A Vow to Secure His Legacy

A Vow to Secure His Legacy Marry me This week After losing her mother Imogen Holgate believes she s living on borrowed time with the same terminal illness So the cautious accountant blows all her savings on a once in a lifetim

  • Title: A Vow to Secure His Legacy
  • Author: Annie West
  • ISBN: 9780373134199
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Marry me This week After losing her mother, Imogen Holgate believes she s living on borrowed time with the same terminal illness So the cautious accountant blows all her savings on a once in a lifetime trip around the world, where she meets sexy Parisian Thierry Girard But after two steamy weeks there are permanent consequences to their temporary affair Now with mor Marry me This week After losing her mother, Imogen Holgate believes she s living on borrowed time with the same terminal illness So the cautious accountant blows all her savings on a once in a lifetime trip around the world, where she meets sexy Parisian Thierry Girard But after two steamy weeks there are permanent consequences to their temporary affair Now with than herself to think about, Imogen turns to Thierry to help, but the last thing she expected was for him to imprison her with a gold ring

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    1. Truly MS West knows how to take her readers on a magical journey to the glamourous world of the rich and beautiful in ballrooms and chateaus around the world and this story has taken us to Paris where vulnerable Imogen Holgate the ever cautious accountant has decided to live life to the fullest after first losing her twin sister and then her mother and with the fact that she is suffering the same symptoms as her mother is convinced her life is going to be a short one. So she takes herself on a t [...]

    2. Pretty fun over the top read. From one of the newer authors who can be hit or miss for me. I liked that the story didn't take place over one or two days (as so many of the new ones do) but rather had a rational time line. The hero was nice and a good guy other than being a commitment phobe but the heroine was a bit of a ninny although that was necessary for the story line. A fun read.

    3. 4.5 starsIt's amazing to find a not-a-virgin heroine and an alpha-male-but-not-a-jerk hero in a HP book. Wonderful and believable romantic progression between the characters. I do wish there are more HP like this.

    4. A Vow to Secure His Legacy is now my favorite Annie West novel without question.Ms. West delivers a sophisticated, stunning portrayal of romance in its most magical state in her latest Harlequin Presents novel: A Vow to Secure His Legacy. Set in fabulous locales with picturesque descriptions, memorable scenes and characters that grab you instantly, this book packs all the right punches and you won’t want to put it down until you turn the last page! Thierry Girard is an absolute sweetheart, I f [...]

    5. A VOW TO SECURE HIS LEGACY by author Annie West is a March 2016 release by Harlequin Presents series.Imogen Holgate made a spur of a moment decision to live life fully, dangerously and adventurously before going for a final check-up for her medical condition. In essence she was fulfilling her bucket list when she met Thierry Girard in Paris. Instant chemistry ignited and Imogen decided to give in to her passions and desires.But their short fling had consequences and Thierry did the right thing b [...]

    6. Another solid read from Annie West. This was an intense, emotional love story between Imogen and Thierry that West has become known for over the coarse of her books. It was so good. The story started off with a bang with the beautiful, romantic Paris. What I liked the most was that I felt like I was in Paris. I felt the beauty and romance of the city encompass me. It was like I was there. I loved all descriptions and just how it was beautifully written. I loved the meeting of Imogen and Thierry [...]

    7. If Annie West writes it, I will read it. No questions asked. Annie West always brings so much heart and emotion to her stories; A Vow to Secure His Legacy is just another example of that. It is unquestionably a scorching romance for sure!After two devastating close family member’s deaths, Imogen Holgate now believes that she too does not have long to live so she decides to be proactive and live life to the fullest immediately.Her journey takes her from the bright blue Australian skies to the r [...]

    8. Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the Author (as a thank you for my help)A vow to secure his legacy is the 16th volume in a multi authors series titles One night with consequences. There’s no link between the different stories, but a compulsory theme: one night or one love affair that has an unexpected pregnancy as a result.The author must construct her plot around this subject.A vow to secure his legacy isn’t original. Our heroes meet each other [...]

    9. I’m a big fan of Annie West’s romances, and her latest offering doesn’t disappoint in the least. “A Vow to Secure His Legacy” has all the ingredients that – to me – make a great Annie West novel: a hero to swoon for who has the perfect mix of brain and brawn, a heroine who discovers herself and her strength, an exotic setting that is almost a character in itself, twists and turns and thought-provoking snippets, sensual scenes that made the pages melt in my hands, dialogue that seem [...]

