Hell's Gate

Hell s Gate The Union of Arcana has expanded through the portals linking parallel universes for over a century and a half In that time its soldiers and sorcerers have laid claim to one uninhabited planet after a

  • Title: Hell's Gate
  • Author: David Weber Linda Evans
  • ISBN: 9781416509394
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Union of Arcana has expanded through the portals linking parallel universes for over a century and a half In that time, its soldiers and sorcerers have laid claim to one uninhabited planet after another all of them Earth, and in the process, the Union has become the most powerful, most wealthy civilization in all of human history But all of that is about to come to aThe Union of Arcana has expanded through the portals linking parallel universes for over a century and a half In that time, its soldiers and sorcerers have laid claim to one uninhabited planet after another all of them Earth, and in the process, the Union has become the most powerful, most wealthy civilization in all of human history But all of that is about to come to a screeching halt, for the Union s scouts have just discovered a new portal, and on its far side lies a shattering revelation Arcana is not alone, after all There is another human society, Sharona, which has also been exploring the Multiverse, and the first contact between them did not go well Arcana is horrified by the alien weapons of its sudden opponents, weapons its sorcerers cannot explain or duplicate Weapons based upon something called science But Sharona is equally horrified by Arcana s magical weapons Neither side expected the confrontation Both sides think the other fired first, and no one on either side understands the technology of the other But as the initial disastrous contact snowballs into all out warfare, both sides can agree on one thing The portal which brought them together is Hell s Gate itself

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    1. (review November 2015 on something like the 4th or 5th complete read)Hell's Gate is the first book from the Multiverse series which started in mid 2006 expecting to go on constantly for a few volumes, with at least 4 in the initial arc and more if sales allowed it - ending on a "now the main action starts", the second volume Hell Hath no Fury was published a little while later to end at a pause in the action (though still on a semi-cliffhanger in one of the main political subplots), but events o [...]

    2. one of the finest world building i have ever read . but despite the author unsavory need for over explanation and the meaningless soul searching every character is doingthere is lots of naivety

    3. (Corrected typos in March 23, 2016)This one had four stars in the bag and blew it. How? An ending which left the reader not hanging on a cliff but tumbling over it.That said, the universes (yes, more than one) involved were well conceived and developed. That the geography of all of them is identical with the Earth helped the reader locate the action somewhat. The humanoid cast was large, sprawling, and not well enough differentiated from one culture to another. In fact, the bad guys tended to bl [...]

    4. First in the start of a new military sci-fi series, the Multiverse. I know, it sounds like a working series title, but it is accurate.My TakeThe culture shock when Sharona and Arcana encounter each other, not knowing the language of the other, is tremendous with the story a fascinating exploration of how a simple misunderstanding can lead to mistakes that affect the governments of numerous countries and escalate military action. Weber and Evans take full advantage of the variety of human greed a [...]

    5. Compelling story! Two very different civilizations blunder into each other and, through a series of escalating terrible mistakes and misunderstandings, manage to get sucked into a state of war with each other. It's a little heavy on the world-building at times (long internal dialogues or expository conversations between characters), but I actually tend to enjoy that, so it's not too bad!

    6. I can't see ever attempting book 2:Hell Hath no Fury.I found the military aspects of this just completely unbelievable, and with one half of the writing team an author of some of the best military SF available!I could buy the initial opening of hostilities: two guys who don't ever expect to meet another human being, other than their own exploration party, come across another armed man in dense bush, and react badly. But everybody on both sides knows that standing orders are to avoid confrontatio [...]

    7. Dammit, Dave, would you stop writing new universes and finish nevermind. Some of those universes you'll never finish. *sigh* First in a series, not a stand alone, so be prepared to get sucked in. And get the next book lined up now.Openings from one parallel universe to another let the inhabitants of what seems to be the only human-inhabited universe spread out across the multiverse. Until they run into another universe's worth of humans. Even seeing the stupidities coming, it's how the good guys [...]

