Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep

Her Again Becoming Meryl Streep A portrait of a woman an era and a profession the first thoroughly researched biography of Meryl Streep the Iron Lady of acting nominated for nineteen Oscars and winner of three that explores her b

  • Title: Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep
  • Author: Michael Schulman
  • ISBN: 9780062342867
  • Page: 368
  • Format: ebook
  • A portrait of a woman, an era, and a profession the first thoroughly researched biography of Meryl Streep the Iron Lady of acting, nominated for nineteen Oscars and winner of three that explores her beginnings as a young woman of the 1970s grappling with love, feminism, and her astonishing talent.In 1975 Meryl Streep, a promising young graduate of the Yale School of DraA portrait of a woman, an era, and a profession the first thoroughly researched biography of Meryl Streep the Iron Lady of acting, nominated for nineteen Oscars and winner of three that explores her beginnings as a young woman of the 1970s grappling with love, feminism, and her astonishing talent.In 1975 Meryl Streep, a promising young graduate of the Yale School of Drama, was finding her place in the New York theater scene Burning with talent and ambition, she was like dozens of aspiring actors of the time a twenty something beauty who rode her bike everywhere, kept a diary, napped before performances, and stayed out late talking about acting with actors in actors bars Yet Meryl stood apart from her peers In her first season in New York, she won attention getting parts in back to back Broadway plays, a Tony Award nomination, and two roles in Shakespeare in the Park productions Even then, people said, Her Again Her Again is an intimate look at the artistic coming of age of the greatest actress of her generation, from the homecoming float at her suburban New Jersey high school, through her early days on the stage at Vassar College and the Yale School of Drama during its golden years, to her star making roles in The Deer Hunter, Manhattan, and Kramer vs Kramer New Yorker contributor Michael Schulman brings into focus Meryl s heady rise to stardom on the New York stage her passionate, tragically short lived love affair with fellow actor John Cazale her marriage to sculptor Don Gummer and her evolution as a young woman of the 1970s wrestling with changing ideas of feminism, marriage, love, and sacrifice.Featuring eight pages of black and white photos, this captivating story of the making of one of the most revered artistic careers of our time reveals a gifted young woman coming into her extraordinary talents at a time of immense transformation, offering a rare glimpse into the life of the actress long before she became an icon.

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    1. "Thank you, also, to Meryl Streep, for living a fascinating life, and for not throwing up any significant roadblocks."While appearing in the Acknowledgements section at the tail-end of the book, this little bit of appreciation is probably best addressed up front. Meryl Streep, arguably the most respected American actress of her generation, participated not one whit in the production of this biography. She did, however, (and one imagines with a great deal of grace) allow it to happen. Such are th [...]

    2. This is one of the best biographies about an actress/well known person that I've ever read. It starts with her childhood; then college years; her early acting career and moves on to describing the start of her much acclaimed film career. She has 3 Academy Awards and has been nominated 19 times.But what I most appreciated about this book, is the glimpses into her person life, her strong values and character. I was moved by the way she cared for her first true love, actor John Cazale, who passed a [...]

    3. The early career of Meryl Streep is told in chapters named for the characters she played. The first is her given name,“Mary”, since this is the “role” she claimed to play as the high school homecoming queen. It ends with “Joanna”, the litigating mother in “Kramer vs. Kramer”.The book is characterized by being short on Streep and long on commentary. Most (maybe all) of Streep’s personal information presented in this book can be found in , including her high school cheer leading [...]

    4. This is really more of a book about craft than a biography of the whole person. The author never spoke to his subject, but he did extensive research of her early career, starting with her high school days. He arranges the material in chapters with the names of the roles she played at the time. "Mary" opens the book, since that is her birth name - Mary Louise Streep. "Joanna" closes the book - that is the character she played in Kramer vs. Kramer.I really enjoyed her observations of playing Kate [...]

    5. DisappointingToo much detail about people other than Meryl Streep. Pages and pages about professors at colleges, and not enough about Meryl herself.

    6. "Am făcut Kramer contra Kramer înainte să fac copii, a spus ea mai târziu. Dar mama care aveam să devin era deja în mine. Lumea spune "când ai copii se schimbă totul". Dar poate se trezesc lucruri care erau deja acolo"."Nu fusese niciodată de părere că actorii trebuie neapărat să sufere. Putea simula, cu o precizie aproape extraterestră, orice emoție era necesară. Dar dacă Meryl era acum o femeie zdrobită emoțional care juca o femeie zdrobită emoțional, ar fi putut spune cin [...]

