Wonders Of The Himalaya

Wonders Of The Himalaya Wonders of The Himalaya is a work that details the authors adventures while traveling in the Himalayas

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  • Title: Wonders Of The Himalaya
  • Author: Francis Younghusband
  • ISBN: 9788187075523
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wonders of The Himalaya is a work that details the authors adventures while traveling in the Himalayas.

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    1. Simple and fascinating descriptions by Francis YoungHusband, about his two main expeditions to cross through, over the main spine of the Himalayas, from Chinese Turkestan into Jammu and Kashmir. It also includes a couple of smaller expeditions on the Indian side in Kullu-Manali and Kashmir.I read through the entire thing with Google Maps opened besides to correlate the adventure with the actual things on ground. A pleasurable experience for a geography enthusiast. But also had to bear in mind th [...]

    2. Francis Younghusband shares his feelings about being in the Himalaya for the first time. He also speaks about his dislike for the cold mountain deserts of ladakh and Karakoram but eventually starts loving them as he connects with the m moreosely. The book also describes his brief first journey into Manchuria / Peking and subsequent return to India exploring the route through Gobi Desert, Xinjiang and into India via the Mustagh pass. Finally he talks about the journey taken to Hunza valley to str [...]

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