The Essence of Rumi

The Essence of Rumi A Compact yet thoroughly informative series on philosophical and religious topics written with the general reader in mind

  • Title: The Essence of Rumi
  • Author: John Baldock
  • ISBN: 9780785820406
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Compact yet thoroughly informative series on philosophical and religious topics, written with the general reader in mind.

    One thought on “The Essence of Rumi”

    1. Menjadi bacaan yang dapat membawa kita untuk menikmati taman mawar Maulana Rumi baik dalam konteks sejarah keperibadian hinggalah karya agungnya sama ada yang berbentuk prosa seperti Fihi Ma Fihi hinggalah magnum opus yang meninggalkan kesan besar kepada dunia hingga ke hari ini, iaitu Mathnawi dan Diwan Shams.Adalah salah untuk memisahkan Maulana Rumi daripada Islam yang syariatnya menjadi jalan yang tidak terpisahkan, apatah lagi meninggalkan ranah tasawuf yang menjadi hakikat yang perlu dipeg [...]

    2. The one improvement I would make to this book would simply be more poems, full-length, as opposed to illustrative selections. Otherwise, this is a great book.I like very much that the author gives autobiographical information about Rumi, tells about the history of Islam and Sufism's relation to mainstream Islam, and then goes on to discuss Rumi's works specifically in greater detail. Baldock has chapters talking about Rumi's characters, symbolism, and themes, and ends with chapters containing di [...]

    3. After reading the Bhagavad Gita, thought I would try Rumi. Perhaps, I am the problem, but patriarchal religions leave me looking for something else, something that makes sense. Next search will try Budda!

    4. I would have rated this higher if I had spent more thought on the content. My own fault for the lower score.

    5. I enjoyed this book, and I gained a lot of context about Rumi's symbolism and themes and some respect for the secular, non-religious spirituality in Islam. The author's task is difficult, since Rumi is not always consistent. However, the book does stop short at several key moments when linking the overarching concept to the poetry. That is, in many cases, Baldock introduces themes for (sometimes) several pages, then some Rumi that he thinks fits; but, there's not always a good explanation on how [...]

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