Hector and Hummingbird

Hector and Hummingbird Hector the bear has a big problem His friend Hummingbird just won t be quiet Whether Hector s trying to enjoy a snack get a good scratch against a tree or take a nap Hummingbird s always buzzing ar

  • Title: Hector and Hummingbird
  • Author: Nicholas John Frith
  • ISBN: 9780545857017
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hector the bear has a big problem His friend Hummingbird just won t be quiet Whether Hector s trying to enjoy a snack, get a good scratch against a tree, or take a nap, Hummingbird s always buzzing around, asking too many questions The pair have always been best friends, but will Hector ever find peace and quiet with Hummingbird around

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    1. Bear has a slight problem, his best friend can get on his nerves. However, when he takes off to find some peace and quiet he finds he misses his friend.

    2. This is about friendship between an introverted bear who needs a little “me time”, and a hummingbird who has no off switch. The story is cute, but the real charm of the book is in the wonderful illustrations which manage to be both simple (using broad-stokes and a limited colour palate) and complex (each page has numerous other animals that are partially camouflaged). It is the illustrations that will bring the kids back to this book over and over again, and the author was wise to include bo [...]

    3. I think this book shows that sometimes it is okay to have space from your friends. You do not always have to do the exact same thing your friend is doing or copy their every move. I like that the colors are vibrant and that it shows a bear being friends with a bird because it shows how your friends do not always have to look like you.

    4. I like this story! I think hummingbird was just needed a friend! So was Hector! Hummingbird was no copy, he just want to have some interactive with the bear. After Hector went into the jungle, he felt lonely! Because there was no hummingbird be with him! The hummingbird was his friend in his heart! The hummingbird was a very cute bird!

    5. Cute title. Cute illustrations. Meh content.Hummingbird irritates Hector. Hector goes away. Hummingbird follows. Hector gets lonely and wants Hummingbird back. Hector is happy to see Hummingbird. Hummingbird continues to irritate Hector. THE END. Not that appealing overall

    6. A great book about how our friends can sometimes annoy us. A great ending and beautiful illustrations. A great read aloud for elementary students.

    7. Adorable illustrations for a tale about the search for peace and quiet and talkative but well-meaning friends.

    8. Hector and Hummingbird is about a bead and a bird who are best friends. kind of. The bear is always trying to find peace and quiet to be by myself, but the hummingbird will not leave him alone. The bird is constantly talking and asking him questions and wanting to copy everything that his bear friend is doing. This aggravates Hector and he eventually tells the bird to leave him alone. The bear runs into the woods, but the hummingbird silently follows him. As hector begins to do the things that h [...]

    9. Copy provided by Young Adult Books CentralHector the bear and his constant companion Hummingbird investigate the wilds of Peru, eating breadfruit and scratching themselves on trees. Hummingbird, however, is a bit too high energy for Hector, and eventually wears on Hector's nerves. Hector tells Hummingbird to leave him alone, which Hummingbird does mostly. He follows Hector as he goes through his day in peace and quiet, but never makes his presence known. Hector eventually gets lonely, but since [...]

    10. A bear named Hector was best friends with Hummingbird. But sometimes Hector wanted to just eat a snack in peace and Hummingbird would not stop talking. He wanted to scratch his back on a tree, but Hummingbird kept chatting. He wanted a nap and Hummingbird wanted to tell a story. One day Hector had had enough and stormed away from Hummingbird and into the jungle. Hummingbird let him go, kind of. But having complete quiet was not what Hector expected and soon he was missing Hummingbird. Luckily, H [...]

    11. I am a sucker for these vintage style tri-color illustrations in picture books. The book, end papers, gutters, and all, are well designed and Frith's lush illustrations are eye catching and evocative of a kinetic jungle environment. The nighttime scene is particularly effective with its teals, greys, and pinks.The story is one that most school-aged children with siblings and grown ups can relate to: one person is trying to relax in peace & quiet and another (smaller/younger?) person won't le [...]

    12. Color-drenched illustrations in this book originally published in the United Kingdom that feature 15 different animals hidden within the jungle in Peru accompany a familiar story of the challenges of friendship. Hector, a bear, enjoys hanging out with his friend, Hummingbird. But as with all friendships, there are some problems since the two of them are so very different. While Hector craves peace and quiet, Hummingbird is quite loquacious and tends to copy everything his friend does. Hector tol [...]

