One thought on “History of Science: Antiquity to 1700”

  1. Interesting, well written and informative. However, i felt like lectures are lacking some crucial part of history and this is history of technology. Probably it's an undeserved criticism and more personal than objective. If you want to understand the relationship between religion and science in the past, the reason behind greatness of Plato and Aristotle and role of the historical context - you are welcome.

  2. These lectures are excellent. Part I is on the Greek origins of science. Principe states that Plato’s Timeaus is a “way to think about the world” and it is “a likely account of its creation and operation.” The eternal world became the model for the self. Looking for natural patterns as opposed to magical interventions also became the basis for the science we know today. Aristotle believes that all natural objects have internal properties of change and motion. They are “ensouled” an [...]

  3. This is very heavily a course on the history of scientific thought, i.e. natural philosophy, with an emphasis on the history of what we would now call physics and astronomy. Technology really doesn't get a look-in. It's also a little bit boring some of the time.On the other hand, if you are interested in, say, medieval and renaissance technology and life, knowing something about the scientific personae who are name-dropped in history. It's also a good clean up of "lies my teacher told me" about [...]

  4. He focuses somewhat on the chemistry side of things but overall a good history. He does a good job of incorporating the philosophical side of natural science and the correlation of what is widely considered the Western scientific tradition with the Arabic scientific tradition, showing that they are really one and the same.

  5. a solid survey, but I would have preferred group antiquity with medieval and start a new course with the early modern. treatment of the classic scientific revolution seemed a touch thin.

  6. Marvelous course. Reminded me the joy of watching "Cosmos" both original and Neil deGrasse version. Awesome.

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