One thought on “Ghostly Tales Of Tasmania”

  1. This was ok but not great. The writing was in parts trying to full of humour but it did not work for me. I expected more detail about some of the backgrounds to the stories. A quick read

  2. 'This book is simply a collection of tales told to us by Tasmanians.'It's an interesting collection of more than sixty tales, collected (or experienced) by the authors. Their interest was piqued during the 1970s, as they were researching other books, and led to the publication of this book in 1990.Many of these stories, the authors write, are part of an oral tradition which have been handed down through the generations. I remember hearing a few of these stories myself, growing up in Tasmania (pa [...]

  3. A very quick read. In some parts, I found the writing of some of the stories poor. It was Okay. It wasn’t scary, nor was it completely interesting/ intriguing. Picked it off the shelf at Richmond Gaol to give it a try.

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