The Witness

The Witness The gripping new race against time thriller by the best selling author of Relentless The Last Seconds and The Final Minute I had a simple choice Stay here and almost certainly be discovered Or ge

  • Title: The Witness
  • Author: Simon Kernick
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The gripping new race against time thriller by the best selling author of Relentless, The Last 10 Seconds and The Final Minute I had a simple choice Stay here, and almost certainly be discovered.Or get up and run THE WITNESSWhen Jane Kinnear sees her lover being murdered, she suddenly finds herself in danger Taken to an anonymous police safe house, it soon becomes cleaThe gripping new race against time thriller by the best selling author of Relentless, The Last 10 Seconds and The Final Minute I had a simple choice Stay here, and almost certainly be discovered.Or get up and run THE WITNESSWhen Jane Kinnear sees her lover being murdered, she suddenly finds herself in danger Taken to an anonymous police safe house, it soon becomes clear that her lover was an MI5 informant with important information about an imminent terrorist attackE DETECTIVEDI Ray Mason of Counter Terrorism Command is a man with a controversial past, but his effectiveness at getting results means that he s now been given the task of preventing the attack from taking place But can he be trusted, and does he know about the attack than he s letting on THE KILLERIn the safe house, Jane is trying to piece together a description of her lover s killer But what she doesn t know is that the killer has already found out who she is, and where she is hiding.And now he s coming for her

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    1. Having read some of Simon Kernick’s recent work involving DI Ray Mason, I wanted to go back to where the first feature-length novel started. After a violent home invasion leaves Anil Rahman and his wife dead, only one witness survives. Having cowered under the bed during the attack, Jane Kinnear has a fragmented story to tell the police. Kinnear recounts how Anil was asked about a terrorist attack that was in the works and vaguely recollects that the killer was white. Other than that, nothing [...]

    2. This is the type of thriller that everyone likes to take one or three of with them on their holidays. Guaranteed to be a page turner, by a recognised author, the type of book that give you kudos on your sun-lounger and thoroughly entertain you.This novel introducing Ray Mason of Counter Terrorism Command to us, never dips in pace, action or mesmerising developments.Set against the background of planned terror attacks, when the police appear to be restricted in their response, the copper you want [...]

    3. Many thanks to Dead good reads for my copy of this. I have to say I've been a fan of Simon Kernicks since the beginning and eagerly look forward to January.The Witness does not disappoint, written with the authors usual fast pace which keeps the pages turning, it's a hard book to put down. Told from a different perspective for the main characters, each with a past. Just when you think you have it all worked out you are thrown a curveball, over and over again. The author is one of todays master o [...]

    4. Simon Kernick is in the top five of thriller writers of this era. I have read and enjoyed many of his previous novels. The Witness is definitely one of his best. Because the story is told through the eyes of several narrators we are never quite sure of what is true and what is not. The primary characters are detective Ray Mason, a hard-boiled detective with little tolerance for police bureaucracy and rules, and Jane Kinnear, the Witness. In the first chapter Jane relays the tale of a date gone b [...]

    5. Simon Kernick's books are always guaranteed to start with a bang and keep you reading relentlessly into the night. He is very good at juggling multiple narrators and points of view and keeping the reader guessing about how they will eventually connect. The Witness contains many of his trademark elements and it's an entertaining read, but ultimately it didn't keep me quite as engrossed as his previous books have. Maybe it's because I've read all of his books, but I could sense quite early on how [...]

    6. I was fortunate to receive a copy of this book through Dead and as Simon Kernick is a favourite of mine I am so happy. I read this book in just two sittings. The writing flows, it's fast-paced and kept me up half the night! This really is one of his best books if not the best to date and I've read quite a few! In this book the author plays with the reader's emotions as it seems everybody has a secret to hide that we are gradually allowed to become privy to. However, is everyone telling the truth [...]

    7. Murder, extremists, terrorists, what more could you want?London. A woman witnesses the brutal torture and murder of her lover, and his wife (who returns home unexpectedly early), then escapes the murderer to call for help.She is taken into police custody and secreted in a safe-house with an armed guard while the police hunt the attacker. But from here, as you would expect, the plot thickensMr Kernick paints his scenario very well, first giving us the main theme. He then brings in the background [...]

