A Night Falconer: A Frank Pavlicek Mystery

A Night Falconer A Frank Pavlicek Mystery The fourth novel in the thrilling Shamus Award winning Agatha Anthony Award nominated series The tenants of a Manhattan apartment in a heated dispute with their landlord believe he s using a bird of

  • Title: A Night Falconer: A Frank Pavlicek Mystery
  • Author: Andy Straka
  • ISBN: 9781941298794
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • The fourth novel in the thrilling Shamus Award winning, Agatha Anthony Award nominated series The tenants of a Manhattan apartment in a heated dispute with their landlord believe he s using a bird of prey to hunt down their cats and drive them out of the building Virginia PI Frank Pavlicek, an ex NYPD cop and an avid falconer himself, investigates the bizarre caseThe fourth novel in the thrilling Shamus Award winning, Agatha Anthony Award nominated series The tenants of a Manhattan apartment in a heated dispute with their landlord believe he s using a bird of prey to hunt down their cats and drive them out of the building Virginia PI Frank Pavlicek, an ex NYPD cop and an avid falconer himself, investigates the bizarre case as a favor for his friend, another ex cop turned PI But he soon discovers that there s at stake than cats and condos, pitting him against a sadistic street gang and a killer prowling Central Park with a great horned owl Previously published under the title Kitty Hitter.

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    1. This is only the second of this series I've read, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. No cozy mystery this one; as Frank tries to track down the elusive falconer who may be responsible for the missing pets, he finds there's far more darkness than he expected. Expect a good mystery and unique characters with a touch of humor to keep you glued to the pages, and a few nuggets of falconry and New York history to provide authenticity.Disclaimer: I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an ho [...]

    2. Another good book in this excellent series. The bird of prey here is the long-eared eagle owl. which ranges across North America but is rarer in the UK - though I have seen them at falconry displays. They are quite large and impressive birds.We also have a link to the Underground Slave Railway of the late 19th Century and then Prohibition too both of which helped create tunnels and underground passages in the city especially New York.As with all these books the style is easy to read and we learn [...]

    3. Another absorbing mysteryI wondered how far the falconry tales would last before I tired of them. It hasn't happened yet. While it is an essential part of each book, the characters and the story lines are so good, so real, it doesn't stretch one's imagination. Pavlicek is a great detective, with or without the birds of prey, but it adds a dimension I have found more and more interesting.

    4. Record of Wrongs by Andy Straka is the 4th in a series. As the title suggests, a wrong has been committed with the wrongful incarceration of Quentin Price for the murder of a young woman. The story opens with his release from prison and the rest of the story follows his journey to clear his name and find the real perpetrator. The mystery is engaging and the reader will be satisfied with the ending.

    5. This was a chore. I actually skimmed the last fifth of the book. I felt I had so much invested that I didn't want to put the book away without knowing how the author was going to wrap up this extremely implausible narrative. I should have laid it down much sooner. The plot itself was absurd, the writing just so-so.

    6. Started slow but sped upThe author was unfamiliar to me but as I continue to read, the book grew more interesting. The eclectic cast of characters and descriptions of New York provided an urban ambience. The action took off and didn’t slow until the unexpected conclusion. This book is an easy read and a perfect companion for a short flight or a rainy afternoon.

    7. Consistently readable I’ve been dipping into this series for a while. It’s a crowded genre, filled with lots of variations of the tough-guy-with-a-heart theme but Andy Straka does it well. If you like crime thrillers and you haven’t read his stuff, its time to!

    8. Pleasant read enriched by truly interesting (and useful even for sleuthing) facts about the falconry!This is a part of the series, but can be read as a standalone novel (as I did).Father-daughter PI team Frank and Nicole Pavlicek are contacted by a New York-residing friend and colleague Darla to help her solve a mystery of missing pets, possibly killed by a big owl. Say what? But the situation is no child play and just a rich people immature crying game, as the missing pets are just the small pi [...]

    9. Quite an enjoyable crime thriller involving an ex-policeman-turned-private detective.A paediatric oncologist’s (Dr Lonigan) cat goes missing. So do other pets in her apartment block. She enlists the help of New York PI, Darla Barnes. When Lonigan suspects the pets are being preyed upon by an owl, to order, Darla enlists the help of PI Frank Pavlicek, who also happens to be a falconer. The case of the missing cat is more complex than either Frank or Darla could possibly have imagined. The oncol [...]

