Take the Bait

Take the Bait The mountains guard their secrets The remote village of Trout Run lies inside New York State s vast Adirondack Park a tiny community cloistered within deep forests and rugged mountains You can drive

  • Title: Take the Bait
  • Author: S.W. Hubbard
  • ISBN: 9780743466530
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • The mountains guard their secrets.The remote village of Trout Run lies inside New York State s vast Adirondack Park, a tiny community cloistered within deep forests and rugged mountains You can drive for miles without seeing another soul so when high school senior Janelle Harvey vanishes while walking home along a lonely forest road, only the trees are mute witnesseThe mountains guard their secrets.The remote village of Trout Run lies inside New York State s vast Adirondack Park, a tiny community cloistered within deep forests and rugged mountains You can drive for miles without seeing another soul so when high school senior Janelle Harvey vanishes while walking home along a lonely forest road, only the trees are mute witnesses to her disappearance.Police Chief Frank Bennett is new to Trout Run, and he s determined not to make another mistake in judgment like the one that cost him his previous job But no one family, friends, or clergy seems willing to tell all they know about Janelle Yet as the search goes on, Frank determinedly peels back the layers of mysteryy to find that even in a town where everyone knows your name, there are some secrets no one wants shared.

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    1. Frank Bennett is the Police Chief in Trout Run, New York. He moved to Trout Run after his wife died of cancer and after he is encouraged to retire from the police force due to a “mistake” that he can’t forget. Trout Run is a typical small town where everyone knows everybody else’s business. Sometimes that is a bad thing and sometimes it is good. When Janelle Harvey disappears everyone believes she has been kidnapped. No one believes the kidnapper could be anyone from the town. Frank is f [...]

    2. So far I have really enjoyed everything this author has written. I have also read The Lure, the second in this series and it's just as good as Take The Bait.Frank Bennett is the police chief of a small Adirondack town, having moved after making a rather large mistake at his old job. He didn't want to retire and figured small town policing would be uneventful and laid back. He finds out in a hurry that his ideas about that were very wrong.The characters in this book were a fun mix of the types of [...]

    3. New Jersey author S.W. Hubbard begins her Adirondack mystery series with a strong story of a missing teenage girl. Did she run away? Was she kidnapped? Did she join a cult? The twists and turns of the plot continue right up to the surprising end of the story. Recommended for fans of classic British mysteries and regional American mystery authors. For read-alikes,the author writes on her website,"Many of my favorite mystery writers come from across the pond: P.D. James, Ruth Rendell, Colin Dexter [...]

    4. Small towns are a hot bed of secrets, schemes and evil plans at least Trout Run, New York is. A young girl disappears and the new police chief has to prove himself and find her. But, as he starts his investigation he has a strong sense that the girl was not kidnapped like everyone said she was but what really happened to her. As Chief Bennett finds out more and more about Janelle and her past the plot becomes more involved and more twisted. Good story and enough twists that it kept me interested [...]

    5. Good mystery!! What makes a good mystery? Well an ending that you may suspect but you can't tie up all the loose ends until the very end of the book. Characters that are truly characters, the main character who is quite relatable and throw in some good chuckles also. This is the 4th book of this author that I have read and I've enjoyed them all. I just bought the 3rd book in this series to read tonight. Frank Bennett a small town cop in upstate New York investigates the disappearance of a local [...]

    6. Loved it! Another great author to follow!Loved this book! I will definitely be reading the rest of the series! The book was well thought out. There were a lot of clues which led to many possibilities but I didn't see the end coming. The book was non-stop with no parts that slowed the plot down. The characters were easy to relate to. I felt you could really get to know them and get a feel of their personalities. Over all, it was an outstanding book with an intriguing plot.

    7. Loved this book--the only negative was a little bad language.Chief Frank Bennet has moved to a small town inside the Adirondack State Park hoping to revive his career. And yes, this small town has all the wonderful ambiance of any typical small town along with all it's drawbacks, too--especially when Frank is trying to investigate the disappearance of an attractive teenager. The friendly townsfolk just won't talk!I could hardly put the book down!

    8. Enjoyed the town of Trout Run and their sheriff, Frank Bennett. There was practically a fish stew of red herring in this plot, and my theories of 'who dun it' changed from chapter to chapter. On another note, Frank Bennett is the name of Ruth's abusive husband in Fried Green Tomatoes. That kind of threw me off a bit.

    9. So I've read all of these series out of order. I love that I was able to still follow each of them AND have an emotional connection with Frank, the main character. This author does an amazing job building her plot! It's always so descriptive and beautiful and suspenseful. Such a great time!

    10. Mysteries are fun when everyone's holding something back to protect their long-held secrets. And when the police chief is an outsider but still attractive, we've got a good mix to hold our attention.

    11. Great readI throughly enjoyed this book. I read it because I had listened to an audio book by sw Hubbard and really enjoyed it. Both were super.

    12. Great read!!!Had you guessing from the very first. Then TOTALLY surprised you in the end!! Great job!! Bravo, can't wait for more!

    13. I do like the Frank Bennett character, and the setting of Trout Run. The procedural ticks all the boxes, and gives tale with twists without an exasperating detective who finds the answer with no effort. Frank is a hard-working police chief who interrogates and searches between the lines for the truth. Excellent story, setting and characters.

    14. Jack Harvey has asked his daughter, Janelle, to run an emergency errand and pick up some gas. When she doesn't return home within a reasonable time frame, he begins to panic. As it turns out, he has reason to be alarmed. The gas can is found behind some bushes, with no trace of Janelle. It doesn't seem likely that she has run away, as she had no extra cash and had turned down a ride from a neighbor who saw no signs that Janelle was distressed. Has she been kidnapped? That seems the most probable [...]

    15. Take The Bait S.W. Hubbard When people go missing there could only be two answers, they’re been killed or they’re still to be found. In this book you’ll follow an investigator Frank Bennett that is in charge of finding out what has happened to a young adult that has recently gone missing. Take the Bait takes place in a town known as Trout Run in New York with a lot of very interesting characters! One thing that S.W. Hubbard has done is make some very well developed characters. In the [...]

    16. Decent first effort. Good story, a little stilted in conversation, a few local details off, but captures the feel of the people and area.The NYS Thruway runs from NYC to Albany, then turns to Buffalo. The highway north of Albany is called the Northway, as it was added later. There are almost no unknown caves, any local would all be well aware if they existed in their area. Lastly, local townspeople are portrayed one dimensionally, unlike the diverse mix that they are. Combined with the obtuse de [...]

    17. While the story has an interesting premise, and I missed a few things that were hinted at, the story was predictable and the reveals underwhelming (even the ones I didn't figure out). I also wanted to care about the characters but I never felt like I knew them well enough. Also, the ending wasn't very plausible and has an abrupt feeling that's a little unsettling.

    18. I don't know how I missed rating book 1 and 2 in this series as I have enjoyed everyone of them so far. I find them engrossing and well written. I enjoy all the characters in this series and can't see how she can write such interesting books so fast!! I have trouble keeping up but will follow this series as long as it continues.

    19. Never read a book by this author before but this was a really good read. Kept me guessing right up until the end which is always a good thing. I've downloaded the the next 2 books to read as well

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