    7. I no nothing about who Meryl was growing up prior to becoming an actor. So I was very curious to read this book. I found Meryl to have an innocence about her. She did not know what a beauty she was growing up and the strong presence she has when on stage or camera. Mr. Schulman does do his research well about Meryl. I did feel like I have gotten to know her better know. When she first did the reading for a school production, it was like I was there sitting in the audience and I could hear Meryl [...]

    8. Being just her age, and having long been impressed with Meryl Streep's extradordinary stage and screen performances, I delved into this book with anticipation. The author does just what he proclaims in the title; he shows how Streep "became" the actress who could so adeptly "become" a character. He shows us how her first role was as the cheerleader and homecoming queen in her New Jersey high school, a persona she studied and cultivated and mastered in her teen years. Her years at Vassar in Pough [...]

    9. Това е най-голямото ми разочарование за книга от много време насам.Чаках я с нетърпение, но уви, напълно неочаквано зле.Едва стоях будна за да я дочета.Мъка.Харесва ми да чета биографични книги, на хора които са грабнали с нещо вниманието ми.И това е актриса , която заслужава [...]

    10. I picked this book thinking it was going to be about Meryl Streep's life. Quite disappointingly, this book is all about other people,colleagues, professors, college, Robert Deniro, etc and only 10% about Meryl.

    11. I was fascinated to learn about the early days of my favorite actress, the one and only Meryl Streep. The author describes the cultural aspects surrounding her life in New York City in the 70's. I was delighted to read about how she got to play in her first movie I saw, Kramer vs. Kramer. I also learned about other actors such as Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro. It was a pleasure to read her biography .

    12. Interesting book relates the beginning of Meryl Streep's career to her first Oscar win for Kramer vs. Kramer. Also includes cameos of fellow classmates such as Sue (subsequently Sigourney) Weaver, Wendy Wasserstein, and Mary Beth Hurt. Nothing monumental here, but still interesting to hear of her progress from Vassar to Yale Drama School to Broadway actress to her TV role in the NBC mini-series "Holocaust" where I first saw her. I've admired her abilities ever since.

    13. I received a free copy from the translator that worked on the book. Interesting read.Nice split of the chapters after the main characters that defined certain periods of Meryl's life. I also appreciated how each step of her life and career was put into perspective. I was able to learn of her life but also have a mental picture of the social climate of the period, the people that worked with her, how they saw Meryl.

    14. A third of the way through this book, I found myself bored by the whole story. While I deeply admire Meryl Streep as an actress, her life really hasn't been all that cataclysmic or dramatic and the author never made her come alive for me. I'm not looking for juice about Meryl, just a more interesting story than this book provided.

    15. Here is a fascinating audio book about the life and background of Meryl Streep. I loved the storytelling and the detail in this biography. I heard the audio book from cover to cover and enjoyed it. I recommend this book.

    16. Despite having seen many of her varied and accomplished performances, I knew next to nothing about Meryl Streep as she's not been the sort of person who does a lot of publicity or interviews. Michael Schulman's book gives us some background on this reclusive actress, talking about the childhood which shaped her and how she created the actress she's become through talent, luck of association with several powerful people, and the will and intelligence to make the choices offered to her count. It's [...]

    17. When I received the bookbub mailing that day last August that contained a biography about the actor I have most admired my entire adult life, Meryl Streep, there was never a question that I would buy it for $2.99. At worst, if I did not like it, I'd lost little. At best, I would learn something about the person I would choose to have lunch with, if I could choose anyone past or present. Meryl Streep is of my generation (born in 1949, just 2 1/2 years before me) and from New Jersey, as I am. I lo [...]

    18. If Hollywood is an Empire, then Meryl Streep is its unquestioned and highly decorated empress. A very institution of acting, this legendary actress has a record breaking 19 Oscar nominations, in addition to bagging the statuette three times. Capable of seamlessly transforming herself into any character, Meryl Streep is versatility unbound. In this short Biography, Michael Schulman prises out the evolution of this natural artist beginning with a break out performance as the Octogenarian Constance [...]

