The Kiss

The Kiss Penrose Cornwall September th To Do invite the Dowager Duchess and the other ladies in the club to stay prepare for Quinn s arrival pretend you haven t loved him foreverHe had once been her cherish

  • Title: The Kiss
  • Author: Sophia Nash
  • ISBN: 9780061231377
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Penrose, Cornwall September 20th To Do invite the Dowager Duchess and the other ladies in the club to stay prepare for Quinn s arrival pretend you haven t loved him foreverHe had once been her cherished childhood companion, and then the man she lusted for in secret, but Georgiana Wilde hasn t seen recently widowed Quinn Fortesque since the day he married another womPenrose, Cornwall September 20th To Do invite the Dowager Duchess and the other ladies in the club to stay prepare for Quinn s arrival pretend you haven t loved him foreverHe had once been her cherished childhood companion, and then the man she lusted for in secret, but Georgiana Wilde hasn t seen recently widowed Quinn Fortesque since the day he married another woman and shattered her heart Then fate intervenes and brings the man she dreams about each night back to her .Returning to the estate on family business, Quinn would like nothing than to turn the land over to Georgiana and leave the memories of his former life behind But then the brooding marquis finds himself under the spell of the beauty he once left behind With her barely concealed passions, Georgiana melts his coolly guarded heart Suddenly his well ordered world is in danger of crashing down And it all began with just one kiss .

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    1. This should have been called "The Pining." Nash is not a bad writer. Although she pulls some bizarre modern references out every once in a while. At one point a character refers to "cats and dogs living together." Nobody could read that line and not hear Bill Murray's delivery. It's a very bad choice. There were other moments where I felt the language was jarringly anachronistic. But I can live with that. It's the pining that drives me nuts. You can start with pining and build from there, but yo [...]

    2. Overall I'd give the book 2.5 stars, but on the rating system I'd round down to 2 stars. The main redeeming factor of the book was its ending, which I found sweet and endearing. The final resolution to the Big Misunderstanding was fairly heartwarming, and if the entire book had been like the final 50 pages I would have given The Kiss between 4 and 5 stars. Alas, that is not the case.Most of the book really grated on my nerves. The characters themselves were extremely annoying. I can't name a si [...]

    3. A tormented hero, unrequited love and secrets from the past all come together with vivid characters in this Regency era story. I loved meeting everyone - Quinn, Georgiana, Rosamunde and Luc, The Widows Club, Fairleigh and the heartbroken John Brown. I wanted to slap Anthony's mother for being so self-centered and cruel. And shake both Quinn and Georgiana for not being more trusting and truthful with themselves and each other too. The only thing that bothered me was that there were jumps in the f [...]

    4. When you look and read the reviews of the readers, they're pretty low. It's discouraging. The thought of not reading it came to mind. But well, I took the risk. I mean I avoided the first book many times already but when I finallly took the chance to read it, it turned out good. And I love myself more when I finished reading this book. One word. Heartbreaking. Very heartbreaking. My heart went out to Georgiana everytime she ached with pain because of the hero. I really felt the longing and ache [...]

    5. A sweet story. Very heavy on the angst though; in fact, I'd say nearly two thirds of the narrative is pure angst-ridden misunderstandings. How much time and paper could have been saved if one of these characters had an inch of sense in them to set things straight? Thrown in also are some rather vile characters, although I'm sure they don't mean to be vile, bless their barely bereaved hearts.It probably would have benefited the story to have some sort of flashback chapter/s because I was pretty c [...]

    6. Majorly dissapointed, as there are plenty of great reviews on this book. I got to just over 100 pages, but the main characters were just too silly for me to relate too, and the plot was just too unreal to sink into. The hero's daughter had a stuborn streak that was over-the-top - including when she insists on 'the kiss' as it was totally eye-rolling dialog. Plus we are suppose to believe that the heroine actually prefers working herself to exhaution, getting blisters, working the pigsty, ruining [...]

    7. This is the story of Georgiana and Quinn. Like the previous book in the series, Georgiana is a tortured heroine. Quinn has his issues also but not as much. Unfortunately this results in copious amounts of self-pity dialogue while she tries to figure out the best path. Not enough to stop my reading but enough that I took a pause to decide whether the HEA was going to be worth it. I kept reading because the characters are so well formed and the secondary characters are strong as well. However, by [...]

    8. The plot was ok but failed to grab me. The story leaked unreal moments like the hero's daughter demanding the h/h kiss and them finding it impossible not to complywhat? And what's wrong with Lady Grace that she latches on to a man she clearly knows is the love of her close friend's life? What sensible person (and Grace has been depicted as being a sensible sort) would want to get caught in an unrequited lovers tangle espcially when she herself has just emerged from a similar situation herself? A [...]

