You'll Be Mine

You ll Be Mine Green Mountain short story You ll Be Mine Will Abbott and Cameron Murphy are finally ready to tie the knot as long as family friends and a love struck moose don t get in the way Originally in Ask Me

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  • Title: You'll Be Mine
  • Author: Marie Force
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Green Mountain short story You ll Be Mine Will Abbott and Cameron Murphy are finally ready to tie the knot as long as family, friends and a love struck moose don t get in the way.Originally in Ask Me Why, the anthology released on July 7, 2015.

    One thought on “You'll Be Mine”

    1. sorry but this was a wedding only, boring. I don"t care how great the couple is no drama, no laughs. really not worth the cost. Now I know MF can write a great wedding novella her fatal series has an excellent wedding novella. This one was done for the profit.

    2. I adore Will and Cameron so I was looking forward to their wedding story. This was a sweet story I just wish it had been longer.

    3. Finally! The long awaited wedding of Will and Cameron, the couple that introduced us to Green Mountain, the Abbotts, and Fred the Moose. This is a great novella that gives us a quick check in with all of our favorite Green Mountain couples and gives us a front row seat at Will and Cameron's wedding.In true Marie Force fashion, You'll Be Mine is steamy! Not for the faint of heart, but passionate and intimate and loving. There are also lots of laughs, a few little hints into what's coming in the f [...]

    4. Marie Force delivers in this not-long-enough novella of Cam and Will’s wedding! The Green Mountain series is one of my favorites and I love visiting with the big, boisterous and crazy Abbott Family! There are lots of family time and LOTS of pre- and post-wedding sexy time scenes between Cam and Will.Cam’s father also plays an important role in the story and may have been bitten by the love bug himself. There’s also comic relief in the form of the youngest Abbott twins Lucas and Landon as w [...]

    5. A short and sweet read. It was sappy and a little boring, but I'm glad to see Will and Cam have their happy ending. It wasn't terrible, but the writing wasn't the greatest. Plus, being a short, it lacked any kind of real development. I liked the alternating povs and seeing the other characters from the first book of this series, but that's about it. This short was very much what I'd come to expect from this series. The characters are pretty simple and they basically tell you everything you need [...]

    6. An Abbott Family WeddingWill and Cameron finally tie the knot and what an affair it is. With all of Butler a buzz withe the Autumn wedding of part of town royalty, there were little surprises throughout. Fans of the series won't be able to stop smiling as love fills the Autumn air of Vermont.

    7. Finally the much anticipated wedding of Will and Cameron! Of course it wouldn't be official without a visit from Fred.loved this part. This a great novella and and definitely peaks our interest in some upcoming stories! Definitely recommend this one.

    8. Very predictable and so could have been included as a subplot in another of the books in the series. There isn't much of substance here.I would not recommend buyingrrow it if you can first. I know this is not something I'd ever re-tead, and I'm a big "re-reader."

    9. My Review: I have quickly become obsessed with the Green Mountain series and search out anyway to stay in the town of Butler with my favorite characters. I really enjoyed this little novella of Cam & Will's wedding, it had some really sweet touches and did give some nice foreshadowing for later books and relationships. I was waiting the whole story for that one extra uninvited guest and Marie Force did not let me down. I think you could enjoy the series without this novella but it it was a d [...]

    10. Loved being a"guest" at one of the loveliest wedding of two awesome characters and the sweetness and touching episode. Can & Will are so adorable, and the entire book just exudes happiness & joy! Looking forward to spending more time with the *amazing* Abbott family and the entire Butler community!! 🌻🌻

    11. 5 STARS!!!!!This is a sweet novella in this amazing series. It is finally time to be with all of the family to watch Cam and Will say I Do!!!!.Cam and Will are so excited and can't wait to be married. This novella starts a few days before the wedding. We also get a look at Cam's dad Patrick and learn a little more about him. We also get to be in touch with all of the Abbott's and their significant others.The first night Patrick comes into town he flies in his helicopter. She can't believe he don [...]

    12. I'm giving it 2.5, it wasn't bad but since it was under 100 pages and just the wedding I'm glad I got this from the library. Still enjoyed it though

    13. Will and Cam's wedding! What a treat for Abbott fans everywhere!! I think I cried through the whole story simply because I was so happy for them! What a treat! Thank you, Marie Force!!

    14. The moose loves her his family loves her will she stay will she go. Another hit I loved it I won’t give spoilers but I’ll tell you it’s a must read

    15. Another great book by a great authorI have yet to read a b a book by Marie Force and I'll can say I have probably read most poo f what she has written.

    16. You'll Be MineFantastic and full of surprises and love galore. A great family with lots of action. A terrific we wedding and great ending.

