She Walks in Shadows

She Walks in Shadows They emerge from the shadows to claim the night Women from around the world delve into Lovecraftian depths penning and illustrating a variety of Weird horrors The pale and secretive Lavinia wanders

  • Title: She Walks in Shadows
  • Author: Silvia Moreno-Garcia Paula R. Stiles
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • They emerge from the shadows, to claim the night Women from around the world delve into Lovecraftian depths, penning and illustrating a variety of Weird horrors The pale and secretive Lavinia wanders through the woods, Asenath is a precocious teenager with an attitude, and the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Nitocris has found a new body in distant America And do you have tiThey emerge from the shadows, to claim the night Women from around the world delve into Lovecraftian depths, penning and illustrating a variety of Weird horrors The pale and secretive Lavinia wanders through the woods, Asenath is a precocious teenager with an attitude, and the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Nitocris has found a new body in distant America And do you have time to hear a word from our beloved mother Shub Niggurath Defiant, destructive, terrifying, and harrowing, the women in She Walks in Shadows are monsters and mothers, heroes and devourers Observe them in all their glory I I

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    1. A cracking anthology with barely a dud among the long list. Very impressive stuff. Powerfully feminist and diverse (wouldn't ol' HP have hated that), creepy to scary, well edited, and a good variety. Standouts for me were The Thing on the Cheerleading Squad by Molly Tanzer (great title, horrific playout), the poetically creepy Bring the Moon to Me by Amelia Gorman, and Eight Seconds by Pandora Hope, which was one of the very few stories to have a message of anything other than the eternal darkne [...]

    2. My horror book club is reading a selection of Lovecraft in October, and this anthology will follow in November as a well-crafted response to his works. This is a collection worth sharing with all your friends. There's so many great deconstructions of Lovecraft's work, along with some refreshingly new approaches. "Bitter Perfurme" is a great riff on "Cool Air" that is subtle and brings in entirely different fears of mortality. Additionally, on a closer second read, it includes some really interes [...]

    3. I was lucky enough to read this book in manuscript form. The first of two long-needed all-women Lovecraft anthologies--both funded by Kickstarter, both of which I backed, both of which funded nicely, showing the demand for this sort of thing. The second, Dreams from the Witch House is coming from Dark Regions Press and editor Lynne Jamneck soon.This volume shows that not only is there a demand for Lovecraftian stories by diverse writers, there's a wealth of great material to be mined there. Fill [...]

    4. This is the first time in five years that I've read a short story anthology cover-to-cover. There were one or two stories that didn't really work for me, but the vast majority were enjoyable. I'll provide mini-reviews for the ones that I especially enjoyed.There were also some Lovecraftian visual art pieces in the anthology. I read the paper copy of this book but I suspect they'd display better in the electronic version; the printing didn't do them justice.De Deum Minoribus Exterioris Theomagica [...]

    5. A really strong collection!Favorites:“Lavinia’s Wood” Angela Slatter“The Head of T’la-yub” Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas“Provenance” Benjanun Sriduangkaew“Cthulhu of the Dead Sea” Inkeri Kontro“Cypress God” Rodopi Sisamis“De Deabus Minoribus Exterioris Theomagicae” Jilly Dreadful“The Eye of Juno” Eugenie Mora

    6. This became a bit of a slog to get through - especially when I was already despairing and dark-moody.To its credit, none of the stories felt repetitive, which seems like a risk in a Lovecraft anthology - but I also didn't find anything particularly empowering or strikingly transformative of the source material. Maybe my expectations were too high, having recently read The Ballad of Black Tom, which was a knock-out. Highlights for me were "De Deabus Minoribus Exterioris Theomagicae" by Jilly Drea [...]

    7. I didn't like every story in this collection equally well. Interestingly this doesn't mean it is an uneven collection - it is not. It just attests to the variety on display here. There are so many Lovecraftian collections out there that suggest the genre is a boy's club. This collection amply displays that women writers have much to say and much to contribute to the eldritch tale. Many of these stories focus on female figures from Lovecraft's tales - Lavinia Whatelay, Asenath Whaite and memorabl [...]