    10. Nominated for the Anthony and Agatha awards and winner of the Shamus award, Straka moves away from his series featuring Frank Pavlicek, private investigator in Charlottesville, Va. This book features former campus security officer, Quentin Price, who has just been released from prison following his wrongful conviction for the rape and murder of Gwen Crawford ten years ago. At the gates of the prison, Quentin is met by the mother of the victim, Ruth Crawford, who now knows he did not commit the c [...]

    11. The books just get better as we go along. Frank & Nicole take on a new case but it takes a turn for the worse. A simple pet napping turns into a bad situation quickly. Frank will need to use his falconery skills for this one. But can someone be running around with an owl?Frank thinks he has a handle on the case but there is s much that makes no sense. Who is the person with the owl and why are their killing people's pets. The more he digs the more the case makes no sense.Everyone is hiding s [...]

    12. Frank and his daughter, Nicole are private investigators. An old friend of Frank's, Darla from his days in the NYPD asks him to help her on a case of missing pets. A great horned owl has been seen working with a girl. Since Frank is a falconer, she figures he can be a help to her and her case. Frank and Nicole will discover that it is much more than a missing pet case. There are secrets with surprising twists and turns in this action packed mystery. The author does an excellent job of writing a [...]

    13. If you love great mysteries with a twist, you'll enjoy the Frank Pavlicek mystery series. Frank is on the case of a missing cat, when their client believes someone put a hit on the cat to kill them. He's a falconer and a private investigator. So he brings his daughter, Nicole, who's also a PI too. And things gets heated up, when they believe it has to do the owner of Grayland Towers. Things gets messy at a hearing, and when bullets sent flying at them. Nonetheless, they talk to everyone, when th [...]

    14. I haven't read any of the previous Frank Pavlicek mysteries, but that was not a hindrance to enjoying this one. Frank is an interesting guy, and I plan to read the earlier books to help with the character depth. The secondary characters were also fun to get to know. The New York City setting, especially Central Park, added much to the mystery. And the plot moved quickly while keeping me guessing. All in all, The Night Falconer was a good way to wile away some hours. I received a complimentary co [...]

    15. Each Pavlicek novel stands on its own, and it is impossible to find one better than another. In this story, Frank is called back to New York City to help an old friend on a case that may involve a falconer hunting at night with a large owl. The descriptions are perfect, creating great mental images without becoming intrusive. The plot has suspense, deceptive turns and drives to a satisfying conclusion. It is a great read

    16. Frank Pavlicek and his daughter, Nicole, travel to New York from Virginia at the behest of his friend. Darla wants Frank to figure out if the pets of a brand new apartment building are being carried off by a Great Horned Owl. Frank discovers the real estate mogul who built the apartment building may be hiding more than a penchant for real estate. And who could be using a Great Horned Owl as a hunting companion? Interesting series with a lot of information regarding falconry.

    17. Frank Pavlicek gets himself in more trouble, this time involving missing cats, birds of prey, historic books, human trafficking, the author delivers another thrilling story, with plenty twists and turns to get you gripped throughout. I cannot say this was my favourite of his because I would be lying if I did, but still a great read nevertheless. I am getting to like Jake Toronto more and more, maybe he will make a great story of his own soon.

    18. Frank and his daughter Nicole come to N.Y. to consult on a petnapping case in Central Park. Everyone has an agenda except them. There has also been a hunter who is using a Horned Owl at night to hunt down prey in the park. At times the story runs slowly, but generally it will capture and hold the reader's interest. All in all good reading.

    19. A unique plot that makes for a fun, entertaining read. This was a fast read, full of twist and interesting characters that will keep you entertained through out the book. If your looking for a change of pace besides the usual murder mystery, than look no future this is the book to read.

    20. Another multi-faceted story by Andy Straka which had several surprising twists and turns. Again there were well described characters which were easy to imagine. I liked the interesting background on falconry. The ending was again was really surprising and developed very quickly. Great read.

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