Wonder Woman, Volume 8: A Twist of Fate

Wonder Woman Volume A Twist of Fate A daring new direction begins with the arrival of a brand new villain But while he may be new to us he s not new to the world he seeks to tame And speaking of villains Donna Troy s quest to destroy

  • Title: Wonder Woman, Volume 8: A Twist of Fate
  • Author: Meredith Finch David Finch
  • ISBN: 9781401261641
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A daring new direction begins with the arrival of a brand new villain But while he may be new to us, he s not new to the world he seeks to tame And speaking of villains, Donna Troy s quest to destroy Wonder Woman ratchets up another gear if that s even possible , while Wonder Woman is learning how to replace Ares as God of War.Join writer Meredith Finch and artist DaviA daring new direction begins with the arrival of a brand new villain But while he may be new to us, he s not new to the world he seeks to tame And speaking of villains, Donna Troy s quest to destroy Wonder Woman ratchets up another gear if that s even possible , while Wonder Woman is learning how to replace Ares as God of War.Join writer Meredith Finch and artist David Finch on Wonder Woman beginning a new chapter in the Wonder Woman mythos along with a brand new costume Collecting Wonder Woman 41 47

    One thought on “Wonder Woman, Volume 8: A Twist of Fate”

    1. (C+) 66% | Almost SatisfactoryNotes: Tedious and maddening, it blunders along tangled in the dregs and chaff of feckless fickleness: all fatuity and hot air.

    2. 2.5 starsI really didn't hate this, but it took me several days to get through it due to being semi-bored with the storyline. Not horrible, justMEH.The big news with this volume is (of course) the costume change.So, what did I think of it?Again.ly MEH. It looked kind of clunky, but at least she doesn't have a boob window, right? Overall, I didn't care one way or another.Except.Is that a giant V hanging between her legs?!OhMyGod! IT IS! IT IS!5 stars! 5 fucking stars for that costume!Ok, ok. I'm [...]

    3. Well, at least, the art was more realistic this time; the first story arc by this team had WW looking more like a manga character than the God of War. As for the story itself, I guess it could have been worse, but it certainly wasn't very interesting nor did the characters act at all like their Azzarello counterparts.

    4. I'm done! So I think this my last review of the new 52 Wonder Woman! I really just cannot get into Meredith Finch's run. So there a lot going on in this volume; Wonder Woman has a new costume, some random son of Poseidon, green arrow wannabe, is trying to kill Diana, for some convoluted reason. and there's a whole story in the background with Donna Troy the main villain of the previous volume! So first off positives: I really like Wonder Womans new costume, more then her main stream costume; the [...]

    5. Back to the mythology part of the story. Ugh. I don't care about the costume change it was fine, if unnecessary. Disappointing after the last volume.

    6. It's just not the same since the author switched for me. still interesting, but definitely not the page turner the first half of this series was under Brian Azzarello.

    7. It is gotta be 1'5*, tbh.All I loved about this series seems to be gone. Now we have sometimes the presence of the gods and goddesses, but it has lost some of its impact and punch TBH, what I enjoyed most about this whole volume was the story of Donna Price.

    8. Wow I am very pleasantly surprised, but man the new costume is FUGLY!!!!The first arc by the Finches had some nice little pieces but with the poor writing and the burden of having to deal with all the pieces that DC and Azarello/Chiang put in place the story collapsed under it's own weight. So, with a fairly bad first arc they can't go anywhere but up right? World: I am still not a fan of Finch's art and this does not change with the new costume. It's ugly. It's not about showing boob or cleavag [...]

    9. This story was fine. David Finches art is always fantastic. But that new costume design is terrible. I don't care that he covered WW up, but it looks like she just put long sleeves and leggings under her existing costume because she's not comfortable in her own skin. At least make it armor or something.The story is OK for the first 75% with a new demigod coming after Diana to defeat her and become the God of War. The ending though was just ridiculous. (view spoiler)[A baby just shows up and mak [...]

