Florence Foster Jenkins: The Diva of Din

Florence Foster Jenkins The Diva of Din Although she may have passed away than years ago Florence Foster Jenkins is about to become a star Dubbed the worst opera singer of all time and the queen of the sliding scale Florence couldn t c

  • Title: Florence Foster Jenkins: The Diva of Din
  • Author: Darryl W. Bullock
  • ISBN: 9781514362426
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Although she may have passed away than 70 years ago, Florence Foster Jenkins is about to become a star Dubbed the worst opera singer of all time and the queen of the sliding scale, Florence couldn t carry a tune in a bucket, yet she managed to sell out Carnegie Hall and every one of her 1940s recordings is still available today.Florence Foster Jenkins story is oAlthough she may have passed away than 70 years ago, Florence Foster Jenkins is about to become a star Dubbed the worst opera singer of all time and the queen of the sliding scale, Florence couldn t carry a tune in a bucket, yet she managed to sell out Carnegie Hall and every one of her 1940s recordings is still available today.Florence Foster Jenkins story is one of triumph in the face of adversity, of courage and conviction and of the believe that with dedication and commitment one can achieve anything.Today, thanks to Meryl Streep, who plays Florence in the upcoing movie of her life, Florence Foster Jenkins is about to be discovered by a whole new audience.

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    1. The biography of Florence Foster Jenkins starts off on a high note -- well written and condensed -- but quickly spirals into oblivion. It seems as if the first two chapters were researched and drafted leisurely while the remaining chapters were rushed for publication.

    2. It's an easy, quick read. Her birth, her marriage, and her extensive singing career are recorded here. It's not a very personal account, but it's good if you're only hoping to learn about her life on the surface.

    3. Three stars for the writing; four and a half for the subject.I have always been one of those folks who laughed at Madame Florence's warbly arias and wondered about whether or not she was putting one over on her listeners. This book, in conjunction with the recent movie starring Meryl Streep, has given me a totally different picture of who Florence Foster Jenkins was: music lover, patron of the arts, generous, childishly vain, superstitious and, like the rest of us, wanting to be loved. Worth rea [...]

    4. 2-1/2 stars. One the plus side, this biography of the infamously bad opera singer is short and quite readable. On the minus side, it is a bit of a mess, wandering here and there, as though the author had a deadline (he probably did--the opening of the recent Meryl Streep movie) and have time to get it in shape. He's done his research in terms of her musical performances and her early years, but Jenkins never comes to life, and her relationship with her common-law husband (Hugh Grant in the movie [...]

    5. I'm sure Florence Foster Jenkins had an interesting life, but you wouldn't get any insights about that from THIS snide, gossipy and poorly written biography. Bullock substitutes hearsay for research and tells it all in a chronologically incoherent fashion that provides way too much detail about the uninteresting things and zero insights at all to the most fascinating conundrum of all: how did such a promising young musician come to be known as the world's worst opera singer? That question isn't [...]

    6. A very interesting character and this short biography doesn't go into the minutiae, so it is a pretty quick read. An even quicker way to learn about her is the film, Florence! Foster!! Jenkins!!! Meryl Streep is terrific. Best quote from Florence, and word to live b:"They may say I couldn't sing, but they can never say I didn't sing"

    7. A short quick read about a very interesting and eccentric woman, "Florence! Foster!! Jenkins!!!" The title says it all and the exclamations totally describe her appeal to the public. I became intrigued after watching the movie about her starring Meryl Streep, who can do no wrong in my opinion, and seems to have gotten this character, as she always manages to do, down pact. I knew little to nothing about Madame Jenkins and just had to find out more. I was not disappointed and it appears she was e [...]

    8. If you have not seen the 2016 movie, Florence Foster Jenkins, you need to. It's hilarious and sweet. This book gives some background of the life of this infamous woman from Wilkes-Barre, PA, who loved to sing but had no sense of pitch. She had the means to sponsor her own operatic recitals and many friends to fill the seats. Author quotes critics and friends to fill in the details.

