One Dress. One Year.

One Dress One Year How can one girl change the world It all began with a heart for justice and a little black dress In sixteen year old Bethany Winz decided to make a difference To raise awareness she determined

  • Title: One Dress. One Year.
  • Author: Bethany Winz Susanna Foth Aughtmon
  • ISBN: 9780801018367
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • How can one girl change the world It all began with a heart for justice and a little black dress In 2012, sixteen year old Bethany Winz decided to make a difference To raise awareness, she determined to wear the same black dress every day for a year to bring attention to the lack of choices slaves have come up with new ways to accessorize the dress each day use herHow can one girl change the world It all began with a heart for justice and a little black dress In 2012, sixteen year old Bethany Winz decided to make a difference To raise awareness, she determined to wear the same black dress every day for a year to bring attention to the lack of choices slaves have come up with new ways to accessorize the dress each day use her blog and pictures of her outfits to raise money for agencies helping those who were being trafficked Her yearlong journey was one of hope, discipline, and sometimes disappointment She celebrated some successes yet despaired at the depth of the problem As she found her identity tied to the things she did, Bethany discovered that while she stood for freedom for others, she also struggled to find her own freedom in believing that she was loved just as she was This moving book shows readers that their voices matter, they can make a difference, and sometimes the smallest gestures have lasting impact.

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    1. Read This If:- You’re interested in learning more about modern-day slavery.- You’re a teenage girl struggling with identity and feeling loved.- You interact with teenagers on a regular basis.One Dress. One Year. - Review by Rachel MowersIn my junior year of college, I had this big beautiful dream of hosting a Stand for Freedom with International Justice Mission, and it ended up actually happening. My friends and I rallied together, and with the help of some key faculty members, we Stood for [...]

    2. I am so disappointed in this book.If you are a young girl wanting to know how you can make a difference, then yes, read this. It is a cute story that you might enjoy. It can inspire you to want to make a difference in some way. Good work! You can do it!Bethany is a sweet girl. I like her. I don't really like her book though. Here's my issue with this book: Bethany is inspired by Elaini Garfield (well, she doesn't say Elaini's last name - which you think she would when writing about her inspirati [...]

    3. The author, Bethany Winz, states on her blog that she's an INFJ. Just a couple pages into her book, I am nearly 99% certain that she is, in fact, an INFP. Which just goes to show that Winz isn't necessarily the most self-aware person to write an autobiography, and maybe that's partly why I didn't enjoy the book. Before I get all negative, let me say this: I appreciate Bethany's heart for those being trafficked, and that she wanted to do something about the problem and not just talk about it. Bet [...]

    4. "One Dress, One Year" by Bethany Winz is about how one young woman decided to wear one dress for a year to bring awareness to human trafficking. This was an interesting book on how the author decided to bring awareness and even raise money to end human trafficking. The book itself was not bad but I just don't understand the whole premise of it. Even at 16 (the age the author was when she did this) there are actual things you can do to bring awareness or even help the victims of human trafficking [...]

    5. One Dress, one year recounts the writer's experiences over the course of a year in which she made and then wore one dress everyday in order to raise awareness and money for sustainable fashion and human trafficking. The author is young and idealistic, which shows in the writing. She's very sincere but small moments become big dramas, which means the book is more about her, and her growing up, than the issues. I received a free digital ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest revi [...]

    6. "One Dress One Year", by Bethany Winz, is the true story of a 16 year old girl who determines to bring attention to human trafficking by wearing the same dress every day for a year. She created a blog about it, set up fund-raising capabilities, and chronicled the adventures she had over the year. In the process she learned a lot about herself, brought attention to many, and raised over $8000.Kudos to Bethany, who has continued her journey toward social justice.

    7. One Dress. One Year is in essence a compilation of blog posts with additional commentary regarding Bethany Winz's journey over a one-year period.  Winz wears the same dress day by day to call attention to the abject misery of people who are still enslaved.  She desires to bring awareness to the tragedy of human trafficking and to advocate for it’s elimination.  The dress project was inspired by Alex and Brett Harris’ book Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations.  Th [...]

    8. As much as I enjoyed "Julie and Julia," I sometimes get wary of "stunt blogging." The idea of trying to do some strange or unusual thing (and documenting it the whole way) in order to make a statement about something. Things get even more complicated when this is combined with social justice. It can be difficult to tell sometimes what the "awareness" is actually being raised towards (e. g ice bucket challenge).But I appreciate Bethany Winz's (pre-ice-bucket-challenge) take on this, because she a [...]

    9. As teenagers and young adults, we often dream of doing something great with our lives; of making a difference and changing the world. When we actually decide to chase after the dreams that are truly God-given, beautiful and incredible things are bound to happen. In a new non-fiction release from BakerBooks, young Bethany Winz (with Susanna Foth Aughtmon) shares her story of what happened when she decided to chase after a dream, and how it changed her life - but not always in the ways she expecte [...]