    8. The cure, or at least a step in the right direction, for anyone who enjoys weird sci-fi/horror but has ever finished a Lovecraft story thinking "wow, that was pretty racist!" or "why were there absolutely no women in that entire story?"

    9. Reviews are hard for me to write, and I've been doing them more rarely than I'd like.This book is really really good.The stories have a huge range of setting, of style, of tone. There's the light humour of door-to-door evangelism for Shub-Niggurath, the bravery and horror in "Eight Seconds", the slow familial chill of "Bitter Perfume", the language and construction of "Lockbox"Oh my goodness, "Lockbox".This is a book that brings the Mythos into everything from knitting to rodeo riding, cheerlead [...]

    10. She Walks in Shadows / B014NLK4EISWiS out of Innsmouth Free Press is an all-woman Lovecraftian anthology of original stories and art, and it is a lovely addition to any library. I read it over Halloween, dragging myself out of a particularly nasty reading slump, and was delightfully terrified by several of the stories. (I never before thought I would be terrified of corn, ya'll. Corn.) Let's get the warnings and shopper-caveats out of the way first. 1. As with any anthology, some of the stories [...]

    11. Full review at Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksThis collection has adventure and horror, sex, violence, and some very dark humor. The one thing missing from this anthology is any romance – that’s not surprising, since the Lovecraft style is not terribly conducive to romance. There are examples of lust, and there are crushes (including lust between men and women, women and women, and men and men), but there aren’t any romantic relationships that I would describe as truly loving.The stories have [...]

    12. When you delve into Lovecraftian territories, it's often difficult to please everyone. Perhaps you enjoy the Mythos stories, but not the Dreamlands types of tales, or vice versa. Perhaps you're reading for the language, or for the ideas, or for the horror. It is supremely difficult to deliver on all of them.This book does a pretty good job of walking that line. The stories here are all creepy in a very Lovecraftian way, though some are quiet and intimate tales, while others are death and des [...]

    13. Favorite stories :Bring the Moon to Me by Amelia GormanDe Deabus Minoribus Exterioris Theomagicae by Jilly DreadfulLavinia's Wood by Angela SlatterLockbox by E. Catherine ToblerMagna Mater by Arinn DemboShub-Niggurath's Witnesses by Valerie Valdes

    14. There’s an outdated perception that women, either as characters or writers in the Lovecraftian realms, don’t belong. She Walks in Shadows comes off the back of a quite successful Indiegogo campaign, suggesting that the reading public are looking for this myth to be dispelled.Editors Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles of Innsmouth Free Press looked at the disparity in this well-loved section of speculative fiction and put together a list of authors with ties to Lovecraftian mythos from [...]

    15. Lovecraft did not include many women in his mythos (maybe three or so total). This anthology responds to that absence by presenting a collection of short stories and art created by women with women at the center. It's a solid collection of stories, very few of which have anything other than a bleak ending — because when when you're playing with the elder gods, you usually end up with bloodshed, madness, or death. Regardless, the women at the center of these stories are smart or powerful or twi [...]

    16. Taken individually: a whole bunch of terrific weird tales. Unsurprisingly, Gemma Files, Nadia Bulkin, Molly Tanzer, Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas, Benjanun Sriduangkaew, and Angela Slatter bring the awesome; new-to-me names like Inkeri Kontro, Premee Mohamed, and Laura Blackwell bring it equally; and apparently this is one of Amelia Gorman's first appearances in print - hopefully far from the last! Taken as a whole: a memorable dialogue with Lovecraft and Lovecraftiana. (But I don't think previo [...]

