Island Christmas

Island Christmas Should Rachel take a risk or play it safe and possibly lose the man who could help fulfill her dreams Sous Chef Rachel Narrelli returns to Wildflower Island looking for a fresh start for herself and

  • Title: Island Christmas
  • Author: Kimberly Rose Johnson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Should Rachel take a risk, or play it safe and possibly lose the man who could help fulfill her dreams Sous Chef Rachel Narrelli returns to Wildflower Island looking for a fresh start for herself and her young son, but discovers that life has a lot of bumps in the road even on idyllic Wildflower Island She is grateful when new friend Chris Campbell offers support as she fShould Rachel take a risk, or play it safe and possibly lose the man who could help fulfill her dreams Sous Chef Rachel Narrelli returns to Wildflower Island looking for a fresh start for herself and her young son, but discovers that life has a lot of bumps in the road even on idyllic Wildflower Island She is grateful when new friend Chris Campbell offers support as she faces obstacles with her new job and new life She cares for the Chris but must decide if she is willing to risk her heart to a man with an uncertain future A self proclaimed workaholic, Chris Campbell comes to Wildflower Island hoping to take life at a slower pace When a new guest at the Wildflower BB catches his eye, he is drawn to her But how will a woman and her young son fit into his future a future that s uncertain at best And most of all, how can he reconcile her lack of faith in God with his strong religious beliefs.

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    1. Three year old Jason "Jasie" Narrelli squirmed his way off the pages of Island Christmas and burrowed himself deeply into my heart,just as surely as he captured the heart of Chris. When I have grandkids, I hope they will be be like Jasie, with his cuteness,his innocent childish remarks and his great lovability factor!!Chris Campbell is a mid 30's single man scouting Wildflower Island for an investment property and is renting a room at Wildflower B&B. Rachel Narrelli, a new sous chef, is Jasi [...]

    2. This series just keeps getting better and better. I loved the first two books; and Island Christmas adds to the story. Kimberly Johnson does a perfect job of developing her characters. The reader comes to love and know the characters on a more personal level. Her description of living on an island is spot on. With such little area to cover, gossip and everyone knowing everyone else is inevitable. Of course, the story being set at Christmas put it at one of my favorite times of the year.Rachel Na [...]

    3. I loved this story by Kimberly Rose Johnson! Everyone has a past, but God loves us anyway. These characters are facing situations I could relate to with emotions I could sympathize with. I was pulled into the story from the first page, especially because of little Jason. Rachel Narrelli has returned to the Wildflower Bed-and-Breakfast with her 3 year old son Jason. She is the new sous chef at Wildflower Fresh. When she's invited to church, she thinks she can't go with all the perfect people. Wha [...]

    4. I just left Wildflower Island, home of sleighs with wheels because it rarely snows there, even at Christmas. I spent the last day with Rachel, and Her son Jason. I've known Rachel since she came to the Island six years ago on a mission for her husband Jason, who had recently passed away but asked her for one more favour.Okay, so I really did not leave my cozy armchair in Northern Alberta for the sunny Island. I just read Kimberly's latest book on my kindle. I love how Rachel made another appeara [...]

    5. Island Christmas ( Wildflower B & B Romance book 3 )By: Kimberly Rose JohnsonIsland Christmas is the third book in the Wildflower B & B Romance series. I have read the first two books in this series and they are fantastic . I will have to say that Island Christmas is my favorite of the three. Kimberly Johnson pens a very sweet inspiration romance that will capture your heart right from the start. I enjoyed meeting back up with some of the characters from the other two books in this serie [...]

    6. An absolutely incredible Christmas romance!I loved all three of the main characters; Rachel Narrelli, her son Jason, and Chris Campbell. We met Rachel in the first book of this series. It was wonderful having her come back to Wildflower Island after 3 years away. I really enjoyed seeing how she had matured over that period of time. But she has some baggage that she had to work through during this story. I liked the fact that she dealt with it in a forthright manner without trying to hide it.Chri [...]

    7. This novel was wonderful. A book I could not put down for too long. Loved, loved it!A young widowed mom moves to the Island to have a new start after living with her parents for 3 years with her 3 year-old son named Jason. She took on a chef job but did not know all the curveballs she would be facing. Many things you have to face alone unless you choose to follow Jesus.Rachel is not sure what to believe when it comes to faith and believing. She meets a gentleman that her son adores and she does [...]

    8. A great book love reading about Racheal and Chris and Racheal Son but seen like everything keep happen to him .but it brought Racheal and Chris close together d love it how she bring the people from the first 2 books into this one also .you won't be sorry if you read this book d love the place she chose to write this book in .hopping she write book 4 and we hear more about Racheal and Chris also

    9. After the first two books in the Wildflower B&B Romance series, it was hard to imagine the series getting any better. But I feel this one has topped the others. I would have to say that the introduction of a three-year-old boy, with all of the energy, illnesses, and proneness to accidents, helped to liven things up. Kimberly Rose Johnson must have had a little guy like him in her own life to portray him so well. I could envision one of my own grandsons doing and saying some of the things tha [...]