    10. dnf - It was so well written, very sexy first meet, and I'm sure a great story. So if you don't mind heavy character emotional issues to drive a story forward, and want an 'aww emotional tear jeaker' then you'll enjoy this book.However I found heroine's backstory was too depressing and distractive for me continue. I read Harlequin for escapism and I don't mind the 'orphan' heroines with HEA but in her recent backstory first her twin sister dies, then her mother in quick succession leaving the he [...]

    11. Imogen Holgate, feeling she is living on borrowed time has blown all her savings on what she believes will be a once in a lifetime trip around the world. Losing her sister and then her mother she now has symptoms that leads her to believe her life will be short. While fulfilling her bucket list and sitting in a bar she is spotted across the room by Thierry Girard. He has an instant attraction to her and approaches her. They start an affair that will last two weeks, except the affair leaves a per [...]

    12. Imogen has lost her outgoing twin, Isabelle ,and her mother in a few months.She prefers not to go to a specialist about her health and goes to Paris, instead.There she is as flamboyant as was her twin.The result- she is pregnant.Thierry is an aristocrat, who has turned to business after his ski accident.He is a daredevil, who lovesextreme sports (together with his friend Orsino Chatsfield).Suddenly he is married and expecting a child.Imogen is sure she is dying, but then everything changes-she i [...]

    13. A Vow to Secure His Legacy by Annie West ( One Night with Consequences)With the loss of her twin sister and mom and a death sentence for her, Imogene decides to leave Australia and head to Paris for a trip of a lifetime before the illness that took her mom takes her. There one night she meets handsome sexy wealthy Thierry Girard and has a two week steamy affair with consequences.How does she face her illness, her pregnancy and what Thierry will do when confronted with the consequences. Once agai [...]

    14. Bit dramatic I'm dying of a brain tumour oh wait, no I'm not bit hard to relate to the story and the characters As much as these are fantasy, you want to believe there is a slight chance of reality that's what makes romance novels so appealing the question of 'Could it really happen'

    15. I'm literally so unsure about this book because Annie West tried to do something different with how the male character was feeling in the middle of the story but then she reverted back to the typical story line of how the female realizes their emotions first. It's confusing and it lacks realism.

    16. True romance This is true romance on its truest firm. Loved Thierry and Imogen's story of a vacation fling to making a marriage work. Great story.

    17. I'd been looking forward to reading this book and I wasn't disappointed. I was drawn to the characters from the start and I found their story both intense and thought provoking.

    18. This was a nice book!!I loved it even if the heroine believed she was going to die. I felt like they were in love straight away. I really enjoyed it.

    19. What would you do if you thought you only had a year to live? In a tribute to her dead twin sister, conservative accountant Imogen Holgate throws caution to the wind and embarks on an around-the-world trip.In the City of Love, she meets, and is instantly attracted to, French playboy and business magnate Thierry Girard. The feeling is mutual, and they embark on a brief, passionate affair, which both of them believe will end in two weeks when Imogen moves on to her next stop. However, when Imogen [...]

    20. I love a good "lust at first sight" story especially one that comes back to haunt them! :) I found it hard to fall in love with Thierry because of his cold nature, but I enjoyed Imogen alot!Imogen Holgate recently lost her mother, and believes she suffers from the same terminal illness. Instead of dwelling on it, she decides to use her savings and take an extravagant trip around the world while she can still enjoy it.Parisian Thierry Girard is lucky enough to meet her while she's on the first l [...]

    21. Annie West transports readers to glamorous Paris and a French chateau in this lovely story. Both Thierry and Imogen are fish out of water learning to adapt to new ways of life and it was fun watching their story unfold. For Imogen, an accountant who never takes risks, the trip to Paris and the wonderful experiences she shares with Thierry, the idea of living that life permanently takes a lot of getting used to. For Thierry, who has always enjoyed life in the fast lane, switching to home life and [...]

    22. It has been a while for me to find a good read from Harlequin Presents, I picked this one up because it was set at one of my favourite travel city, Paris, France.Can imagine I would do what Imogen did to live her life to the fullest as she was bracing for the worst for her health and grieving for the death of her mother and sister. Lovely story indeed as her love story with Thierry progresses, typical Harlequin Presents stories indeed.

    23. I love Annie West's character-driven stories. She knows how to draw out the tension and emotion in realistic and emotional scenes that kept me reading to the last page. I appreciated the prologue and would have liked an epilogue to wrap up - did Thierry and Imogene have a boy or a girl? I do like to know these details! Another enjoyable read set in one of my favourite cities.

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