    10. Once again I find myself scratching my head, because I thought Meredith Finch's run on Wonder Woman was meant to be bad. Like, really, really bad. But this, not so much.Building once more on the foundations that Azzarello and Chiang laid down in their run, the majority of this volume deals once more with Wonder Woman trying to juggle her God of War status, and her responsibilities as Queen of the s. These come into conflict as a new player appears, trying to usurp her Godly powers, backed by one [...]

    11. Okay. I liked this volume of the Wonder Woman series but it still is not as great as the Brian Azzarello run. The things I love about the story were the focus more on the implications of Diana aka Wonder Woman being the God of War. I also loved the story that was told here with Diana having to face the decisions she has made not only as Queen of the s, her duties as a member of the Justice League and her relationship with her dysfunctional family of Greek Gods. Next, David Finch's artwork is ama [...]

    12. I love her badass full body armor in this one! Looks great I wish she would have kept it on more often instead of switching back and forth between it and her (basically) swimsuit. Good story on its own but I wouldn't recommend as a standalone.Really need the background on Zeke, Donna, and goddess of peace to make this work.

    13. This book was a disappointment especially after the potential in the previous volume. In that book the Finches had to tie together a lot of loose ends and set the stage for the new direction they wanted to take the Queen/God of War and they did a commendable job. But now they are on that stage front and center and I feel a little underwhelmed. The new villain we're given is just a boy who had a hard-knock life and seems whiny. Wonder Woman should be able to dispatch this child post haste but in [...]

    14. So I didn't love this.The first half of the book had a lot of potential, with some top notch art from the always reliable David Finch. But then the villain who held a certain amount of promise ended up having a weak ass backstory, and was a total punk bitch who talked a massive game and ran away begging the second anyone took a swing at him. A weird choice for a WW villain.Then there was a twist! A new villain, with a clever idea underpinning it. Well played! But then the explanation of why thi [...]

    15. In which Wonder Woman is terrible at her job and can't even overcome a whiny teenager on her own, everybody monologues incessantly, Wonder Woman lectures at a trauma victim to just walk it off already, we say hello and then goodbye to a costume design so laughable it doesn't even survive an entire arc, the big bad is once again a woman turned murderous and hysterical by the love of a man, and we still don't get any clear answers as to what the hell Diana being god of war actually entails.And som [...]

    16. The conflict between having the ideals of Diana and being the god of war are explored in this book but then what the heck happened. I am so confused.

    17. (Since this trade paperback isn't out for a while, I obviously haven't read that, but I have read the single issues)Much better than the last volume. Back to highly enjoying the series!

    18. This is a greater letdown than the Finch's first set of stories. The main story (view spoiler)[(that a great-great-great, etc.-grandson of Poseidon is trying to kill Diana in order to become God of War) (hide spoiler)] isn't that interesting, and the ultimate villain doesn't make any sense. In fact, Diana comments that what the villain is doing doesn't make any sense, but, beyond that recognition, nothing is done to resolve the mystery.Also, Donna's ultimate fate is overly complicated and unbeli [...]

    19. Another good story.Picking up from where the last story left off. Diana shows mercy to the girl literally born yesterday in Donna Troy - the magically created warrior that was supposed to supplant Diana as Queen of Themiscyra.But while this is going on, Wonder Woman takes time to attempt to put her life back together all the while several Olympians are out to stop her. From the Goddess of Discord, to the Goddess of Peace, it once again returns to the similar way that Brian Azzarello managed the [...]

    20. A little improvement, better art and more coherent story for the most part, but still so many problems. Most of all, making the ultimate villain (view spoiler)[the goddess of peace (hide spoiler)] was an utterly baffling choice, to say the least. Also, I guess everything on Olympus is back to normal, just like that? I see we are operating at sitcom levels of continuity.

    21. I think the Finches really got into their groove with this comic. The last issue when they picked up after Azzarello was a little weak and jilted. This one is so much better. Wonder Woman gets a badass new costume. Donna Troy gets a good storyline. Hera and Zola are still involved. And our fave Strife is still being her sassy self. There was a solid boss battle at the end.

    22. I liked this Finch combo better than Volume 7. The female faces were more adult and distinctive, and Wonder Woman's new outfit made her less sexual. The story also felt much more developed. Hopefully they continue in their stride in Volume 9.

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