    19. overall the bio overall left me feeling pretty meh and uninspired. unlike the biographies for steve jobs or john adams, i didn't feel a coherent picture of the person forming in front of me. nor did i feel inspired by an incisive interpretation of a larger-than-life personality. while reading other bios, i can picture and fully appreciate what made these people so different, but with meryl streep i can't really picture the raw talent that schulman repeatedly cites throughout the bookever! michae [...]

    20. Interesting overview of Streep's beginnings. Nicely done, in spite of no input from the subject herself.I do find it curious that people think that Streep is a sure-fire winner of Oscars each time she's nominated. The notion of "her again" can only REALLY apply to her being nominated so frequently; of 19 noms she's actually only won THREE Oscars. One Supporting Actress for Kramer vs. Kramer (1979), Best Actress for both Sophie's Choice (1982) and The Iron Lady (2011). For 19 nominations that is [...]

    21. 3.5, but I love the subject so much that I'm rounding up. Many of the criticisms others have voiced are valid: there is little new here (many of the direct quotations from Streep are things I've heard her say in interviews or awards show speeches), and the digressions/descriptions about other people (drama school teachers, early Broadway producers, etc.), while providing some important context, do seem to run on a bit. Still, I appreciated the way Schulman brought the material together in a way [...]

    22. The author goes to great lengths to hide the fact that he has never met Meryl Streep, and did not have her cooperation in writing the book. He fails.In place of those necessary interviews, Schulman fills the book with meaningless descriptions. Every secondary character, theatre, play, movie and organization is described in exhaustive detail. We get pages of what Streep's agent eats for lunch (and where), Joe Papp's life, and whole tracks of dialogue from the plays and movies in which Streep star [...]

    23. Meryl Streep is an actress I greatly admire and when I heard about the memoir, I was excited to read about the woman behind the movie screen. I've seen her perform in Central Park Summer's Stage and her public persona is one I respect as she's funny, classy and above all, demonstrates that woman can be intelligent and taken seriously. Although there are moments that I found charming, as a whole, I was disappointed by Schulman's take on the actress. It seems he consulted everyone but Streep and t [...]

    24. I really like reading biographies when I am of a fan or am curious about the subject and I knew a lot of tidbits here and there about Meryl Streep. I compared it to the Maggie Smith biography that came out recently and as much as I thought that was sort of interesting, I only read about 70 pages because it seemed too actorly and high brow for me. Maggie Smith is more of a stage actress or wants to be known as such and seems kind of a snob about it, but reading this book about Streep I just thoug [...]

    25. I'm not sure what made me read this book. Probably it was the $1.99 e-book offer timed to hit my inbox right after the airing of Meryl's Streep's interview on Fresh Air. The writing, while not horrible, was cringe-worthy enough that I nearly "abandoned ship" (example of the kind of clichés the book is rife with) several times, but in the end I found it interesting, not so much for the rundown of every single play Meryl Streep ever performed in prior to becoming a movie star (complete with signa [...]

    26. Meryl Streepis a legend. We all know that. But how did she become the legend she is today? What led her to this incredible career? Michael Schulman answers these questions by going back to Streep's childhood in New Jersey in his biography on the star, Her Again. From there, Schulman takes us through many of the details that shaped Streep as the iconic actress she's known as today."Oh, my God. Oh, come on," she begins, quieting the crowd. She laughs to herself. "When they called my name, I had th [...]

    27. I have always loved Meryl Streep. Her humble modesty, her wide range of talents and her integrity clearly shows in her biography. She has come a long way through her acting journey and she has gone through quite the roller coaster of life to get to where she is today. I highly recommend this title to those who enjoy her movies and want to learn more about her life and how she came to be today. Surely, you won't regret it.

    28. If you are a fan of Meryl Streep you won't find anything new here. Seemingly cobbled together from everything that has already been published about her, this offering is disappointing with no insights into the real Meryl. Anyone would think she was a saint from this rendition that is merely a series of 'this happened, then this happened' ad infinitum.

    29. I was 1 year behind Meryl at Bernard's HS and I always thought she was stuck up. Little did I know that it was an act and she was this quiet girl. I have followed her career and every time a new movie that she was in I made sure I went to see it. I would have liked to see more about her and less about the supporting characters. A

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