    8. Simon Kernick’s books always start with action. He has the audience hooked from the very beginning. The plot has many twists and keeps you guessing as to how the story will end. The story unfolds through the eyes of a series of characters, which is an interesting idea to keep you guessing what is fact and what is fiction. The two central characters are detective Ray Mason and a witness Jane Kinnear who both have secrets to hide. As you learn more deeply about their lives you are able to feel e [...]

    9. Must. Be. More. Organised. With. Reviews! This is another one that slipped through the cracks at the time, so here it is at last.I just love Simon Kernick's work. This story was a classic twisty tale that he does so well. Its sheer escapism but hey, we all need a bit of that at times.Jane Kinnear is the unfortunate witness to the murder of her lover and his wife. The killer is asking questions about a forthcoming terrorist attack. This is enough to ensure the involvement of the counter terrorism [...]

    10. Alright, this was a pleasure to read. Important to note that this was my first thriller/crime book or whatever it was really. The pace was enormously fast, action scenes were mostly good and the finale was spectacular. Now, there were a few flaws with the characters, but that is expected from a shorter book. It was astonishing to read about the counter-terrorist's side of views, especially, with the open end, which is merely a conclusion to the story. Oh, and the plot-twists oh, god. (view spoil [...]

    11. This is the first book I have read by Simon Kernick and it certainly won't be the last. The story draws you in from the very first chapter and it just got better and better.

    12. because it is written by Simon Kernick, a writer whom I expect the absolute best from, I am giving this book a three star.For the things I disliked about the book:The main character D.I Ray Mason is someone i couldn't connect with. As the book was written in first person view, there was lots of talk about his tormented past and his rash decision making, but as a reader i didn't feel it. The story alternated between two first person point of view, which I didn't like; it started real nice and the [...]

    13. BreathlessThe Witness who gives the book its title is Jane Kinnear. Her date night goes horrendously wrong when her lover is tortured and killed and she is lucky to escape. Despite being under police protection, it is apparent that someone is still determined to silence her before she can identify the killer. Meanwhile DI Ray Mason - a hardened and unorthodox cop is trying to prevent an imminent terrorist attack which it appears that Jane's deceased boyfriend was somehow involved in. He has secr [...]

    14. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book where the author has so cleverly captivated me.This is fantastic and keeps you guessing until the very end.Our impassioned detective is the hero we all like reading about with his own dark secrets.I really enjoyed the way Kernick changed the way of telling the story from different characters perspective, very cleverly done. Whilst some processes would be questioned quite severely in the real world, praise has to be given for the way it’s told. I [...]

    15. Simon Kernick is a master of his craft. The craft being crime thriller writing. As is usual in his books, there are twists aplenty in The Witness and Kernick writes with a ferocious pace that holds the reader's attention, even long after bedtime! All is not what it seems in this tale of a witness who witnesses a terrorist related murder. Central character DI Ray Mason of Counter Terrorism Command is a flawed but efficient operator who you cannot help rooting for. Mason returns in Kernick's next [...]

    16. Enjoyable thriller by Simon Kernick, rather signposted the twist i felt,but Ray Mason is a man who seems to live a charmed life and despite the high body count manages to survive the various mass shootings. The Jane Kinnear character is very intriguing and mysterious but you felt there was going to be more to her than first met the eye and there was.i have read other Simon Kernick books and really really enjoyed Relentless but this was the first Ray Mason book i had read. I think the next one in [...]

    17. What another great kernick novel. He really specialises in cops who are not exactly on the straight and narrow. Ray has many unlikeable traits but you really want him to survive although given the prologue it looks unlikely. Great twists and turns and it took me a long time to figure out who the witness was. Overall couldn't put it down, brilliant.

    18. A cracker of a thriller, twists and turns right till the end, non stop action as is the forte of Simon Kernick's books. Easy to read to.

    19. So gripping thrilling changing direction and a could not put down book Dinner almost burnt due to lack of concentration while reading this. Highly recommended

    20. First time reading this author; he has an interesting writing style. The story held my attention right through and it made a very nice change not being able to predict the outcome.

    21. A detailed perspective of the present day Law and Order, a fast paced intense thriller employed with a genius twist which will present you with a high shock factor.

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