The Boat House Secret

The Boat House Secret Torn between her old boyfriend and her new love reporter Jenessa Jones begins to doubt her true feelings Meanwhile when she s pulled into an old case involving sex lies and murder she can t help

  • Title: The Boat House Secret
  • Author: Debra Burroughs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Torn between her old boyfriend and her new love, reporter Jenessa Jones begins to doubt her true feelings Meanwhile, when she s pulled into an old case involving sex, lies, and murder, she can t help but follow the story But someone doesn t want her poking around and he s willing to kill her to stop the story.

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    1. This is the first book I've read in this series but I didn't have any problems getting into the story. Jenessa becomes interested in a twenty year old accidental death under mysterious circumstances and proceeds to investigate to find out what really happened. Jenessa uncovers secrets that lead to threatening calls and attempts on her life. Meanwhile Jenessa is torn between her police detective boyfriend and her girlhood love.

    2. ANOTHER GREAT. MYSTERY. from BURROUGHSI have all of this author's books, Love her writing, I can get involved in the story line.Boat house secret will grab you and keep involved from page 1 to the last pageDon't Delay get thisnewest book today, then get comfortable and settle in for a delightful readwith all kinds of twistsand surprises

    3. There are "spoilers" here but I really don't think any reader will be surprised by much in this book. I gave it 2 stars for the mystery parte rest of the book was so predictable it was such a joke. And the fact that Logan doesn't even know the birthdates of his "nephew" is so stupid (okay maybe not the exact date, he's a guy after all, but the month at least!) Such a coincidence! His girlfriend and his cousin having a baby around the same time! It was such an easy mystery to solve, how could the [...]

    4. I thought that the author did a bad job with this book.The romance part didnt make any sense.Why was it ok for jenessa to betray michael even after logan had betrayed her?Logan was portrayed as a sleaze the whole series until jenessa decided to pick him, it didnt make any sense.The author took a story that was good and made it unbelivable.To me the way she handled michael made jenssa look really bad and heartless.Her getting her son back after he was adopted was to much to belive.Jenessa was to [...]

    5. Jenessa digs into another cold case, putting herself in danger and stirring up issues among the important families in town. This story seems to connect emotionally more than the first two, and eventually leads to a satisfying conclusion. The plot twists and turns as witnesses come out of the woodwork and suspects abound. The book has just the right balance between romance and investigation, making it very entertaining.

    6. After slogging through a third of the book, I almost gave up. But, I cheated and skimmed through the rest. This was a Kindle freebie. I'd read the first one and thought it was okay. I skipped #2 (glad I did 😊). I was so tired of Jenessa's love life and of all the unnecessary rambling, but I don't like to not finish a book. I got all the main points by skimming the rest.

    7. EnjoyableI didn't read the first two books in the series but I don't think it was necessary to enjoy this book. This book stands on its own. It had a nice mix of characters, romance, mystery and suspense. No strong language or overt sex should appeal to many readers.

    8. Enjoyable mysteryThis book has an unsolved murder of long ago mixed with a complicated list of characters with romantic ties. It includes twists and turns along the way and is a nice easy read.

    9. Who killed. Nick EvansTwenty year ago a young man died at Lake Jonas. Mayor and Mrs. Evans did not believe that their son accidentally drowned at a lake house party. As investigator, Jenesa, reopens the case things take several twists and turns. Read to see who did it.

    10. Great mystery and romanceGood continuation of the story as the characters become more involved and the mysteries keep unraveling. Enjoyed this book as well as the first two and look forward to the fourth.

    11. This book is full of romance and suspenseI really enjoyed this book. The characters were intertwined very well which made this book more realistic for me. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery with added romance!

    12. Fun ReadI love these books. Mystery, love and suspense. Something I don't have to wrap in plain brown paper to read. No foul language. Thank you for the simple enjoyment of a good story.

    13. The secret is a secret no moreI really enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down. Lots of twists and turns to keep me interested. The characters intertwined well with one another and the story flowed smoothly.

    14. A nice readA good story, a bit slow in developing but it all comes together nicely. I enjoyed it greatly. Nice work.

    15. EnjoyableHad fun reading this book and was glad at the ending. It was bittersweet but tied up well. Thank you

    16. Pure Enjoyment This book was a delight to read and it was worthy of 5 stars, the characters were easily discernable and easy to remember. High praise!

    17. It's good butI love these books such a good story line it makes it hard to put them down but the last book ended with a cliffhanger

    18. The boat house I wonder what the boat house looked like. It must have been a very romantic place . lots of love going on there

    19. An okay readThe characters are not very well developed and the plot a bit trite but sometimes you want a book that doesn't make you think much.

    20. I loved this book. It had suspense and romance all rolled in to one book. I really was happy to see Janessa end up with Logan, but her break up with Michael had me in tears.

    21. Finding true love almost too lateAfter a teen pregnancy, giving baby away, she moves back to town. Find love only time proves it's not love

    22. The boat house secretThe kind of book I love Christian mysteries with romance thrown in keeps me interested from page one with a twist at the end loved it

    23. I really loved the s book the author is a really good writer . I was so absorbed in the book didn't want to lay the book down.

    24. What?? I mean this seriouslyWHAT? Grayson is their son and they're getting married?! All in the last 5% of the book?! Look how nice and tidy that worked out.

    25. EntertainingEntertaining combination of cozy mystery and romance novel. The mystery story could have been a little stronger, but it is worth reading.

    26. Great bookA lot of suspense, twists and turns. It had me guessing all the time. My kind of book. Loved it.

    27. A good read! I enjoyed this book. Fast paced, a well written book. Of love and loss. With suspense. Download it today! :)

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