Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1

Jessica Jones Alias Vol Collects Alias Meet Jessica Jones Once upon a time she was a costumed super hero but not a very good one Her powers were unremarkable compared to the amazing abilities of the costumed icons that

  • Title: Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis David W. Mack Michael Gaydos Bill Sienkiewicz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Collects Alias 1 9 Meet Jessica Jones Once upon a time, she was a costumed super hero but not a very good one Her powers were unremarkable compared to the amazing abilities of the costumed icons that populate the Marvel Universe In a city of Marvels, she never found her niche The self destructive would be Avenger is now the owner and sole employee of Alias InvestigCollects Alias 1 9 Meet Jessica Jones Once upon a time, she was a costumed super hero but not a very good one Her powers were unremarkable compared to the amazing abilities of the costumed icons that populate the Marvel Universe In a city of Marvels, she never found her niche The self destructive would be Avenger is now the owner and sole employee of Alias Investigations a small, private investigative firm specializing in superhuman cases When she uncovers the potentially explosive secret of one hero s true identity, Jessica s life immediately becomes expendable But her wit, charm and intelligence just may help her survive another day Thrust into the midst of a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels, has Jessica burned too many bridges to turn to old friends for help

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    1. Four stars AKA I really liked!This TPB collected the comic book issues #1-9 of “Jessica Jones: Alias”.Creative Team:Writer: Brian Michael BendisIllustrators: Michael Gaydos with Bill Sienkiewicz (“Sidekick” sections) & David Mack (cover)COMICS FOR ADULTSIt’s funny how comic books (or any other format to tell a story) is “made for adults” if there are f-words, smocking, sexual scenes, sexual preferences, nudes, etc… even if they aren’t necessary to tell that story.I remember [...]

    2. A hard drinking private eye whose cases become explorations of the dark side of human nature is a character concept that has become a cliché of crime fiction. Ah, but what if the detective is a woman who used to be a superhero? Now you’ve really got my attention. Jessica Jones used to go by the name of Jewel when she hung around with people like the Avengers, but despite super strength and the ability to fly (Sort of.) she never really felt like one of them and eventually hung up her spandex. [...]

    3. Does somebody want to finish watching the Jessica Jones Netflix series with me?My family has given up. Boring, they say. Glacially paced. Not enough action.Can’t stand the actress who plays Jessica (although they did like her on Breaking Bad).I agree up to a point, but I’ve got OCD, so I have to finish watching the show, and don’t feel like doing it by myself.Stop your g*d damn whining, Jeff!!! You big baby! Just tell us what you thought of the comic! It’s very good. It’s a lot of this [...]

    4. 5 stars! So I recently watched the Netflix show, and loved it so much so I watched it twice in a row. I had never heard of Jessica Jones before viewing, and I wanted to know more. My local library had this series available and I took a chance and I fell in love with it!Alias is about Jessica, a former superhero named Jewel, who is now a private investigator. On her most recent case she is set up by her client to accidentally discover the secret identity of another superhero, and it puts her life [...]

    5. After my second sitting through Jessica Jones, I found myself jonesing for more Jessica and I had this slow burn going on to read some of her comics.I'm glad I did! I had a great time! But at least for this volume, it shares very little in common with the TV version beyond some iconic glass breaking and the profession and the alcoholism. :) It's full of very interesting superhero mysteries, though. Shame on you, Captain. Both of you. :)I shouldn't be so impressed with all the mature audiences ki [...]

    6. Brian Michael Bendis first made a name for himself as a crime/noir writer, then quickly moved on to the financially more lucrative superhero genre. My favorite Bendis stories are the ones that combine the two genres, though, as it's the blending of both that allows for the kind of witty meta commentary Bendis excels at. My very favorite Bendis story has always been Alias, probably because protagonist Jessica Jones perfectly plays to Bendis' strengths. You see, she used to be a superhero but is n [...]

    7. Creo que no me equivoco si digo que esta es mi primera incursión en el Universo Marvel mediante un cómic. Tenía muchas ganas de empezar por algún punto y tras haber devorado la serie de Netflix, creo que Jessia Jones ha sido un buen punto de partido.Con una tensión constante, de continua alerta, Jessica Jones es un personaje fuerte y lleno de matices que es un placer leer. Sus reflexiones son oscuras, reales. Me ha gustado mucho el acercamiento que hace hacia el lector.La trama me ha maravi [...]

