Where We Live and Die

Where We Live and Die The muses are monsters With them we live and die Since his earliest stories Brian Keene has deconstructed the mystique of the writing life Isolation relationships lost long hours inconsistent pay

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  • Title: Where We Live and Die
  • Author: Brian Keene
  • ISBN: 9781621051916
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • The muses are monsters With them, we live and die Since his earliest stories, Brian Keene has deconstructed the mystique of the writing life Isolation, relationships lost, long hours, inconsistent paychecks, and professional heartbreak are all part of the job Keene has unflinchingly laid bare the realities of the full time writer Where We Live and Die collects Brian KThe muses are monsters With them, we live and die Since his earliest stories, Brian Keene has deconstructed the mystique of the writing life Isolation, relationships lost, long hours, inconsistent paychecks, and professional heartbreak are all part of the job Keene has unflinchingly laid bare the realities of the full time writer Where We Live and Die collects Brian Keene s best stories about the writing life, including his metafictional ghost story masterpiece The Girl on the Glider, a glimpse of Adam Senft from Keene s Dark Hollow and Ghost Walk in Hell, and a never before printed spoken word poem encapsulating the history of the horror genre Where We Live and Die is a masterful collection by a Grandmaster of Horror and a fictional guidebook for the working writer.

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    1. Brian Keene's Where We Live and Die is yet another collection of stories from this veteran of the horror genre, it's central theme being all of the tales contained within are about writing in one way or another. Now, some of these links are tenuous - for example, Adam Senft (from Dark Hollow and Ghost Walk) reappears in a story, and because his character is a writer, Keene includes the story here. Others are quite literally about writing, and in some cases, are about him writing in a meta-fictio [...]

    2. Brian Keene's Where We Live and Die is a fantastic insight into the negative impact writing can have on a writer's personal life. Often most casual readers have the misconception that a writer is rolling around in cash if their book sells really well. This is true if your name is Stephen King, unfortunately the average writer barely make enough money to support themselves. Thankfully Brian Keene is here to turn the misunderstanding upside down, so anyone daydreaming to become rich off of writing [...]

    3. I've heard about Brian Keene for a long time now and read his online columns for a couple years, so I was excited to finally spend some quality time with the man. The back cover blurb might be confusing, but these are not writing tips or anything. They are (meta) fictional horror stories featuring writers. THE GIRL IN THE GLIDER takes about 50% of the book and is the sole reason why it exists according to the introduction. Loved the metafictional angle and the paranoia or it. My favorite was MUS [...]

    4. Brief collection of stories about the craft of writing, its demons and muses. The first (and longer) story, "The girl on the glider", is particularly remarkable and I was completely blown away by the way the author dramatically portraits the downs of the job as a horror writer: the solitude and the emotional (and economical) instability of a mid-list author. The author's fierce determination and fingers-on-keyboard inertia are interrumpted here by the presence of a very real ghost. The rest of s [...]

    5. Is there anything author Brian Keene cannot do? He writes novels, comic books, short fiction, produces movies, manages an updated website, organizes conventions, hosts an internationally praised weekly podcast, teaches at universities and has even helped train the FBI at Quantico. Not to mention a connoisseur and renowned critic of exotic bourbons. Let's not forget that. Or the quality time he spends with his family and two sons. For most humans, there are only 24 hours in a day, but what this t [...]

    6. Keene's latest collection is comprised of thematically linked stories about writers and storytelling. The longest seems the best to me, "The Girl on the Glider," a semi-biographical meta-fictional piece, though I also enjoyed "Musings," "The Eleventh Muse," and "Golden Boy," an amusing story that's appeared in a couple of his other collections recently. Keene's writing seems to me to be a little more careful and polished in his short work than in his novels. In "The Eleventh Muse," for example, [...]

    7. With Where We Live and Die Keene continues to amaze me with his abilities to cause fear with more than just the typical here is a monster, or here is a killer. While yes, there are still spooks and supernatural horrors crawling through the pages, Keene also uses reality itself. This collection of tales focuses on writing in some way or another, and most of them deal with struggles and loss as well. I do not want to go too deep into what these short stories are about, but I will say almost all of [...]

    8. A TOP SHELF review, originally published in the September 11, 2015 edition of The MonitorBrian Keene is a respected indie horror writer who has been anthologized with the likes of Stephen King. His latest, “Where We Live and Die: Stories about Writing,” brings together an interesting sub-set of his short fiction: Horror stories centered on or thematically related to writing.The most powerful of these is “The Girl on the Glider,” in which the haunting of an author’s home by the ghost of [...]

    9. "Where We Live and Die" is meta-fiction galore! Every page of this collection is soaked with the blood Keene bleeds in his writing. The collection starts with "The Girl on the Glider" which I've mentioned in other reviews, I've read a couple of times before. It's the longest story in the collection and its a great read."Musings" and "The Eleventh Muse" feel like they are complimentary stories. "Musings" introduces a trio of young girls who possess an uncanny amount of knowledge and insight into [...]

    10. I bought this for the story "The Girl on the Glider," and I'm glad I did. It was, as promised, "powerful, and personal."With the exception of one stinker (I'll let you decide which one that is), this collection of stories about the writing life reeks with brutal honesty - the kind that leaves you shaking your head, numb, and babbling to yourself, "Uh-huh. That's right. Yup. WTF?"Thanks Brian - not so much for providing us with answers, but for reassuring us that the questions are valid ones, tha [...]

    11. Most of them were good, but "The Eleventh Muse" blew me away. i was NOT expecting that ending. That story alone pushed it up to four stars.

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