    8. It can be annoying to read about a situation where it's quite clear that some of the participants have to be idiots to make it an ongoing story and to say that it ends with a cliffhanger would be a massive understatement but I still enjoy anything that combines science and fantasy.

    9. It is an interesting premise, multiple copies of earth tied together through gates. Two cultures meet, neither of them are ours. Therefore, everywhere we know has not one but two new names. To say a picture is worth a thousand words may be an understatement here; the author should have put in a map for each civilization. Maybe I am a little OCD but it started to drive me nuts trying to figure out where the characters were and where they were going.

    10. Good readThis is an interesting take on the concept of parallel universes and traveling through them. It is also a great view of the human mind's bent toward violence, and the paranoid wariness that drowns out the voices of more open minded people. It also shows that, even though we fear the unknown, commonality will win over differences eventually.

    11. Narrator: Mark BoyettVery good. Long. Cool ideas of people with magic and people with technology and mental voicesarted: 2017-09-16.Sep.Sat 15:16:21finished: 2017-09-26.Sep.Tue 16:12:25duration: 37h:32m

    12. I really liked the Safehold series so after finishing it I was ready for something else by David Weber. I started with Hell's Gate because I liked the premise and I like big books. And that is about all the good I can say about it. After slogging through for about three hundred pages, I realized I still did not care at all about any of the characters. They did not generate any real interest because I did not feel that there was anything really at stake. They were not fighting to save humanity. B [...]

    13. Hell’s Gate is a newish military sci fi/fantasy series by prolific writer David Weber and Linda Evans. It’s about two separate earth-like universes exploring portals into other similar universes, leading to an unthinkable meeting in one of these alternative universes, by accident. And, to everyone’s shock and horror, both men who see each other shoot at each other simultaneously (although the Arcanan – the “bad” guys – actually shoots first) and kill each other. Unfortunately, the [...]

    14. Two empires meet on a deserted world Sharona is an emerging techno-culture that relies heavily on wide-spread psychic "talents". Arcana is a "sword-and-sorcery" culture that relies heavily on widespread magical "gifts". The tragic meeting of an Arcanian exploratory platoon with a Sharonian civilian survey team sets off a long-burning fuse which is leading to war. So are the spell-casting Arcanians, backed by dragon cavalry, ready for the machine-gun toting Sharonians, backed by ground artillery? [...]

    15. This is a fairly solid book with a good and unique premise, regrettably the author is facing the challenge of fleshing out not only one world but two, with distinct cultural differences. And this task leads to a lot of potential for confusion, I might have considered the detailed location description in the safehold series sometimes a bit tedious, but I would have loved them in this book.

    16. This book is unusual. It has a totally original basic premise. That is so rare in SF now that it would make this book worth reading for that reason alone. In David Weber it has one of the best authors in current SF, and Linda Evans though not first rank is a very good author as well.So why only three stars? Because unfortunately they have ruined a great book, and turned it into a moderately good book that barely rates those three stars, with some basic errors. The book has far too much expositio [...]

    17. Hell’s Gate by David Weber and Linda EvansBook one of the Multiverse series is a most engrossing 1200 pages. Evan’s and Weber portray two unique civilizations on a road to conflict. Arcana bases their technology on magic. Sharona has psychic talents but bases their technology on science. The multi-universal aspect is that both civilizations have discovered portal to alternate earths that have no populations until they confront each other. David Weber and Linda Evans do a superb job in descri [...]

    18. Over all an enjoyable read but could be slightly better if David Weber would cut back on the ridiculously long convoluted names and stop chasing rabbits to describe minutia.

    19. Very interesting concept of what would happen if a magic based world and a technology based world banged heads. The background is that these two worlds have discovered portals that lead them to identical "earths" so they can reap the resources. Weber and Evans do a terrific job of setting up the background of these two worlds and the confusion of how first contact turns to tragedy. BUT THEN NOTHING HAPPENS! About 800 pages of setting up the next two books of the series. You can't spend so much t [...]