    8. Jessica Jones used to be a superhero (“Jewel”) but she’s put the bright outfit away for a grunge-y grrrl look and opened her own private detective business, Alias Investigations. While her cases are mostly cheating spouses, her latest one sees her stumble across an iconic superhero’s secret identity, unwittingly becoming a pawn in a larger political game involving a Presidential candidate! The thing that struck me the most about this comic from 2001 is how poorly it’s aged. The “secr [...]

    9. El primer tomo de Jessica Jones se presenta como un alivio al cómic de superhéroes tradicional: uso mínimo de sus poderes, falta de deseos de ser una heroína, imperfecta y con una coraza para ocultar sus miedos. Es un personaje con el que fácilmente te puedes identificar, sin que necesariamente la veas como un ser perfecto, o estés de acuerdo con todas sus acciones.En este tomo, primero de una serie de cuatro, se presentan dos casos, permiten que conozcamos a Jessica como personaje, en tod [...]

    10. I feel like I have to point out that this is ten years old. And aside from what's going on in the Marvel U around Jessica, it hasn't aged a bit. It's really amazing how fresh the storytelling and dialog still is, a decade later. The dialog in particular, usually a strong point with Bendis, is particularly natural. I read this once before, soon after it came out, and I didn't really appreciate it then. Maybe I just needed to have a better understanding of just how much this sticks out from the st [...]

    11. So, more like 2.5 stars, because I liked the story. More than I thought I would, honestly speaking. The whole Private Dick/Film Noir thing has never done it for me, but the individual stories were interesting enough to carry my attention from the beginning, all the way to the ending.I especially liked Malcom, the random (annoying) teenage boy who lets himself into Jess' office and answers her phone (usually at inopportune times). Also, Jess is honest, sometimes excruciatingly so and usually says [...]

    12. Bullet Review:This is really a hybrid between the stereotypical private detective "whodunnits" with the smallest taste of superheroes. I don't think this is really that ground-breaking or amazing - but there is just something about this that really works. Whether it is the stark language (if you hate f-bombs, steer clear!), the seedier side of Marvel (Captain America, shame!), or maybe Bendis' capable way of writing dialogue (there's loads of other authors who could take a page out of this book) [...]

    13. Fuck. Alias has been on my list of things to read for a long time now. Bendis is probably my favourite writer (at least, that's what my 'most read authors' list on here tells me), and Alias is some of his early Marvel work.It's very dialogue driven, much like parts of his Ultimate Spider-man and some of his Avengers. But it's not always just characters given long rifts of exposition, the dialogue is used to build on the character, forward the story and generally help create the world. There's al [...]

    14. I know next to nothing about the Marvel universe and have never really taken to comic books or graphic novels, so it's probably important to take that into consideration while reading this review. Nevertheless, I needed to find a"Superhero comic with a female lead"for a Read Harder task and Jessica Jones seemed closest to my style of female superhero - dressed in slouchy black, world weary, hard-drinking and not super interested in actually being a superhero. This was like a comic book version o [...]

    15. I often forget that I get free downloads through Prime but this was a good chance to try out the comic book functionality of my Kindle Paperwhite (will be familiar to former users of Comixology since bought them.) This first volume of Jessica Jones shows Jessica as the former superhero and new detective but does not introduce the darkest villain of all time that played a prominetn role in the tv show (which is also on Prime, hmm, seeing the connection now.) I did like understanding slightly h [...]

    16. Holy smokers (I'm so lame) this was good. So yeah, why haven't I read this earlier? Weird right? Jessica Jones isn't part of the Avengers anymore. She's a PI, doing her own thing, living her own life. She also loves the word fuck. Like more than me. That's insane.e I fuck all the time. I mean say fuck, but yeah, FUCK IS MY WORD JONES! But yeah my main two issues are the cursing and art. Well partly. I just feel sometimes they curse for the sake of cursing. Also the art kind of hurts my eyes at t [...]

    17. A PI barely making it in the grit of New York, Jessica Jones was once was a costumed superhero with the whole world at her fingers. Now? Now she's undeniably damaged, an unidentified something has brought her crashing to earth and she hardly resembles the girl she once was. Sent out on a routine case, she instead finds conspiracy and danger, and must use all the tools and connections available to set things right.If you've watched the Netflix series (and you absolutely should, it's fantastic) yo [...]

