Lumberjack Weekend

Lumberjack Weekend Siren M nage Everlasting Erotic Cowboy M nage a Trois Romance M FM voyeurism light consensual BDSM rope play sex toys HEA Violet Tyler s heart was broken after discovering she was the third whee

  • Title: Lumberjack Weekend
  • Author: Heather Rainier
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: None
  • Siren M nage Everlasting Erotic Cowboy M nage a Trois Romance, M FM, voyeurism, light consensual BDSM, rope play, sex toys, HEA Violet Tyler s heart was broken after discovering she was the third wheel in her big city m nage Relegating the idea of being loved by two or men to fantasy material, she throws her heart and soul into her business, Violet s Emporium.Watch Siren M nage Everlasting Erotic Cowboy M nage a Trois Romance, M FM, voyeurism, light consensual BDSM, rope play, sex toys, HEA Violet Tyler s heart was broken after discovering she was the third wheel in her big city m nage Relegating the idea of being loved by two or men to fantasy material, she throws her heart and soul into her business, Violet s Emporium.Watching from the sidelines while they renovate her emporium, Josh and Lucas Abbott want her every day and see the way her former lover chips away at her heart each time he pays her a visit They ve stretched out the renovation as long as they can and finally it s time to claim her or let her go.Invitations to a fantasy weekend at Hazelle House give the three of them a no strings attached chance to make her lumberjack m nage fantasies a reality But when the weekend is over and the real world and her former lover come calling, can her m nage fantasy live in the light of day

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    1. I adored Violet's story. And that fantasy weekend was definitely an amazing one! That was a really delicious capture fantasy scene as well. I love how Josh and Lucas took care of her.Lucas’s heart soared as her high-pitched laugh filled the forest and she ran down the path, but not before she turned back to frown at the strange lumberjacks, as if she was willing them to hit the road. Her eyes bugged when they all set out after her, and she nearly ran into an oak tree before correcting her cour [...]

    2. Violet Tyler is looking for a new start in a new town with a new outlook on love after a menage relationship that she thought would go the distance, didn't. Nope, Violet is now strictly a one man woman sort of girl, even if Josh and Lucas Abbott, contractors for her new business, leave her with perpetual wet panties and eye strain from staring at their butts. Josh and Lucas, brothers, has always known that they'll share one woman when it comes time to settle down and do the whole matrimony/kid t [...]

    3. Another wonderful installment in the Divine Creek Ranch series.Violet loves Divine, loves the shop she has opened there and generally loves the life she has created there. The only thing missing, is a man to call her own. She's gun-shy after the way her last relationship ended and who can blame her? Hearing that one of the two men in her life, her lovers, talking about her in a way that made her feel 2 inches tall and the other lamely trying to defend her, destroyed what self confidence she had [...]

    4. Lumberjack Weekend was FREAKING HOT HOT HOT!!! I loved Joseph's mansion and the fantasy weekend was fun, sexy, and just plain DELICIOUS!! I loved getting a glimpse of Joseph and Bunny, especially since their book i s up next. Josh and Lucas were wonderful to Violet and she definitely deserved the attention and love they gave her during the Fantasy Weekend and after. This story was so much fun reading and I am SO excited about September and the next book, Bunny and The Beast! If you love your boo [...]

    5. I was worried when I read the Absent-minded Angel,but no longer. I felt the last couple of books seemed very sad and reaching for something that wasn't there. All the books had HEA, but was missing something. Well it is back. I thought Violet was a great character with a strong personality, but just a little brocken. Violet is pulling her life together she has these two studs,Lucas and Josh, waiting in the wings who would love to just love her. While we cruise through this story we meet several [...]

    6. Check out this review and others atTwinsietalkFacebook/TwinsietalkTwitter/TwinsietalkTsu/TwinsietalkNewsletter : eepurl/brwkPv Lumberjack Weekend by Heather RainierI received this book from the author for an honest review.WOW 21 books deep!!! I didn’t realize just how large this series is. I will say that each book in the series is a standalone so even if you haven’t read them all, like me, you are able to follow along and enjoy the story. I am sure hardcore fans who have read them all love [...]

