Project Hyperion

Project Hyperion THE SIGNAL WAS RECEIVEDJon Hudson has become than just the director of the Department of Homeland Security s Fusion Center Paranormal He is now a husband and a father surrounded by a team who have be

  • Title: Project Hyperion
  • Author: Jeremy Robinson
  • ISBN: 9781311720917
  • Page: 276
  • Format: ebook
  • THE SIGNAL WAS RECEIVEDJon Hudson has become than just the director of the Department of Homeland Security s Fusion Center Paranormal He is now a husband and a father, surrounded by a team who have become a family So when a series of strange new threats rise from the depths and fall from the sky, the stakes are higher than everE HARBINGERS ARRIVEWhile Maigo, theTHE SIGNAL WAS RECEIVEDJon Hudson has become than just the director of the Department of Homeland Security s Fusion Center Paranormal He is now a husband and a father, surrounded by a team who have become a family So when a series of strange new threats rise from the depths and fall from the sky, the stakes are higher than everE HARBINGERS ARRIVEWhile Maigo, the young woman who was once a part of the kaiju known as Nemesis, goddess of vengeance, and Lilly, a chimera cat woman, sneak off to investigate Big Diomede, an island with an ancient secret inside Russian territory, two monsters fall from the sky One heads for Tokyo, the other for the already battered Boston Tsunamis rise from the depths, leveling cities The two new kaiju Giger and Lovecraft follow close behind, bringing death and destruction with them And Hudson realizes the horrible truth the Aeros, an alien race plotting mankind s destruction, have sent these kaiju in advanceE WAR BEGINSDrawn by the chaos, and by her connection to people she and her new voice, Katsu Endo, are fond of, Nemesis rises to the defense of humanity But the Queen of the Monsters is not alone Maigo and Lilly unleash an ancient protector known as Hyperion, and the first battle for the fate of the human race, in all dimensions, begins.With the first three Nemesis novels, Jeremy Robinson created a new literary subgenre known as the Kaiju Thriller, a term now being adopted by other authors And like all good Kaiju, Nemesis is growing to epic proportions, spawning a video game, The Fall of Nemesis Colossal Kaiju Combat, and a comic book series titled Project Nemesis, with art by Matt Frank, and published by American Gothic Press, a new imprint of Famous Monsters of Filmland.With Project Hyperion, Robinson introduces two new kaiju and his first giant robot You ll witness the demise of Nemesis Prime, and the kick off of events that will lead to the fifth Nemesis novel.

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    1. I just lost an entire day. 8+ hours of possible productivity and all I did was read. And I regret absolutely none of it.Project Hyperion is the latest in Jeremy Robinson's kaiju series. Each time a new one comes out it's better than the last. This is no exception.Nemesis returns with her new "conscience", Maigo struggles with her humanity, Lilly is a headstrong teenager and Hudson's FC-P family has a LOT on their collective plates. New kaiju threats have emerged, old ones return, and the battle [...]

    2. Project Hyperion, the fourth Project Nemesis book, tears the genre a new one. With a myriad of characters and monsters, the back and forth action, jokes, and pop culture references put the finish on this one nicely. The new monsters are great, with a few twists thrown in to spice things up a little. This is the book where the stuff finally hits the fan, and things will never be the same. My only complaint is I have to wait for more! If you've read them this far, don't stop now!

    3. Entertaining. But a bit like an audio version of a Michael Bey film. There is so much going on all the time you can lose track of who/what's what and who is fighting whom. This is partly due to the narrator, who tends to drag his words out. Maybe that's just his particular American accent, but I found the story rather difficult to follow.Nonetheless it was entertaining and I would download the next book.

    4. If you have enjoyed the previous Nemesis books you are going to want to take the day off work and spend it reading Project Hyperion. Jon, Nemesis and the gang are back, they have new enemies and new allies that just keep you turning the page.Just when you think Jeremy Robinson cannot make the Nemesis series any better he goes and delivers a powerful one, two punch that leaves you reeling and begging for more.

    5. if you like Godzilla movies, you are gonna love this one, Kaiju is the new type of godzilla, huge creatures that are out for vengeance.I highly recommend this series. It is full of adventure - and craziness. It will keep you in suspense on what is going to happen next.i received this book in exchange for an honest review. i love this series.

