 tähte. Tegemist oli Fools Goldi sarja viimase romaaniga. Ümardasin keskmise hinde pigem allapoole, sest nii hea kui mõni teine see siiski polnud.Algus oli selline üsna siivas ja aeglane, aga lugu ise oli sümpaatne - sõpradest armastajatest on üks mu meelissüžeeliine. Sõpruse ja armastuse kujunemine oli selles romaanis ajaliselt küll üsna loogiline, aga oeh, vahel tundus see küll liiga aeglaselt edenevat. Lisaks suutsid mõlemad peategelased oma väljakujunenud iseloomujooni ikka [...]

    21. This was a nice read. It was a connection to her new series. The brother from this one was in that one. I thought that was nice. It was nothing different that most of the contemporary books out there but it was still nice. I was glad that everything worked out. I will probably go back and read the rest of the series from the beginning. Thankfully each book is about a different couple. So it won't screw me up.

    22. The Fool's Gold series is on book twenty with novellas thrown in here and there and it still doesn't falter or get old but continues to hold its own and to even get better! This book is Shelby and Aidan's story and took me totally by surprise. Both of them have trust issues from how they grew up and their family dynamics. Shelby has her brother, Kipling, who was always there to save her when he could. Aidan has four brothers who were always there for each other and still are. Neither Shelby or A [...]

    23. Shelby Gilmore has had a painful past with an abusive parent. She has come a long way and now lives in Fool's Goldand is a part owner in the Ambrosia Bakery. Although she likes where her life is she still is missing something. Shelby wants love, marriage and children. To have that she needs to learn to trust men. A problem from her abusive childhood. So she gets the idea to find a man "friend" to hang out with an just do things with, one she canlearn to trust with out the hang up of sex or a sex [...]

    24. Books by Susan Mallery are like comfort food. After you are done eating them, you feel happy. Her Fool's Gold series has amazing characters. There is always humor, romance, great friends and an awesome Major. I was happy I already knew the MC from prior books.Shelby Gilmore is part owner of the pastry establishment. She moved to Fool's Gold two years ago after her mother passed away from cancer. Shelby doesn't trust men after years of enduring her father's abuse. She has been through counseling [...]

    25. When you think about the fact that Susan Mallery has written twenty-two books in her Fool's Gold series, you might experience several different feels.First, you're impressed. Twenty-two books! That's a lot of books period, much less books in just one series. Then you might think, "Fool's Gold is a big enough (fictional) town to inspire twenty-two books?" And you might also wonder if Mallery can keep her stories and characters fresh.The good news is that, yes, she can keep them fresh. Aside from [...]

    26. My Rating:4.5Favorite Quotes:“'Do those have a lot of butter?' the eighty-something woman asked, pointing at a sugar cookie that had been dipped in chocolate. 'My doctor told me to watch my cholesterol. I told him I'm too old and he can watch it for me. Now I'm feeling defiant, so I want cookies with butter and later I'll have a steak.""You should wear tighter clothes You've got the goods. Let's see them. Share the bounty. Take off your shirt once in a while. Put on tighter shorts Young people [...]

    27. I enjoyed this book. It is the story about 2 non-functional people who are damaged by their fathers - one is brutal to his wife and daughter and the other was uninterested by anything that didn't affect him or his art. Shelby is a baker who picks the wrong men and can't trust any man except her brother, Kipling. She had been beaten, frequently, by her abusive father. Aidan had learned that love meant '"being stuck" after observing his mother subjugating her life to his father. He only dates tour [...]

    28. Wow, I can't believe there are now 20 books in the Fool's Gold series. I am so in love with this series and it's really flown by. I remember requesting Three Little Words for review because it sounded so cute and I was hooked. I got my hands on whatever books I could in the series and devoured them. Though there have been a few that were misses, overall this is an amazing series and Best of My Love ranks up there with one of my favorites in the series.I loved both Aidan and Shelby's characters. [...]

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