A Cold Quarry: A Frank Pavlicek Mystery

A Cold Quarry A Frank Pavlicek Mystery THE THIRD BOOK IN THE STUNNING FRANK PAVLICEK SERIES An expert falconer is shot in the back in the wilds of West Virginia The police believe he was the victim of a hunting accident but PI Frank Pavlic

  • Title: A Cold Quarry: A Frank Pavlicek Mystery
  • Author: Andy Straka
  • ISBN: 9781941298770
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE THIRD BOOK IN THE STUNNING FRANK PAVLICEK SERIES An expert falconer is shot in the back in the wilds of West Virginia The police believe he was the victim of a hunting accident but PI Frank Pavlicek, a falconer himself, isn t buying the story Beatings, bombings, warnings from the FBI, and the arrest of his best friend on trumped up charges only strengthen Pavlicek sTHE THIRD BOOK IN THE STUNNING FRANK PAVLICEK SERIES An expert falconer is shot in the back in the wilds of West Virginia The police believe he was the victim of a hunting accident but PI Frank Pavlicek, a falconer himself, isn t buying the story Beatings, bombings, warnings from the FBI, and the arrest of his best friend on trumped up charges only strengthen Pavlicek s resolve to follow a bloody trail of lies and corpses that leads to a chilling, terrorist conspiracy.

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    1. I enjoyed reading this book. The plot moved along well, the characters were well written and the falconer angle was interesting. I give it 3 stars out of 5. There were repetitive typos,i.e the number 1 instead of the pronoun I and "comer" for corner. The ending was too far fetched for my taste. The conspiracy part of the ending left me cold--reminded me of 9-11 conspiracies prevalent in Muslim countries(CIA plot). The book takes place in West Virginia, adding 1 more book to my US state mystery c [...]

    2. Mystery and suspense with a touch of conspiracy drew me in from the start, and the fragments of falconry lore added even more interest to the characters. The West Virginian setting makes it feel more real and less like a conspiracy thriller TV show.I'm glad I've got the next one already queued up - this is one series I'll be following!Disclaimer: I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    3. This is 1.5 stars rounded up. No, no, and no.I received this DRC free from Brash Books in exchange for an honest review.I was attracted to this mystery, which is set in West Virginia, because it has the novel element of hunters that use falcons, in addition to white Supremacist bad guys known as the Stonewall Ranger Brigade. And it started out as a promising read, with detective Frank Pavlicek and his former Navy Seal partner, Jake Toronto, looking to find out who shot Chester Carew in the back, [...]

    4. PI Frank Pavlicek and his faithful companion Toronto try to solve the murder of a friend of theirs that the police insist was an accident. For such an obvious accident there sure are a lot of law enforcement agencies involved that don't want Frank and Toronto snooping around.People that could provide them information seem to end up dead. Very interesting read!

    5. A good solid, readable whodunnit I read this one out of sequence as I got it on offer. It's good, if slightly predictable (strong silent man that women are mysteriously attracted to, with incredibly dangerous and even more silent best friend). The plot ends on the docks, as usual. But it is readable and carried me along happily for the course of the book.

    6. Good for the genre.Competent treatment, though with too many asides - backstory and superfluous detail. We didn't need to know about Frank's wife. Okay, if you like the supercop hero.

    7. I almost lost the book and I wouldn't have found out what happened to Chester. what a relief I found the book and discovered what happened to Chester. I could image many sleepless nights wondering about Chester. now I know

    8. This is a man’s book, no strong women characters here, most of them are described with the words; leant on me, kitchen, small hands, and given whimpering lines.I thought the opening paragraph of the prologue was superb:There is a light that sharpens the hunt during darkest winter, a delicate radiance belonging as much to the earth as to the sky. After dawn, it coins to the trees like some corporeal messenger. Remember the start reality of cold possibilities, it says, black memory, the frozen e [...]

    9. A Dead Falconer, a Missing Falcon, and MurderFrank Pavlicek's old friend and fellow falconer, Chester Carew, is found dead on his property, and his falcon Elo is missing. The police call it a hunting accident, but Chester's wife isn't convinced. She hires Frank to look into what happened. Franks doesn't want to take her money, but his curiosity is aroused by her banker, who tells her he'll front the money for the investigation. Nicole, Frank's college student daughter, helps in the investigation [...]

    10. PI Frank Pavlicek is on a new case. This case involves a friend named Chester Carew who ended up dead after a hunting accident, but was it an accident? Obviously as an old friend of Frank, he sets out to investigate, and he himself gets attacked, making it clear to him that this was no hunting accident. Frank and his friend Jake Toronto start probing to find out what they can. Nicole who is Frank's daughter has been working with him as an investigator learning the ropes, but he sends her back to [...]

