Hannah and Sugar

Hannah and Sugar Every day after school Hannah s school bus is greeted by her classmate s dog Sugar All of the other kids love Sugar but Hannah just can t conquer her fear of dogs Then one day Sugar goes missing

  • Title: Hannah and Sugar
  • Author: Kate Berube
  • ISBN: 9781419718908
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every day after school, Hannah s school bus is greeted by her classmate s dog, Sugar All of the other kids love Sugar, but Hannah just can t conquer her fear of dogs Then, one day, Sugar goes missing, so Hannah joins the search with her classmates Will Hannah find a way to be brave, and make a new friend in the process

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    1. Hannah and Sugar is easily the frontrunner for the best picture book of the year.It’s sweet, it’s wise, and it’s so damn heartwarming. It’s somewhat surprising that this is author/illustrator Kate Berube’s first children’s book, because it’s clear that not only does she understand kids, but she understands how to tell a story (and draw such charming pictures, too!). She starts and ends her book the same way, with just a different result for Hannah, and you can’t help but feel all [...]

    2. What a lovely picture book! Hannah learns to face her fears in order to help an animal in need. This is a sweet, gentle read that has appeal for the animal lover in us all.

    3. HANNAH AND SUGAR is lovely. Hannah is a young girl afraid of a dog, and Sugar is the dog. The deceptively simple story guides the reader to experience a moment of empathy, and shows how that moment can change not only a situation but also transform you and others around you. Gentle, kind, with soothing illustrations, HANNAH AND SUGAR is a gift of a book.

    4. This is a sweet picture book about a little girl overcoming her fear of dogs (or at least of one particular dog). The illustrations do a great job of getting across Hannah's body language, as well as Sugar's, and the dog's body language is realistic and not anthropomorphized too much. My toddler readily empathized with the situation and enjoyed the simple story.Notes on representation: Crowd scenes show a mix of white people and people of color. Hannah herself is white.

    5. Hannah and Sugar is such a sweet book to read. I read it to my two smaller boys ages 2 and 4. They loved the story. This is a good way to show preschoolers and school aged kids how to overcome their fear of dogs. The illustrations are beautiful, and it is incredibly subtle in the way it teaches about being brave when you're afraid. Awesome work Kate Berube!

    6. So sweet! I loved that Hannah conquers her fears on her own and that her Papa never pushes her. The illustrations are adorable.

    7. Most children feel an instant kinship with baby animals. They want to get as close to them as possible and they long to touch them. It's been my experience when children have the opportunity to watch an animal grow, seeing and interacting with it in a variety of stages, any fear they might have for it will be lessened.When I was allowed to bring Xena to school as a puppy, then as a frequent visitor, the students, especially the younger ones, got to grow up with her. A special relationship is for [...]

    8. Believe it or not, this girl was terribly afraid of dogs for most of my life -- now that I can't imagine my life without a canine by my side, I've always thought it would be a great topic for a children's book. Not feeling comfortable or safe around even the nicest of dogs was something I felt really insecure about -- but this sweet little story makes it normal and okay to feel nervous, and might show other dog-fearing kids that you can be brave and dogs can be kind.

    9. Every day at the bus stop Hannah is asked if she would like to pet her classmate's dog, Sugar, and every day she says "No, thank you." Then one day Sugar goes missing. Will Hannah be brave enough to help? I love the illustrations in this book; they really convey Hannah's emotions. I know some kids are scared of dogs. Maybe this will help them be brave and make a new friend!

    10. 5 starsBeautiful illustrations to accompany a beautiful story about a young girl overcoming her fear of dogs.

    11. I love the full page spread (that is a larger version of the cover) of Hannah and Sugar staring at each other. What strange relationships humans have with their domestic animals sometimes

    12. A sweet story for anyone but especially for those who need to conquer a fear be it of dogs or something else.

    13. We discovered this book through Emily Arrow's wonderful "Storytime Singalong" album - and you can check out the accompanying video for her Hannah and Sugar song here: youtu/dnaRiV6I84s (which is a total must for anyone who loves this book!) The story tells of Hannah who, every day after school, sees Sugar but is too scared to pet her. But when Sugar goes missing and the whole neighborhood pitches in to look for her, can Hannah overcome her fears to save Sugar?It was a charming and sweet if uncon [...]

    14. Hannah is afraid of dogs and doesn't pet Sugar after school like the other children. One day when Sugar goes missing, Hannah finds Sugar at night in a bush. She overcomes her fear and gets Sugar to come out of the bush. Everyone is so happy! This is a great story about overcoming fears. The illustrations are simple yet brilliant. The black page where Hannah decides to overcome her fear is truly powerful!

    15. Every day, Hannah sees Sugar at the bus stop. And every day, Hannah politely declines to pet Sugar. One day, when she gets off the bus, she hears that Sugar is missing. She knew that if she was lost she would be sad. When she hears the strange noise, she summons up her courage and there is Hannah. A simple story about overcoming fears to which many students will relate.

    16. A great story about a girl named Hannah who is nervous around dogs. Hannah overcomes her fears in order to help a lost dog named Sugar.

    17. Using Emily Arrow’s song to go with the book which will make Hannah and Sugar come to life even further. Sweet story.

    18. A very cute story about a little girl who doesn't want to pet the dog at the bus stop but worries about him when he goes missing. Any age group. Perfect for those working on over coming fears.

    19. I read this book while volunteering at the library one day and then COMPLETELY forgot the name of the book (which is embarrassing because my sister's name is Anna and we had a cat named Sugar you'd think I'd remember). I had to ask a "find this children's book" resource for the title. This is a sweet book about a girl who isn't so comfortable around dogs. Her classmate has a dog who meets her at the bus stop, but Hannah doesn't want to get too close. When the dog goes missing, however, it's Hann [...]

    20. ages 4-6Hannah is afraid of dogs. Everyday after school her classmate Violet's dog Sugar is waiting for her at the bus stop. Violet's mother asks Hannah if she wants to pet Sugar, and she always refuses. Then one day Sugar is missing. All of the families help look for her, but no one can find her. That night Hannah hears whimpering in the bushes in front of her house. She faces her fear and helps Sugar. And they become friends. It's sweetmsradius/2016/12/cyb

    21. June 2016 - Ben is fascinated by dogs, but still incredibly fearful around them. We have lots of conversations about this ("Look, that dog's on a leash. It's not barking or running at you, is it? It looks like a nice dog," etc.) This is a sweet story about a girl who feels the same way - she never wants to get close to her classmate's dog when they're picked up at the bus stop. When she does finally have to confront her fears, it's shown in a way that feels realistic and meaningful. We had a lot [...]

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