Running Shoes

Running Shoes Sophy and her mother are poor they have a small home and a few animals Sophy s father died because there was no doctor or hospital near the village But Sophy has a secret wish a wish for something tha

  • Title: Running Shoes
  • Author: Frederick Lipp
  • ISBN: 9781580891752
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sophy and her mother are poor they have a small home and a few animals Sophy s father died because there was no doctor or hospital near the village But Sophy has a secret wish a wish for something that will change her life forever, and when the number man visits the village Sophy s wish might just come true.

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    1. My 5 year old brought this delightful book home from the school library and I choked up reading it halfway through. The children asked me why I was crying and I told them it was because it was so beautiful and the protagonist worked so hard to get an education against all odds.Congratulations Frederick on a wonderful story!

    2. Lipp, Frederick Running Shoes, illustrated by Jason Gaillard. Charlesbridge, 2008. PICTURE BOOK.Sophy's wish is to attend school eight kilometers away through the jungle and over streams and sharp, red rocks. On his current visit, the government census taker learns of Sophy's dream, measures her foot, and promises to send a surprise. With new running shoes Sophy proves herself not only by braving the distance alone, but also by courageously attending an all-boy school and outrunning every single [...]

    3. This is a good read for students on the theme of determination. It's also a good way to start a conversation with kids about perspective taking and being cognizant of the many opportunities that we too often take for granted.

    4. How accurate are representations of language, culture, setting, and relationships?Sophy is from a small rural village in Cambodia. Her mother is her only family and they spend much of their time working in the fields trying to pay for their lifestyle. Sophy and her family do not live a very luxurious lifestyle so when the mail messenger arrives with a pair of running shoes for Sophy she is thrilled. • Are characters fully realized and shown to have agency?Sophy and her mother's character are m [...]

    5. I read this book as an example of a children's book that deals with critical issues. I think this would be a good books to talk or teach about 3 certain issues that we deal with in this world. This book is about a young girl that lives in a poorer village, and a man comes in and is doing a census (pretty much just counting how many people live there). The young girls father had died, and she was also admiring the mans shoes. So that man changes the subject and measures her foot and sends her a s [...]

    6. This one hit me in the heart: young girl gets a pair of running shoes to follow her dreamader thinks it's to run, but it's really to get to school so she can become literate. School is 8k away so she has to hustle to get there on time. Maybe not the highest quality, but the storytelling did it for me.I'd really love this book if I got a little more background info. Was this a real child? What was this based on? Did any of this really happen? Why are there only boys in the school? I think any of [...]

    7. Really a very lovely book. It starts and ends with intriguing end papers and has a nice, simply told but moving story. If anything, it might border on the edge of sappy and the tidy conclusion might not be super realistic but the right sentiment for a children's story is there. One of the things that I especially liked is that Gaillard, despite not appearing to be Cambodian, has portrayed the people in this book, even the background characters, as individuals with strength, pride, and joy. I did [...]

    8. maggie and i really like this book, picked it out in chicago from the book cellar. the pics and story were quite moving to me, and yes, did make me cry. no real surprises there. the emphasis here i think is on the extreme value of learning, and the vehicle that takes us there. in this case it is shoes, a very literal metaphor for the achieving of ones goal. i like the imagery this conjures up and the way that running can be used to think of working torwards something that is so far as to be almo [...]

    9. Sophy is a little girl who lives in a small village in what I assume is southeast Asia. Every year "the number man" comes to count the villagers. When Sophy stares at his running shoes, he measures her feet and sends her a pair. Does she want running shoes so she can run? Not exactly - she wants them so that she can go to school and learn to read and write. A beautiful story with an ending that brought tears to my eyes.

    10. Final Project: Thought this was a great book the story line of the book was amazing and can be inspiring for little girls anywhere. I liked how it shows a little girls wishing for one thing and when that one thing comes true she wishes again from something bigger. This shoes little girls that just because one wish came true you don't stop dreaming more good things can happen.

    11. A beautiful children's picture book about the power of young girl's will and the adult she saw once a year who empowered her to chase her dream. I was overwhelmed by little Sophy's determination and the way one man helped the fatherless girl with a simple gift that she turned into something much, much larger. Tremendous story.

    12. Sophy lives in Cambodia in a poor family. She dreams of going to school but it is to far away. One day she sees a man with running shoes and loves the idea of them. When she receives a pair she starts running and soon convinces her mom that they are so fast, she will be able to run to school.

    13. Mrs Sledge shared this wonderful story set in Cambodia in assembly. As we are approaching sports day at our school we talked about aspirations and pursuing our dreams and goals. This book underlined the importance of helping others and how this can make such a difference in the world.

    14. Second/Third - ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHILDRENS' BOOKS! Shows in a wonderful story the important and how lucky children are to have an education.

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