    20. This is a long book that tries to be a space opera but is like two books in one. The first book is thew core story about two civilizations meeting.The second story is the socio political backgroud of everything. I suspect that these two parts were written individually by the two authours and merged into the final product. The result is a book that some will flip through to find the next piece they are interested in (like I did) which I why I only gave this book 3 stars and it could have easily b [...]

    21. Unbelievably insane. Imagine, one universe, totally dependent on magic. Now, another universe, dependent on science and psych talents. Now, they both have found portal's that take them to identical EMPTY universe's, long chains of them Until one day, they meet one another and in a far away universe (approx. 40-60,000 miles away from their home world over LAND), and the two that meet each other, a scout and a hunter looking for food, startle one another, and they both shoot each other. So much fo [...]

    22. Ah David Weber. How much I used to like you. At this point I think I've just read too many of his books. I was really enjoying this one most of the way through, but then it just kept playing the same kind of scenes that I've seen in too many of his books already, and there isn't any good climax to the book at all. Disappointing. Slight Spoiler follows:It was an intriguing idea on the surface (Science world and magic world run into each other at the end of a long chain of portals, misunderstandin [...]

    23. This monster (1200 page) tome has all the Weber hallmarks: lots of vivid characters, complex situations, wild melees, and savage and noble deeds. The world-building that David Weber and Linda Evans accomplished was both ingenious and enjoyable. And I was enjoying it just fine until I came to the realization that this was not going to end when the print ran out on 1207. Sure enough, two additional massive series works are floating around, and one reviewer noted that in the third the plot was fina [...]

    24. I have to give up on this book because it is total crap. It's really disapointing because I like some of the ideas in the story and I think better writers could make a decent book out of it. I got about 600 pages into its 1200 pages and really not a whole lot had even happened yet. I was just slogging through reading about all these two dimensional characters who I could give a damn about waiting for the moment when maybe something would happen in the plot to justify it. Frustrating. So if you s [...]

    25. Magic based society fights tech based society (steampunkish level w/ psionics) over stupid avoidable issues arising from first contact. I liked this better than I rated it, love the way Weber & Evans made the societies complicated, riven with disagreements and internecine complications. Getting a bit tired of his penchant for oligarchical systems (does every society have to have a good and beneficent monarchy?) and his super detailed rifleman squad combat is fantastic but a little tiresome.I [...]

    26. Overall, it was a great world to get lost in. A massive cast of characters that sometimes made following between the two world difficult, but by the end of the book you were understanding and able to switch between both viewpoints quickly. Interesting viewpoints from both sides kept the reader engaged and the conflict between the two civilizations drove the story forward through the large world(s) that were wonderfully constructed. Weber created another interesting universe for his fans to get l [...]

    27. Hoo boy! Weber once again makes clear that he OWNS the military science fiction novel! How he came up with this idea. he ever sleep?Good analysis of people's reactions to events, and like a few other authors (David Brin, Anne McCaffrey), he manages to make each character distinct (Brin is perhaps superior in this ability). But he has SO MANY characters in this series! I keep having to backtrack to reread who he's talking about. At least the second book (currently reading) has a character list in [...]

    28. Two fantasy civilizations exploring the multiverse run into one another, and their contact, to put it mildly, doesn't go well. (This is marketed as a fantasy civ encountering a sci-fi civ, but they are both clearly fantasy.) I was stoked for this premise, as I love multiverses, but this book kills any momentum with the worst case of excessive worldbuilding infodumps I've encountered in a very long time. Despite more than 800 pages of text (37+ audiobook hours), it feels like there are only a han [...]

    29. I actually think the multiverse books are Weber's best. The whole story idea is a little silly, I'll admit, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well Weber and Evans pulled it off. I found myself really caring about the characters and their relationships, cheesy though they may be. This book is not full of profound ideas, but it does pose the challenge of making both sides of a violent conflict seem "right" in their own ways and sympathetic to the reader, and Weber and Evans pulled it off.This [...]

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