    11. I love reading Frank's stories. This time a fellow falconer has been murderered. Who would have wanted Chester dead he was an old man who loved his land & his falcon. Frank and Jake get involved and they open a big can of worms. Who do you trust as the truth is blurred. Can Jake still be trusted as he is hiding something. The more he digs the worse the situation becomes. Can Frank find the killer before more people die. Chester stood up and against some dangerous men and in the end he was ab [...]

    12. P.I. Frank Pavlicek does not believe that his friend, Chester Carew was killed in a hunting accident. When Frank goes to the scene of the crime he is hit with a rifle. Frank is told that Chester went to local want-to-be terrorist group meetings. Frank thinks that is very strange of Chester. Why did Chester go to those meetings? As Frank looks into the killing of Chester, he is warned by the local police and FBI to keep his nose out of it. Will Frank stop?Straka has written a suspenseful mystery. [...]

    13. This was the first book I read of Andy's and it's also when I became a fan. When this book launched, Andy spoke to the Blue Ridge Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club at Charlottesville, VA's Barnes & Noble. I was there to photograph the event for the club newsletter. I remember a lady from the audience asking when Pavlicek's romance would move to the next level. Knowing ahead of time his Pavlicek series was in the private eye/mystery genre, I was impressed how he skirted around the question [...]

    14. Here is the book's description: When an expert falconer is found shot to death, P.I. Frank Pavlicek smells something far more deadly than a simple hunting accident. Something is contaminating the surrounding woods-something the Feds don't want to discuss. Seeking justice for his friend's life, Pavlicek threatens to uncover a group of domestic terrorists with a chilling agenda.The author does a great job of allowing the reader inside P.I. Frank Pavlicek's world and head. The story is well written [...]

    15. This is a murder mystery, which I usually like, but not this one. It was hard to follow and I just couldn't get interested in the characters. It is built around the sport of falconry, which might have been interesting, but wasn't.There are murders happening one after another, every possible law enforcement agency has a hand in the investigation, local militia members are possible terrorists, plus plenty of other odds and ends. Some government intrigue novels are interesting; this one not so much [...]

    16. The death of a fellow falconer drags Frank into a maze of officious Government agents, White Supremists, terrorists, and dealers. A recurring theme is "Be careful who you trust,". and it is good advice The writing is clear and descriptive. All the regular characters are on display, and Frank's daughter, Nicole, plays a growing role in the investigation and resolution of the crimes. It is a great and engrossing read

    17. This book was obviously written soon after 9/11 as those events seem to hang over the characters a bit and there are lots of terrorist lookouts. This is the third book in the Frank Pavlicek mystery and finds Frank and Jake trying to determine who murdered a fellow falconer. Lots of action, government suspicion, and general double crossing which made it hard to figure out what was really happening. Like the interplay between Frank and his daughter Nicole as well as learning more about falconry.

    18. Very good read can't tell the good guy's from the bad. Started off slow but as each page progressed it picked up steam. You keep thinking the reporter and Pavlicek are getting together,but throws you a curve.Its just a nice read and very entertaining. Jake Toronto is still a mystery and you wonder and question his actions.

    19. Grade: CJust an average slow-moving not very exciting book. Disappointed in the end. Reviews made it seem like it would contain more information about falconry, but really it just skimmed over the topic. Law-enforcement personnel seem like idiots. Characters were a little bit overdrawn. Don't know yet if I'll seek out a second novel by this author.

    20. I received this arc from Netgalley. A very exciting, well put together read. I really enjoyed reading this book. This author is one to keep your eyes on because he knows his stuff.

    21. A multi-faceted story which was a real challenge to solve. I liked the father -daughter link, made the story more believable. Some really good characters, well described and relevant to the story. I like it when the stories unravel quickly towards to end, leads to a great climax. Thoroiughly enjoyable read.

    22. This was a very interesting and intriguing book, which was a pleasure to read. I will most definitely go back and read the first two books by this author, and I hope that there will be more to come. I feel sure that anyone who enjoys mystery/thrillers will enjoy reading this book, but anyone who enjoys reading would also find it interesting.

    23. MysteryThis was great mystery with likeable characters and a good plot . There was a fair amount of nasty words which I don't like but by the bad guys mostly it went with the storyline. Recommended for mature teens and adults.

    24. Great bookThis book covers everything from mystery, suspense, excitement, heartbreak, and love for fellow human beings. It kept my attention and I didn't want to put it down. I can't wait to read the next one in the series.

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