    6. As with the previous Project books, I loved it! Nemesis is her usual self, but Hyperion is super special. He's a robot, but what a robot. He's also huge, and can do many things. Fighting is a good specialty. Glad he was woken up by Maigo. They seem to have an affinity for each other. Can hardly wait for the next book in the series.

    7. A rare five-star review.Robinson just gets better and better. This book is a milestone in his writing. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    8. Each book in the Nemesis Saga has been able to top itself. Just when you think one can predict where a series is going to go, Jeremy takes you into another yet fun direction. Not only does he takes us into the Origin of Nemesis Prime but to her demise as well. The humor we expect in the Nemesis series is still there, but we also get into the Mind set of the Kaiju what a "voice" is to them. And with Katus Endo as the Voice of Nemesis, we feel what it's like to really be in control of a Kaiju. A g [...]

    9. It's hard to describe what is so much fun about this book without giving things away, but I'll give it a shot. Not only is this a great kaiju book, the story ties together characters from numerous Jeremy Robinson titles in a way that is wholly organic. Were the interactions planned from the beginning? It would be difficult to believe, but if anyone could do it, Robinson could. This book is a non-stop thrill ride and a killer summer read from beginning to end.Now it's on to book #5. I can't wait! [...]

    10. Giant monsters + Ancient giant robot + Aliens + Mutant cat girls = All that is good in life.Sue me, I've been a sucker for kids mind-melding with giant robots ever since young Rob melded his mind with Red Ronin back in the 70's Marvel Godzilla comics. Jeremy Robinson is basically a modern day Edgar Rice Burroughs, a professional pulp fiction writer who makes no bones about it and writes thoroughly entertaining pulp fiction.

    11. fast, fun, and downright silly. novels about giant monsters? sounds dreadful, and I love giant monsters. but Jeremy Robinson keeps it loose and light. over the top adventure that approaches slapstick at times. if you like A. Lee Martinez, or Jim Butcher you're gonna feel right at home.

    12. Tremendous turnaround. Gripping from beginning to end. New worlds through the imagination of Jeremy Robinson just got bigger.

    13. Read this review (and others) at: literatureislife/2015/11/We are finally to Project Hyperion, the most recent book in Robinson’s Kaiju series. When I picked up this book I was very excited; the other books within the series had been pretty good for the most part and this one has a giant robot on the cover so now we are getting some mecha action along with our giant monsters. Overall, I did not like this book. The key issue I had with it was that Robinson tried to do way too much in a single s [...]

    14. In reading Project Hyperion, I’m frankly awe-struck at how preposterous this series has become and yet how convincingly it’s pulled off. Jeremy Robinson is not one for stringing out ridiculous ideas over twenty books if he can cram them into five. And he does. Oh boy, he sure does. At one point in time I thought Project Nemesis was over the top, but compared to the last couple of books the start of the series looks sane and grounded by comparison.Hence the joy of Project Hyperion lies in exp [...]

    15. Though I found Project 731 to be slightly (and I mean very, very slightly) better, Project Hyperion, is by no means a horrible read. Jeremy Robinson continues to up the ante in this series and each successive novel only manages to raise the bar in both scope and story.In Project Hyperion Robinson once again manages to keep the action flowing and the storyline going, only this time, everything is bigger, badder, and far more bad ass. Yes, Nemesis is still here, as are all the main characters and [...]

    16. So I took a detour after Project 731 to read Raising the Past, as that was necessary to have a better understanding of some backstory going into Project Hyperion. I'm glad that I did, but it also looks like I probably should've ready SecondWorld and Nazi Hunter: Atlantis. This author doesn't have any qualms about pulling over characters and story items from different books. I'm totally fine with that, but it can be confusing trying to keep up with it all. Luckily, his books are so much fun that [...]

    17. Project Hyperion is the next in the fabulously popular Kaiju series being written by Jeremy Robinson. More kaiju, more action, more destruction. And a secret kaiju fighting weapon. Jeremy Robinson has continued the story line he started with Project Nemesis. Well written with a very consistent story line. The characters have the same playful, yet fierce personalities that we all have come to love. The story moves right along. If you are reading the series this is a must read. If you like kaiju s [...]