    13. This is a delightful picture book about two friends in a Peruvian jungle--a bear named Hector and a hummingbird named--Hummingbird. They were great friends except sometimes Hummingbird was just so annoying--too noisy and forever copying Hector.Will Hector ever be able to find some much-needed peace and quiet? This story of conflict between friends and its happy resolution is sure to please preschoolers who are just beginning to negotiate these interpersonal conflicts. The story is told with grea [...]

    14. Hector, a bear has a friend, a hummingbird. Bears by nature seem to be a quiet animal and hummingbirds flap there wind no-stop. Mr. Frith has captured this essence in his main characters. Hector has a friend in the hummingbird and hummingbird cannot stop talking. After a while Hector just wants some peace and quiet-this can't happen when hummingbird is around, and he always around. In desperation Hector tells bird to go away. At first this is heaven but slowly being alone does not see so great. [...]

    15. As we read this with Evie I got a sense of the familiara bear and an annoying bird friendmGoodnight Already!? While there are similarities, they're handled differently. Hector and Hummingbird talk about their differences and Hector tells Hummingbird how he's feeling. The illustrations aren't anything alike between the two, but I still enjoyed both. Both are fun to read aloud though and Evie liked this one as much as the Jory John.

    16. Hector the bear and Hummingbird are friends but Hummingbird is always talking, so Hector just wants to find some peace and quiet.This book has about the same plot as Goodnight Already! but takes place in a forest with a Hummingbird instead of a duck, and with much brighter digital illustrations. Actually the bright pink and contrasting teal is a great color combination and really makes the illustrations stand out.

    17. Really cute book about a bear who is being "bothered" by a hummingbird. When bear gets tired of him he leaves but realizes he really misses his friend. Bear talks to the bird about the things that bother him and the bird tries hard to not be obnoxious!. I also like the bright illustrations and the page at the end that shows pictures the kids can find in the book of different jungle animals. The hummingbird is also hidden on each page when bear thinks he has avoided him. I would be a cute read-al [...]

    18. Hector likes Hummingbird mostly. Hummingbird's mouth operates at approximately the same rate as his wings, which Hector finds annoying, but finding much-wanted silence doesn't bring the relaxation he had hoped for.This story of friendship treads familiar ground, but the illustrations, done in dazzlingly tropical colors, imbue Hector with innocent grumpiness and Hummingbird with even more innocent adoration. The repetition of events would make this a fun story for a preschool-aged storytime.

    19. The story was great but what drew me in the most was the style of the illustrations. Took me back to some of the picture books written and illustrated in the 1960's when I was born. Off the top of my head, I cannot tell you which ones but I read hundreds of picture books as a kid and over one thousand more as an adult. Of course, the fact that a hummingbird is in the book is a HUGE bonus as i love hummingbirds.Written and illustrated by Nicholas John Frith. Published by Arthur A. Levine Books.#b [...]

    20. Hector and Hummingbird, the best of friends! I appreciated how this book illustrated the fact that being friends is important and filled with fun, but at times friends do not agree and must listen to each other. Sharing feelings, and talking about them with each other, is important. I believe that this book will provide the opportunity for families and friends to talk about what each individual is feeling in a positive way.

    21. Anyone who has a hyper-active friend or relative will understand Hector's frustration with his friend Hummingbird. Hummingbird constantly talks and likes to copy what Hector does. Hector finally finds some peace and quiet only to realize it's not as pleasant as he thought. This book could be used to start a discussion on how to share our feelings in a polite way and how to listen to and appreciate others.

    22. Bear's best friend Hummingbird is on his nerves. Hummingbird is noisy when Bear wants to be quiet, and Hummingbird copies verything Bear does. When Bear takes a break from spending time with his friend, he begins to see that something is missing and the two friends talk out their differences for a happy ending. The book has an added feature which encourages readers to find different jungle animals hidden throughout the vibrant artwork. PreK-2.

    23. Adorable and so cleverly executed. The art is as busy as Hummingbird and positively vibrate with energy and detail. I love the vintage palette and the clever caption design. The story is charming and funny. Adult readers may feel that they have a lot of hummingbirds too which adds to the smiles.

    24. Reminds me a lot of the Bear and Duck books (Goodnight Already) but the setting and illustrations are different enough, it felt fresh. Depending on who I'm hanging out with - I can relate to both Hector and Hummingbird!

    25. A fantastic book about how different kinds of creatures can make the best of friends. Unique and engaging art, and we loved the jungle creature scavenger hunt. A cute, funny book that was a big favorite!

    26. A lovely story about friendship and tolerance. The illustrations are lovely amd there is a wonderful added extra at the end where you need to go back through the book to find the animals listed on the back page. a nice touch.

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