    7. Wow!! Another winner from Heather Rainier. Somewhat different in that this novella/short novel is centered around a single weekend event that introduces Violet, our brokenhearted heroine, to the reality of power exchange--mild and introductory BDSM. And the two men whose hearts she unknowingly possesses are more than ready to fulfill her fantasies and to bring her into the circle of their lives. Once again Ms Rainier uses her fictional characters to lift up genuine and caring loving, albeit in a [...]

    8. Violet thought her deepest desires were fulfilled until she overheard a conversation that showed she was nothing other than the chick on the side. She is determined to push aside her fantasy of a fulfilling ménage relationship and put her energy into building a successful business. But Josh and Lucas have other ideas. Can they convince the skittish Violet her desires fill their needs?In Lumberjack Weekend by Heather Rainier we return to Divine Creek. Violet thought her future was set and distan [...]

    9. She's been there, done that; and has the tshirt -- Violet has been part of a menage relationship and has the double broken heart to show for it. And we can all relate to her as one of the exes continues to call her and play with her feelings. So no way is she going to put her heart out there again. But that doesn't mean she can't fantasize about being in a lumberjack sandwich between the two brothers renovating her store. When a no-strings "fantasy-themed" weekend retreats offers the men a chanc [...]

    10. Only made it to chapter 7I've read all of this series but this is the first time the story was so bad I couldn't finish. I could only make it to chapter 7 before I gave up so I skipped to the epilogue and could only read 2 pages before I just had to stop. This story was not for me. I've read lots of BDSM stories, but when someone is so scared they can't even look at the people around them and they are so uncomfortable with being exposed that they are shaking and covering themselves, they are not [...]

    11. OMG! Thank you Heather Rainier for another beautiful story!! It was soooo worth the wait! Sometimes, I laughed so hard my family thought I had totally lost it. I loved Tex!! And other times I had to keep a Kleenex handy for the emotional parts. I love your books SO, SO much because they are put together so well. I know when I start one of your stories, I will be able to escape into my own little world and be totally entertained for hours. Awesome Job!!!

    12. Holy LumberjacksThis is the 21st book of this series. This series get better with every book. I would recommend that you starting the series at the beginning. I have read about Violet in passing in a few of the past books. I will say it was well worth the wait. Violet has had her heart broke and needs to move forward she is afraid. A friend helps her get passed it and into the arms of some lumberjack that love her very much.

    13. I was disappointed with this one. I think the reason why is the "crew" from around Divine were absent for the most part. The book dealt with Violet's issues that she had coming out of a previous menage. I was glad that Josh and Lucas were able to make those bad feelings go away, but it made for a bit of a downer of a book. Not what I look for when reading this type of book.

    14. This is the only book of the series so far that I have not enjoyed and struggled to finish. There was quite a disconnect of the Character Violet in so far as she did not fit in or compliment previous female characters. As always the Author has my respect on her style of writing and setting of scene.

    15. Josh, Lucas and violet were perfection together. Violet, finally ready to open her heart to two men after it getting stomp on, Josh and Lucas were patience, loving caring and omg sexy as sinloved this love this series!!!!!!!

    16. Very goodI really like Josh and Lucas. They are so sweet!!!! I really like Tex and his addiction. Seriously Delilah? You need to keep you nose out of everyone's business. I really like Joseph and Bunny. Will we see the other lumberjack again???

    17. I mean honestly shouldn't surprise anyone that Miss Rainier it has done it again!?! I mean really. This story was so beautiful and touching yeah it had it said parts but what story does it I really enjoyed their weekend in fantasy get away it was amazingonto the next

    18. Fantastic ReadViolet moves to Divine from Dallas to get away from negative comments about her from one of her partners - she ends up having a fantasy weekend but doesn't realize that Josh and Luke are invited too - they've all secretly been in love with each other for a year.

    19. Quite a disappointment, haven't read anything from this series in a while but I am used to them being as bit better than this. Just found the whole 'fantasy' weekend deal to be a bit boring and silly to be honest and didn't do anything for me.

    20. Hot hot hot!The story of Violet and Josh and Lucas is another amazing love story. A steamy tale that is extremely difficult to put down. Heather Rainier never disappoints.

    21. Loved this book! It's another hit from the wonderful Mrs. Rainier. Now I need to move onto Bunny and Joseph's story.

    22. Another terrific book from Heather Rainier. Full of fun, sweet and super hot sexy times!! Love the continued hints and snippets from other characters. Truly terrific read!!

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