    18. Project Hyperion is the 4th entry in the Nemesis Saga, and brings us to the true beginning of an interdimensional war that could spell the doom of the human race. These books continue to get better and better with each subsequent novel Jeremy Robinson brings us. Just when you think it can't get any better, here comes Hyperion breaking the mold. Now we wait for Legion to come out to step it up even more! Haven't read the series? Love or even like Kaiju? Then read these books, and say hello to Ame [...]

    19. It’s every Godzilla and Mothra movie, combined with every action comic you could ever ask for!LOVED “Project Hyperion.” There are so many great monsters in this book, and so much action, I could see the whole book as a movie in my head! If you like Kaiju, this book is a must read!Some of my favorite characters appear in this novel. Lilly, Maigo, Jon Hudson, Collins, and the rest of the crew are busy saving mankind throughout this book, and the futuristic weapons and armor would make Iron M [...]

    20. Just when you think the series cannot get any better Jeremy Robinson tops the last book with the next one. As a visually impaired reader I listen to the audiobook and the narration was incredible the only drawback of this which is no-fault to anyone is that I did not get to enjoy the artwork. I hear it's fantastic. The pop-culture references throughout the book made me laugh out loud. The action was nonstop and I could not guess what was coming next. I am definitely hooked on the series and cann [...]

    21. Project Hyperion is the 4th book in the Nemisis Saga. If you like Kaiju, giant robots, space aliens, and kick ass weapons and awesome gadgets. Then this book has it all!!It's a fast paced book with tons of action and twists and turns. I absolutely loved this book, by far the best of the saga so far, but that doesn't take anything away from the previous 3 books. I really recommend you read the first 3 because otherwise you will be lost. Anyway, if you're a Jeremy Robinson fan then you know what t [...]

    22. Combining a lot of universes in the end. I was alright with combining the Aeros and the Ferox from Raising the Past and its led to an interesting book but throwing in Milos from the Secondworld book is getting a little much. I hope he doesn't throw in the Chess Team because I really like those books and Pulse got me hooked on him as an author. He's put in references and I emailed him a question but never got a response. I'm still gonna read the next one but, again, I hope he leaves Chess Team ou [...]

    23. I have been a fan of the "kaiju" genre since childhood, only then they were just known as giant monsters that stomped the shit out of Tokyo. Discovering this series has been pure escapist pleasure. I care about the characters and am able to suspend belief and see their world where giant monstrosities are destroying the United States. Yes, monsters in America. These books are what the American version of Godzilla should be, what Clovefield wishes it was.Looking very much forward to next year's co [...]

    24. The latest installment in Jeremy Robinson's Kaiju series may be the best one yet. Nemesis is is back, along with some cool new monsters. The action is non-stop, and there is just the right amount of craziness involved. The thing that I enjoy about this series is that I can suspend reality and get lost in a Kaiju world. I also enjoy the pop culture references that are in the story and the awesomeness of the monsters. I am already looking forward to the next installment!

    25. Originally read 25 Sep 2015; re-read 25 Oct 2016Project Hyperion is another action-packed, fast-paced action thriller that will leave you breathless and waiting for more. As always, the dialogue is funny and filled with pop-culture references that make you grin like a loon. It also brings together other previous stories from the Jeremy Robinson universe to deepen the mysteries! Another well-written winner by Mr Robinson.

    26. Before I even begin, if you are new to Robinson's Kaiju novels I suggest you start with Island 731. That being said, Project Hyperion brought things to a whole new level. In this book Robinson not only continues the saga of Nemesis but he brings in some quite intriguing new creatures as well as a monster battling robot and gives you a WTF ending. Cannot wait to see where things go next!

    27. This is another fantastic sequel in the Nemesis storyline! Mr. Robinson keeps finding new ways to create, and destroy, larger than life monsters, which keeps my attention throughout the series. The addition of the mech is a great twist to help the heroes fend off the invasion. All in all, another status quo homerun for Jeremy Robinson!

    28. Another salvo of awesomeYet another awesome addition the the Nemesis series. We are seeing new allies rise, and new horrors unleashed. For anyone who has enjoyed the Nemesis series, or just likes Kaiju in the first place, this is a cannot miss edition. I read it in one day, since I just couldn't put it down.

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