The Sweetest Burn

The Sweetest Burn The breathtaking second novel in New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost s Broken Destiny series finds Ivy and Adrian rekindling their alliance and passion as the struggle for the fate of the

  • Title: The Sweetest Burn
  • Author: Jeaniene Frost
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The breathtaking second novel in New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost s Broken Destiny series finds Ivy and Adrian rekindling their alliance and passion as the struggle for the fate of the world begins Conquering a supernatural realm turned out to be easier than getting over a broken heart But her initial victory has made Ivy a target for revenge, forcing herThe breathtaking second novel in New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost s Broken Destiny series finds Ivy and Adrian rekindling their alliance and passion as the struggle for the fate of the world begins Conquering a supernatural realm turned out to be easier than getting over a broken heart But her initial victory has made Ivy a target for revenge, forcing her to reunite with the dangerous and dangerously sexy Adrian Ivy isn t sure which will be harder finding the hallowed weapon that will repair the crumbling walls between the demon and human realms, or resisting Adrian, who s decided that come hell or high water, he will make Ivy his At first, Adrian tried to resist his feelings for Ivy Now, determined to break the curse that dooms their love, he s vowed to save her and to have her If only he can persuade her to forgive his past sins But defying destiny and surrendering to the smoldering desire between them will bring consequences and sacrifices they never imagined

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    1. The Sweetest Burn is the second installment in Jeaniene Frost's new-adult/urban fantasy series titled Broken Destiny. This story picks up not very long after the first book The Beautiful Ashes ends, and I admit, I didn't re-read the first book or refresh my memory in any way before starting this one. Since it's been a long three-year stretch in between these two books, it took a little bit to remember all the former happenings but it wasn't too long before everything fell into place. This story [...]

    2. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.I liked this book. After having mixed feelings about the first book in the series, The Beautiful Ashes, I had considered not reading this book. I decided to give it a try in the end and actually liked it more than the first book in the series. I do think that this is a series that needs to be read in order. This book picks up shortly after the events of the first book and is really a continuing story. I am very glad that I made the d [...]

    3. THE SWEETEST BURN is the highly anticipated second book in the Broken Destiny series by Jeaniene Frost. It’s been three years since the first book in the series debuted so I was really wondering what happened to this series and if there was ever going to be a sequel. When I realized that we were finally going to get it, I jumped at the chance at reading it.Now I would it’s important to read this series in order. Or, if you’re like me, to take the time to reread the first book again before [...]

    4. Enthält Spoiler zum Vorgänger!InhaltDie Grenzen zwischen der Menschenwelt und den dunklen Reichen fallen schneller als befürchtet, außerdem wird die Auserwählte Ivy nach ihrem Etappensieg über die Mächte der Finsternis von rachsüchtigen Dämonen gejagt. Notgedrungen tut sie sich erneut mit Adrian zusammen, obwohl er sie verraten hat. Sie weiß nicht, was schwieriger ist: die heilige Waffe zu finden, mit der die Dämonen in ihre Schranken gewiesen werden können. Oder ihrem gefährlich at [...]

    5. Originally posted at Booklovers For LifeIt’s been about three years since the release of the first Broken Destiny book, so as excited as I was to read The Sweetest Burn, I was afraid I just wouldn’t be able to get into the story because it’d been so long since I was immersed in the Broken Destiny world. Thankfully, this didn’t happen – as soon as I opened up the first page of this long-awaited sequel, I was sucked back into this new(ish) world Jeaniene Frost created. It was almost as i [...]

    6. I read the first book in this series, but when I picked up this second installment in the Broken Destiny trilogy, I could not remember a single thing that happened. That’s what happens when a publisher takes a three years pause between books. Even as I continued to read here, very few of the details came back to me. The good news is, Jeanine Frost does such a great job of filling in the blanks, even a brand new reader could jump into this book and understand what’s going on.The biggest thing [...]