    18. 3,4/5An interesting concept and POV on the superhero universe. It starts dark ,but that tones down through the issues . I’m not the biggest fan of the illustrating style and the secondary characters sound too much alike ,yet the story as a whole really worked for me . I enjoyed the sense of reality that defines the novel ,even if it feels a bit dated . I ended up really liking Jones , she has this quiet type of charm and she feels real . I would have enjoyed this even more if the things got da [...]

    19. In light of the upcoming Netflix series, it would be only right and proper to say I'm re-reading this book because I am just a good Marvel boy. In actual fact, I lent this book to a friend who I thought might like it - and turns out, both he and his wife loved it so much they started quoting back some great stuff they liked about it back to me. And asshole that I am, I nodded and went along with what they were saying, because any fan of a book who liked it so much they'd recommend it - why would [...]

    20. A private eye tale set in the Marvel Universe. An ex-superhero, Jessica Jones, runs a private detective agency and gets tangled up in a Big-Sleep-like plot surrounding a murder and the exposure of Captain America's secret identity. Her second case revolves around tracking down Rick Jones, which quickly takes an unusual turn.This was a very appealing story with a street level focus, with Jessica depicted as down on her luck and desperate for almost any kind of connection. Her mysterious past as s [...]

    21. Gritty, my first look at a realistic graphic novel, with profanity, with superheroes being in the background. I liked the approach in this one. Excited about the Netflix's series. I fondly remember DareDevil making an appearance in it, that was nice. Jessica Jones series is a pitch perfect adaption, very impressive and best Marvel content out there in my opinion. I like the squalor series has. Very Noir.

    22. This is way better than the Netflix show. I know they always say the book is better but this blows the series out of the water. so much depth to this character and the stories.

    23. I had only seen, and thoroughly enjoyed, the Netflix series before. First Jessica Jones comic read, awesome and sassy as expected.

    24. This morning I finished watching the Netflix Jessica Jones series and I did not want it to be over; so on to volume one of the Alias comic book from the early 2000's.Wow! I really like the two stories in this volume. Very sophisticated and nuanced writing, if slightly dated, by the technology being used in the stories. It was a page turner, and I read it in one sitting.The first story is about Jessica getting duped into making a potentially embarrassing video of a well know super hero. Who trick [...]

    25. A great mix of crime noir and the world of superheroes. Reminds me a bit of Gotham Central, which I loved. Definitely continuing this series. I also need to try the show.

    26. Having compulsively watched every episode of the fantastic Netflix adaptation of Jessica Jones, the obvious thing do do while waiting for season two was to finally read the source material. It doesn't disappoint. From my understanding, the show takes place much further along the series, and has also changed a few details - especially in Jessica's backstory. The rest of the Marvel universe is far less apparent in the show than here, other superheroes mentioned only briefly in passing. Here there [...]

    27. I had been meaning to read this for a long time and finally picked it up. And liked it. Crime/P.I. story with a twist: the PI is a messed up alcoholic woman from NYC who is a former superhero… investigating missing people… and goes to a small town… the art work I didn't love but I liked the gritty dialogue and the scrapbook that a missing girl put together that is part of the story.

    28. This was not a superhero comic, but it was a comic about superheroes, which for whatever reason just wasn't what I wanted. The stories in this collection are very firmly set in the Marvel universe, and one of the things that I liked about the Jessica Jones Netflix show was that Jessica wasn't having lunch with Ms. Marvel, or trying to get in to see the Fantastic Four, or solving mysteries that touched on Captain America. (And my complaint about that - (view spoiler)[if it's so easy to get a vide [...]

    29. This inaugural volume of the series, this book has 2 story arcs: (1) the 5-part one in which we meet Jessica Jones, yet another Bendis creation, involving some sort of conspiracy regarding a US presidential candidate and a secret tape revealing the secret identity of Captain America (5 stars); and(2) a four-parter featuring a guy who's passing himself off as Rick Jones and a doctor in the closet who likes to meet other men (first on the internet, then in "real-life" to have sex with) (4 stars)Be [...]

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