    17. Really great horror short stories! Great mix of classic and modern tales, lots of smart writers and fun ideas. Stories are surprisingly short, which makes for quick reading. I was able to sit down with the book and finish a story or two while cooking dinner or cleaning the house no problem.Some of my standout favorites were: Bring the Moon to Me, Lockbox, Cthulu of the Dead Sea, Lavinia's Wood, and The Thing on the Cheerleading Team

    18. Do you enjoy weird fiction, but happen to be a human being that enjoys reading a variety of voices? Are you in fact a woman, that enjoys reading the works of other women writers of the ethereal and ineffeble variety?If so, you should try She Walks in Shadows! She Walks in Shadows is a great anthology of weird stories by wonderful purveyors of the uncanny, all of which happen to be ladies.Sick of the sausage fest that is most weird fiction anthologies? Give She Walks in Shadows a read!

    19. I would like this do much better if there was a little expansion away from birthing. Yes, our capacity for giving life is important and thematically compatible with the idea of the Old Ones coming into the world, but women are so much more than that and I felt the stories lacked potential to exploit this in many cases. Not all women are nurturing.

    20. An absolutely essential anthology for the Cthulhu/Lovecraft/Weird Fiction fan who vibes on witty, morbid shorts! Not just brief forays into the weird tales, these stories largely reference actual Lovecraftian characters and lore. Beautifully written, perfectly curated, I couldn't recommend this collection more!

    21. Every story brought something unexpected, and was worth reading at least once. Some go to uncomfortable places, others are fantastical or darkly humorous. Such a unique collection I hope there is a second anthology.

    22. The Cthulhu Mythos, the original tales by H.P. Lovecraft and for a long time the vast majority of the stories written by his friends and successors are lacking one thing (both the stories and the successors):Women.Both the stories and the the league of authors are almost devoid of women and I was only aware of Sonia Greene, as far as female authors are concerned. So I was delighted when a friend pointed me towards She Walks in Shadows, an anthology written entirely by female devotees of the Myth [...]

    23. Som en del af min Read Harder Challenge (punk 22. En samling af korthistorier, skrevet af kvindelige forfattere) har jeg lånt denne novellesamling af en kollega. Jeg er meget glad for novellesamlinger - men gladest for dem, hvor samme forfatter skriver en masse forskellige noveller, og mindre for dem, hvor forskellige forfattere kaster sig over et fælles emne.Temaet i denne bog er H. P. Lovecrafts mythos - og den kommer vi så sandeligt omkring. Her er mange forskellige syn på Shub Niggurath, [...]

    24. An excellent collection of Feminist Lovecraftian tales. It almost doubles your joy in reading these stories to think of how much he would have disliked them.

    25. This anthology was, on the whole, not very good. The first half of the book especially was pretty unimpressive, a feeling which culminated in a story that was written in an awkward combination of first and second person that was actually cumbersome to get through. To any aspiring authors out there, second-person narratives are already difficult. Do not make them worse by alternating between first-person background exposition scenes and second-person present-day dialogue exchanges between the rea [...]

    26. I'm new to Lovecraft's world, so I'm not sure I can give a good opinion about this collection, but at least I can give one from a novice's point of view. I enjoyed to discover the mythology and found that the book offered a good diversity with the demons, creatures, possessions, etc, and the various settings, old and new. The book delivered satisfying creepy atmospheres, some stories read like fiction, while others were more on the scifi side. The formats didn't vary much, but there were some in [...]

    27. Most of the stories just take old horror short stories and paste in a female character instead of a male, so there's nothing really revolutionary to read here. It's a homage to Lovecraft but I wanted something more.

    28. "I said I was hungry, but not hungry enough for khakis, so Carlo undressed" -Jilly DreadfulThis collection was full of fun surprises.

    29. I can instantly name the story that blew my socks off. Trouble is, I have a hard time naming another one.She Walks in Shadows is a collection of Lovecraftian tales by women about women. That's a great premise; it instantly earned my dollar, and probably always will. There's a story I'm praised over Twitter quite a bit, the amazing The Thing on the Cheerleading Squad by Molly Tanzer. She said she could write a whole series spun off of this, people; start throwing money at her until she does. Hell [...]

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