    7. Originally posted at SmexyBooks-smexybooks/2017/07/review-The Sweetest Burn is the 2nd installment in Jeaniene Frost’s New Adult fantasy series-Broken Destiny. Book one-Beautiful Ashes– introduced us to a multi-dimensional world filled with demons and angels preparing for war and the one person who can save us. Destiny and the Bible claims that Ivy, the last Davidian, is the only hope humans have to beat back the demons who are readying to inherit the world. She meets and falls in love with [...]

    8. The Sweetest Burn was a long time coming. It took me awhile to bring the happenings of Beautiful Ashes into play since it was 3 years ago this series debuted but I feel that THE SWEETEST BURN can stand on its own.The Sweetest Burn leaves off a few months after The Beautiful Ashes ended. Ivy, her sister and a gargoyle disguised as a seagull are all living in Florida near the beach. Ivy is wondering what the heck has happened to Adrian, since he’s just disappeared from her life. Ivy is fuming ma [...]

    9. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The second book in the Broken Destinies series can be read as a standalone. It is recommended to read the first book to understand how this all begins. Full disclosure, I did not read the first book and I was still fine catching up with Ms. Frost's concise recaps.This is a book filled with conflict and moral lessons. I liked it because the character is constantly in turmoil trying to decide what to do. Ivy is the last descendant of David. As the la [...]

    10. I don't know how to feel about this book. Going to let it simmer a bit before I give it a star rating or type-up my thoughts. Full review to follow.

    11. I found this slow going and a bit dull in places.I didn't like The Beautiful Ashes and only read this because I've enjoyed so many of her other book but not re-reading meant I was a bit at sea with the plot and all the different characters, powers and bloodlines so I found it confusing in places because I had no idea what was going on, you really would need to remember the basic plot and outline of the world to understand it properly. I didn't like Ivy and Adrian's relationship last time and I'm [...]

    12. I think this story tried to hard to be unique and failed. I have to be honest here, I just really didn't enjoy this story. Maybe because of the time in between, but I doubt it. I didn't much like the first book but gave this one a shot.The world building in this story could be great. The premise is interesting enough. However, the execution makes the story come off as ridiculous as sparkling vampires should have been (though they weren't). The black diamond, soul tying and a few other things had [...]

    13. The Sweetest Burn is the second book in author Jeaniene Frost’s Broken Destiny series and after reading, and loving, the first book I was so excited to dive into this second installment. Well, let me just say, it was everything I had hoped for any more.Let me start out by saying that yes, you really should read the first book in the series. I don’t think you’d understand a lot of what was going on with the search Ivy and Adrian are on and you certainly wouldn’t feel the depth of the conn [...]

    14. *Source* Library*Genre* Paranormal Romance*Rating* 3-3.5*My Thoughts*The Sweetest Burn is the second installment in author Jeaniene Frost's Broken Destiny series. 21-year old Ivy Jenkins is the protagonist of this series. It has been 5 months since Ivy learned that minions and demons really do exist. 3 years since The Beautiful Ashes was released, but hey, who's counting! A demon was responsible for killing Ivy's parents, and stealing her sister Jasmine away to a demon realm. Ivy has learned tha [...]

    15. We've waited awhile for this second part to the Broken Destiny series. I'm not upset about it as I know Jeaniene went through a great deal over these past couple of years. I'm just glad we finally have it and I got to read it.It's been so long since I read the first one that I forgot a bit of it but this book does a good job of refreshing points from the previous book but not taking up too much time with that. In the previous book Adrian did everything he could to stay away from Ivy because of h [...]

    16. Full review to come, but stellar work from Jeaniene Frost. I liked this one even better than THE BEAUTIFUL ASHES, and found the chemistry between Ivy and Adrian to be electric. The internal conflicts were standout for me as was the romance. Very much looking forward to book three, because (view spoiler)[that epilogue = gut punch. (hide spoiler)]

    17. Takes too stupid to live to a whole new level. I really enjoyed Frost's Cat & Bones series, but this one and the last Night Prince were such letdowns.

    18. #AudibleRomanceI feel like Tavia Gilbert was in a race to read this one. The narration was way faster than it should've been. I checked my phone to make sure it wasn't set on a faster speed by mistake. I actually slowed it down to .75 speed and it still sounded like she was speed reading. The story continues from the first book and this time it felt like a middle book. You know the book in a series that stretches things out to get you to the last book. I have to say I enjoyed the first book more [...]