    10. “The dress isn’t perfect and neither am I. Maybe if I can embrace that, then I’ll find a little more freedom myself.”-Bethany WinzWho would have thought that the word “abolitionist” would still be used in the 21st century? Sadly, millions of people are trafficked and held in slavery against their will throughout the world. When I initially received this book to review my gut wrenched. Although heartbreaking, human trafficking is an absolute real thing, even in the United States. I al [...]

    11. This book was written by the daughter of two former coworkers. I interviewed the author for a short article to run in the company newsletter, back before her dress campaign had become a book but after she finished the year. And when I heard a publisher picked her up as a client, I was thrilled for her. And a little jealous.These reasons motivated me to purchase a copy and read it, despite the fact that it was not written with me in mind.However, if you are a young woman (teen or pre-teen) this i [...]

    12. In the vague uninformed way the internet gives you the feeling you know about something but in fact you really don't, I thought I knew about this book when I saw it on the new books shelf at the library, but in fact really didn't. Rather than being distracted by the questionable grammar choices of the previous sentence I'll just explain how I know nothing. At some point during my recovery from broken feet I came across a blog talking about another blog. Or maybe a blog about an article that talk [...]

    13. I read One Dress. One Year. a book about Bethany Winz today. It is a deeply personal story about a full year - a leap year, at that - where Bethany wore the same black dress every day without buying anything new to go with it. Her goal was to raise $100,000 to help people escape from human trafficking. Bethany didn't end up raising her goal amount, but she did make a big difference in other ways. This story is deeply personal, and at times I felt like I was reading the diary of a teenage girl. B [...]

    14. It is wonderfully refreshing to know of a teenager, from any part of the world, who is stepping out to challenge injustice and oppression. Mahala from Pakistan has done that as a teenager who has stood for the education of girls in spite of the repression of the Taliban. Bethany Winz has done that in her Dress Project that she calls o her blog: “One dress. One year. For freedom.” Her book recounts her yearlong journey as she wore the same dress every day, accessorized differently each day, w [...]

    15. Sixteen Year Old Bethany Winz isn't your average gal. She has a passion for making a difference in the world, and I admire her. She believes in freedom. She learned about the millions of men, women and children enslaved and decided she needed to do something about it. For an entire year, she wore a black dress that she made to promote awareness to end slavery and promote justice. This girl is the real deal. She is Jesus with skin on. Full of passion to live the life Christ called his follower to [...]

    16. A teenage girl with a convicted heart and the courage to do something about it. Her transparency is commendable. The determination to complete this journey is inspiring. By her own admission, Bethany starts the year feeling that this project would somehow increase her value, make her special and what sixteen-year-old doesn't what that kind of validation? Instead she discovered that the experience altered the way she sees herself and increased her understanding of the way God sees her. "All I cou [...]

    17. This is a book about the life of a young girl over the course of a year. It happens to be a year where she wears the same dress every day to bring attention to human trafficking and an attempt to raise money to fight it. She is 16 & 17 during the course of the book and it reads like you would expect the diary of a young woman to read. She stresses about how she looks, her self-esteem, why she isn't raising more money, etc. But right up front, Bethany admits that she didn't really know what s [...]

    18. In her book, One Dress. One Year: One Girl's Stand Against Human Trafficking, Bethany tells the story of wearing this dress. What strikes me most about her journey is not that it's a success - though she did raise awareness and nearly $10,000 for organizations who fight trafficking - but it's honest. She talks about how great it is to connect with people and share her vision. She also talks about how humbling it is when her original monetary goal isn't reached. She shares amazing experiences of [...]

    19. I recently finished reading One Dress. One Year.: One Girl's Stand Against Human Trafficking by Bethany Winz with Susanna Foth Aughtmon. All I can say is, "Wow." Bethany's story is both an incredibly relatable diary and inspiring insight into the horrors of human trafficking. I especially appreciated Bethany's candor regarding her motivation during The Dress Project. As a long-time Christian who also read Alex and Brett Harris' Do Hard Things in high school, I was hit hard with her admissions of [...]

    20. This review is also posted on Book by Book.The title of One Dress One Year: One Girl’s Stand Against Human Trafficking shares right away much of the book’s perspective and purpose. Bethany Winz decided to wear one black dress for an entire year in order to raise awareness about modern-day slavery and now shares her experiences with the Dress. Her initiative and passion to make a difference shine throughout this book and inspire readers to do something, too. I enjoyed reading One Dress One Ye [...]

    21. One Dress. One Year.: One Girl's Stand Against Human Trafficking felt somewhat like reading a teenage girl's diary. Bethany took on the project of wearing the same black dress for a year, with the goal of raising money and awareness for human trafficking, and she blogged daily over the course of the year about it. While this book did talk about trafficking, it was more about Bethany's journey over the course of the year and her relationship with God. Through the course of the book, I was impress [...]

    22. I found "One Dress. One Year" by Bethany Winz to be a very moving book. It is about how one woman decided to wear one dress for a year in order to alert people to human trafficking and show how restricted the victims are. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to be informed in a creative way about big issues and if anyone wants to learn more about slavery today.

    23. This is an inspirational book. However, it reads very much like a diary (which it is in a sense). I think that I expected more of a revelation.

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