    9. "Am I blue, am I blueAin't these tears in my eyes telling youAm I blue, you'd be tooIf each plan with your man done fell through"After rereading The Kiss by Sophia Nash, all I can think of was that I must have been in the mood for boo-hooing in 2008. A-g-o-n-y. When I read The Kiss in 2008 I gave it a very high mark; however, I have found that it now contains one of my least favorite tropes: "I love you but I cannot marry you." Oh, the pain.The characters in this book were so full of moaning, gr [...]

    10. Okay story - except for the now cliche (and my pet peeve for historical romance) situation where the hero asks the heroine to marry him (twice!!) but she refuses because she loves him. Yup. She's loved him for most of her life but refuses to marry him because she is certain he doesn't love her. Yeah, those three little words become more important than reaching for her lifelong dream. At twenty-seven, she should be over girlish fantasies.So those refusals kill the angst (if he'd never asked, I mi [...]

    11. 3.5 stars for this one. I usually round up but this is definitely more a 3 than a 4. I enjoyed it, but at times it seemed like it was being written by two authors. A lot of the inner dialogue seemed to be silly and (dare I say it) trite. But then just as I would be ready to give up on it, the dialogue between characters would catch my interest and it would hook me back in. I liked both h and h, but I just didn't seem to be totally invested in their HEA. I really liked Quinn but I just felt his c [...]

    12. Georgiana Wilde marries Anthony Ellesmere, but on their wedding night he dies on top of her. She now must run the estate herself. Quinn Fortesque, a cousin, returns to claim the estate. Anthony's mother wants Quinn to run off Georgiana, but Quinn has other ideas. She, Anthony, and Quinn had been childhood friends. Georgiana always loved Quinn, but he never knew that. She has a deformed leg from an accident. Quinn took the blame for the accident although it was Anthony's fault. Thus begins the re [...]

    13. Brava, Ms Nash. It is practically impossible to be original in the genre you have chosen but you managed to make your books amazingly fresh and compelling. What I liked about them is the following:1. the main character is not a beauty ( what a relief);2. the girl usually has faced a trauma in her life (an injury, some abuse) but she is a survivor;3. good sense of humor;4. it is easy to identify yourself with the herione.I would be glad to read your new books.

    14. I think this is the first time I've ever had one of these where the groom keels over on his bride on their wedding night, let alone on the prologue. I am, however, a complete sucker for 'girl next door' stories, so I quite liked it.

    15. I Loved it !! like I loved the first book . Im really enjoying this series !!! I cant wait to read book three !!! :)

    16. I’m willing to suspend reality in romance because you know at the end of the day it’s still fiction. But one of my pet peeves in any books, films, or shows, is when internal logic is flawed. This was, simply put, a story steeped in anachronism. Oh, by the way, this should been entitled as “The Pine” or “The Pining” (take whichever you prefer lol). I can’t believe the heroine still pined for the hero for 15 years even without seeing or having communication with him during those same [...]

    17. Quit halfway through. Found the misunderstandings annoying. Couldn't stand the hero's brat of a child. So unrealistic for the time, or even today for that matter.

    18. This was tedious. Each one pining for the other, both thinking that the other one didn't love them. And it goes like this until the last TWO pages of the book. I like angst, but I'm not a masochist.

    19. Oscillated between three and four stars here. But whatever, went with three ( please give us the half stars). Character stubbornness and irritating love triangles aside It gave me 'the feels' and it was nice to see a heroine with actual scars she was self conscious about. Quinn, and Georgiana particularly, were nice. The kid was cute. Oh and Quinn's take on fatherhood was absolutely adorable. I probably wouldn't have liked him but for his interaction with his daughter. Flaws- Set up for the book [...]

    20. Like the previous book in the series, this was OK, but not a particularly memorable book. Apart from the hero and heroine and Ata, most of the supporting cast are pretty underdeveloped. I don't feel the urge to pick up the next Widow's Club book because I don't know enough about the other characters to have the urge to read their story! The only one given some development is Grace, who to be honest comes over as a bit too perfect!It seemed a bit too strung out - hero and heroine obviously love e [...]

    21. In one wordDull. Martyr tragic Sue in love with tortured, wronged hero with a rather annoying plot moppet thrown in. The beginning was weird and it should have been telling that this was not the book for me but I kept reading and - SHOCKER! - this story failed in every aspect for me. I didn't like the story or the characters and the story just dragged and dragged.

    22. Ridiculous. Misunderstanding keeps lovers apart for 15 years. Heroine pines. Hero doesn't. Heroine's best friend pursues hero. Hero pursues heroine's "sister of the heart." Yeah, with friends like that, right. What kind of friend pursues a man whom she knows has been the unrequited love of her friend for 15 years. Bitch.

    23. This was a fun one, with a very down to earth heiress and the long lost hero who has always held her heart. Communication (or lack thereof) is often a theme in these books, and does irk, but an enjoyable read nonetheless. I'm glad to think I have the next in the series somewhere on my TBR shelf.

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