    19. See full review at HarlequinJunkieA battle between good and evil of epic proportions, The Sweetest Burn was filled with exciting action, sweet romance, quirky characters, and even a running biblical theme that didn’t overshadow the story. ‘Sometimes, the only choice life gave you was how you handled the things you *didn’t* choose.’I’m new to this series (although I do have book one, The Beautiful Ashes, on my TBR and will definitely be going back to read it!) and this worked well for m [...]

    20. The Sweetest BurnBroken Destiny, Book 2I Picked Up This Book Because: Continuing the series The Characters:Ivy Jenkins:Adrain: Jasmine, Zack, CostaThe Story:Ivy is on her second hunt for a super powerful relic that will seal all the walls to the demonic realms. Demons and minions are fought, betrayals happen (not from Adrian, thank goodness), near death experiences, revelations upon revelations, soul tethering and smoking hot sex all ensue. I liked this story but it didn’t keep my attention li [...]

    21. It breaks my heart to rate this book so low. I love Jeaniene Frost, I mean I LOVE her. I think she is a fabulous writer and I just think she is the sweetest lady I mean I haven't ever met her but she is so sweet in her interviews and in her blogs lol. Anyways, I kind of didn't like this book at all. I can not stand the heroine. Ivy is a moron. She just found out about this whole other world 6ish months ago and she thinks she knows everything. She yells and tells like the head angel guy that he i [...]

    22. It took me a chapter or two to remember everything that had happened in the 1st book (it was 3 years since I'd read it), but I was quickly pulled back into the world and desperate more for Ivy and Adrian to figure things out than if they discovered the staff. Given how the book ended, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Ivy doesn't see Adrian's protection for anything else.

    23. Oh, this book was just freaking fantastic! So much happened, so many revelations, some really tense times, both dangerous and romantic! And that ending, wow! So evil! Ivy and Adrian know what has to be done, and the price, but oh, man! Just evil, that ending!

    24. 3.5-4 stars**Upon a reread of this review, I realized I let some info slip. It's not a spoiler if you've already read book #1 but if you haven't read #1 then you might not want to read this review**This was a pretty good story and addition to the series. This takes place a few months after the end of book #1. Adrian hasn't been around for that time and Ivy is all pissed off thinking he didn't mean what he said and had moved on. What she doesn't know is that someone else put a magical block on Ad [...]

    25. I am always amazed when the first book in a series is so good and yet the second fails so miserably. That is the case with "The Sweetest Burn." I truly struggled to finish this read. I found myself unable to read more than a few pages at a time before I became bored and had to put it down. I kept hoping it would get better the further along I got but it never happened. What's also amazing is that this book was written by such a seasoned author. Oh well, I guess everyone can have an off book. How [...]

    26. I’m one of the lucky people that didn’t have to wait any time between finishing up The Beautiful Ashes and picking up book two in the Broken Destiny series, The Sweetest Burn. Following sheltered, optimistic twenty-year-old Ivy, who is the last descendant of David and is destined to gather three divine weapons that can vanquish demons, as she works alongside Adrian, the last descendant of Judas–who also happens to have been raised by demons, this installment picks up a few months after Ivy [...]

    27.                        I listened to The Beautiful Ashes as a "reread" right before getting The Sweetest Burn.  I was able to get both in digital audio from the library.I was excited to see how they progressed with finding the second artifact. I expected Ivy and Adrian to learn and grow in their pursuit and to further their relationship as they worked together to save the world. These things sort of happened.Neither Ivy or Adrian seemed to learn or grow very much. Ivy's whining ab [...]

    28. So I really enjoyed this book, it didn’t grab me as much as the first one but it still kept me coming back for more. I really love that Ivy has grown from the first book. That she’s now someone who has the mental and physical strength to do what needs to be done. I also loved that Adrian was different this time, that he actually wanted to beat his destiny and yet his nature was still apparent. I hate it when a character is all of a sudden someone completely different. That’s one thing Fros [...]

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