    10. Island Christmas***** book 3 Wildflower B&B Romance Series by Kimberly Rose JohnsonWe return to the Wildflower Bed and Breakfast in this 3rd book, Island Christmas. Rachel Narrelli and her 3 year old son, Jason, “Jasie”, will be staying at the B&B until she locates a rental for her and her son. Rachel is a new Sous Chef and will be working at a local restaurant with her friend and boss Chef Zoe Jackson. She is happy to be staying in the same room at the B&B she stayed in three y [...]

    11. Island Christmas was a sheer joy to read that gave me an elated spirit for the holidays. I love the setting of this novel. It gives me so much pleasure and the author makes the setting and characters so realistic, I feel relaxed and I'm at the Wildflower Bed and Breakfast on vacation as I'm reading this book. Author Kimberly Rose Johnson is marvelous in portraying the characters love and caring not only for each other but spiritually also. Chris is uncertain of his life physically and Rebecca ha [...]

    12. This is another great book by Kimberly Rose Johnson. I love Christmas stories, and this one is especially enjoyable. Ms Johnson’s books are sure to warm your heart as you enjoy her clean romance written around strong biblical principles.I enjoyed a glance into the life of a previous Wildflower Bed and Breakfast guest. Rachel returns to the B&B as the new sous chef, with her three-year-old son, Jason, for a fresh start in life following the death of her husband. Rachel finds herself intrigu [...]

    13. This was a great, entertaining (and quick) read, which is good for busy people! :-) I liked the connection to previous stories/characters in the series, without going back over those parts of the story again -- the whole story throughout the series moves forward, yet each book can also be read as a stand alone. To me, that is part of what makes a great series -- I don't want to have to feel stuck waiting for the next book or that each book relies too much on the others. The conflict and story te [...]

    14. Endearing characters and an engaging story line make Island Christmas a delightful read! If you’re a fan of heartwarming romance, Rachel and Chris’s story is one I think you will enjoy. Although Island Christmas is the third book in the Wildflower Bed and Breakfast series, it is a story that can stand alone. I really enjoyed the first two books in the series and loved visiting Wildflower Island at Christmas. Johnson’s descriptions of this special place are picturesque! It was such fun to r [...]

    15. This was a very good clean romance, The third book in the series by Kimberly Johnson,Island Dreams is about Rachel, Chris and little Jason, We met Rachel in the last book and she returns to the Island with her son to start a new life. Rachel has lots of baggage and meeting Chris with health problems shes afraid to face all that seem to heap up on are at once, through faith and trust in God she is able to over come,, Island Christmas will grab you from page one and not turn a loose till the final [...]

    16. Island Christmas is the third book in this charming series set in the Pacific Northwest. Rachel (from book 1) moves back to Wildflower Island with her 3 year old son Jason. While staying at the B&B they meet Chris who is staying at the B&B while looking for investment property to buy. Rachel and Jason have a rocky time with a few mishaps. Though it all Chris is always there for them. With the help of Chris and Zoe help guide Rachel to a relationship with the Lord.

    17. I liked the pace of this book where two people are looking to start over and live a slower paced life. Rachael has gone to the bed and breakfast for a new start and finds a good friend to help her with the start. I was glad to see that Rachael was making a good go of things and liked her character. I also liked how Chris was willing to help even if it meant doing things a bit different than he planned.I received a copy of this book free to review.

    18. The three main characters were very well done, and it was good to see Rachel 3 yrs after the birth of her soon. The story was very interesting and believable. Piper is searching for the same peace that several of the other characters have. Zoe and Chris help her understand that it comes from the Lord.There is more Christianity in this book than in the first ones, but it is not preaching and blends in very well with the story and her search.

    19. This is a really well done book! It kept my interest all the way through. The writer did a good job of describing the characters and their surroundings.The description of the island really made me want to go there. The very real circumstances, problems, and solutions were well done. I can honestly say this book could change your life. Five stars for five star writing!

    20. I really enjoyed reading Rachel's story. I loved seeing how she had grown since we met her in Island Refuge. The relationship between Chris and Jason was very touching. I liked how Chris and Rachel were able to move on from their past and each other's to build a trust. I would definitely recommend this book.I received a PDF copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

    21. I was not disappointed with this book,it's as good as the last two.I loved the story of Rachel and her son Jason plus Chris.The characters were entertaining and it was nice to return to the Wildflower B&B.We see God's love and redemption throughout this book.I look forward to the next book in the series.

    22. Loved it.I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a good romance story. I is squeaky clean. Rachel sure had her share of problems, I felt very sorry for her. She is a very loving person an was glad she found God in her life. Rachel sure was a confused lady that's for sure she was funny at times

    23. A sweet story that I truly enjoyed. Kimberly Rose Johnson gives the reader a heartwarming Christmas story that makes you feel like you know the characters and are right there with them. :-)

    24. The book needs to come with a disclaimer about the overpowering religious narrative. Romance is one thing, preaching another.It was a total turn off.

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