    17. Cameron and Will finally tie the knotWhat a wonderful story of Cameron and Will's special day. It was great to get to know Patrick, Cam's father, more than before. It was also interesting to see how well he adjusted to life in Vermont and saw what Cameron and his college friend Lincoln all saw in the small town. And while he complained a bit at the end about small town life vs city life, I have a feeling he is going to be learning to enjoy life in Butler just a bit more with his new love interes [...]

    18. I originally posted my review for this in Ask Me Why where this short story was published:I adore Marie Force’s Green Mountain series! Every story is charming with plenty of sizzle, but Will and Cameron’s romance will always hold a special place in my heart. “Getting to attend” their wedding was a real treat. Will and Cameron’s special bond was brilliantly captured in this novella, with some super hot sexy times, of course! The Abbott family’s love and hilarious antics won Cameron’ [...]

    19. *sigh* You'll Be Mine was perfect. I love this series and the Abbotts are becoming my favorite book family! Will and Cameron's wedding was the perfect representation of their love. It was written so beautifully, that I could see it all in my mind. It wasn't overdone or too flashy, but simple and classic. Just like Will and Cam themselves. This group is so much fun to read about. So many laughs, and so much heart and soul. Getting to see glimpses of the other couples like, Nolan & Hannah, Col [...]

    20. My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: witandsin/2015/07Return to All You Need is Love’s Cam and Will as the two try to wrangle their family and even a local animal or two. It’s Cam and Will’s wedding weekend, and even a reader (such as I) who has not read any Green Mountain books will get swept away by the romance and good cheer of “You’ll Be Mine.” Cam, Will, and their loved ones have sparkling personalities and are easy to adore. Add in some steamy love scenes, matrimonial senti [...]

    21. OMG we all love a wedding but what a wedding this is Will and Cameron's wedding is here and so are all the family and friends as well as Fred!!!!!It was great to get to know a bit more about Patrick, Cam's father and I loved how Cam explained to him her life in Vermont and why she loves it so much. It was funny seeing a man with everything spending some time in the Vermont mountains.The wedding was perfect and I shed a tear thinking about Cam in her mothers dress and how Patrick reacted.Fred tur [...]

    22. You'll be mineWow what a wedding, touching moments between Cameron and her father. What a lovely gesture Cameron had by wearing her mother's wedding dress, her father's reaction was breathtakingly adorable and had a few tears leaking as well. Will abbot is one lucky guy, he's got his girl, his life has definitely taken a turn for the better. Fred on the other hand has to be involved with everything to do with Cameron, his crush is insanely cute but Noah thinks his wife Hannah should stop away fr [...]

    23. Fred the Moose seals the deal!A romance that started with a car crash into a Moose, mud season, and an unwanted store website. The instant attraction between Will Abbott and Cameron Murphy turned to full-out love and it’s time for a Butler, Vermont royal wedding! Will and Cameron are more than ready to wed. Cameron honors her late mother with a special tribute, her father shows up in grand style, and the Abbott boys are well, Abbott boys. As the magical day winds down, Fred the Moose shows up [...]

    24. This novella is all kinds of AMAZING, ADORABLE, SWEET, WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE and I LOVE IT!It's a continuation of Will & Cam's love story as they prepare for their wedding, have their wedding and a bit more after it.It has no conflict but I appreciated it and enjoyed it even more because of the lack of it. It's the celebration of the first couple in the series (my favorite) and it didn't need drama to triumph or be better.Every Abbott member along with Patrick Murphy, friends and Fred (of co [...]

    25. Marie is my favorite author. I dropped everything to start this book last night. LOVED every single minute. I love this family. I love this town. I love Fred. Cameron wearing her mom's wedding dress brought tears to my eyes. I loved the tease with Patrick and Mary. I hope that story comes soon. Everything about this story was perfect except it was just too short. I couldn't believe the progress % on my kindle just kept increasing at an alarming rate. I wanted to slow down and savor every word an [...]

    26. I really loved this story and had devoured it within an hour and half of it landing on my kindle! I would also happily recommend it to everyone who has read the previous Green Mountain stories, and encourage anyone who hasn't to rectify that as soon as possible.This series and author is a huge favorite of mine, and I always look forward to new releases, knowing that I'm never going to be disappointed and that is certainly the case with the story of Will and Cameron's wedding and I can't wait to [...]

    27. I loved Will and Cam's story so when I found out there was a novella for their wedding, I knew I just had to read it. I realize that I should've waited to read it since I have not read the others in between and there are already couples in this one, but that's OK. I liked seeing her dream day play out, including her deceased momma and of course Fred the Moose. I did get a little teary eyed from it all but loved every minute of it!!

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