    9. After seeing the movie, it is good to get more background on her life. She believed in herself and I think that is why people so enjoyed her terrible voice. They could feel how much she enjoyed entertaining.

    10. Hard to explain the phenomenon of Florence Foster Jenkins, but this author does a good job of it. Most enjoyable are all the clever, sarcastic, flattering, ridiculing, critical reviews of her performances.

    11. Too impersonal. It seems the author only gathered public records and newspaper articles and threw them together in a hodgepodge.

    12. Brief overview of Madame's life. More of an expanded timeline - in fact the last 50 pages are a timeline. The author seems to like his subject and does not mock at all.

    13. this was a very light read. her celebrity, just for being a celebrity , is not unlike those of celebrities today, who are famous despite a lack of talent. I wish i could have met her.

    14. Short, entertaining bio of the world's worst opera singer. The movie of the same name (minus the !!!) stays pretty close to the true story. If I had to choose one, I'd take the movie.

    15. Eccentric socialite Florence Foster Jenkins (1868-1944) was the laughingstock of the New York City's smart set during the 1930s and 40s. This wealthy heiress was best known for her florid vocal performances and her complete inability to hit the proper notes. Her shows always sold out, but she didn't understand that underneath their applause and cheers, her adoring audiences were barely suppressing their laughter at her campy costumes and dreadful voice. As one critic wrote, "Jenkins' performance [...]

    16. Florence Foster Jenkins: The Life of the World's Worst Opera Singer by Darryl W. Bullock (The Overlook Press 2016) (780.92). Florence Foster Jenkins was the laughingstock of the operatic world in the 1940's. She was an American woman of means who set her sights on becoming a famous operatic coloratura soprano. She eventually performed at Carnegie Hall to "wild" acclaim. So what's the story here? The story is that, although she believed herself to be a world-class talent who appeared on the world [...]

    17. I hope Mr. Bullock works in the entertainment industry. He certainly should. He cares about all the right things to make it there. Mr. Bullock certainly did his research. He poured real labor into it. But the result is that even after having read the entire book I feel like I've never met Florence Foster Jenkins. So what is in the book? A dizzying, giddy list of who-knows-whod even speculating like any giggling gossip on who the people in the story might have met ("Florence might have shaken Ru [...]

    18. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Florence Foster Jenkins was such a fascinating person. Before there was American Idol and X-Factor, she was the William Hung of her time despite the fact that she didn't have the vocal skills to be a truly great opera diva. In Darryl W. Bullock's book, we get an interesting insight into her life from a silver spoon child of privilege to becoming a New York socialite. Playing tiny recital halls, she finally made the big time by playing Carnegie Hall (w [...]

    19. A charming introduction to an unforgettable woman. I first heard about Mrs. Foster Jenkins on NPR, when the film about her life was in theaters last year. Haven't seen that yet, but this book makes me want to look for the DVD. We don't get in-depth coverage of her every thought here, leaving one to wonder how she really couldn't hear how badly she sang. Perhaps she was an early devotee of the power of positive thinking. But her enthusiasm for music and opera, and her staunch efforts to support t [...]

    20. Sympathetic portrait of the Worlds Worst Opera Singer. I skipped the early part of the book, giving her ancestors' history, but when Bullock talked about her, it was fascinating. Two things I didn't know: Even though she is most well-known for her concert at Carnegie Hall in 1944, she had been giving recitals for years. Also, she sang that concert when she was in her 70's; almost nobody can sing very well at that age. The point he kept making was how beloved she was by many people, including wel [...]

    21. A quick read. It had the information I was looking for; I don't think it needed to be much longer. I am curious to hear Madame Jenkins now, before I see the movie and get Meryl Streep's voice in my head.

    22. I picked up this little book when I saw it at the Library partly because I had recently seen the movie and wanted to check the facts, but mostly because I was trying to reach my goal of 50 books. But I found the story very touching and liked Florence even more than I did after the film.

    23. A disappointment. I found the book to be rather boring and although it's rather slim, it's padded with filler. There are too many names with too much extra information. You're probably better off seeing the movie, which will be much more entertaining.

    24. I was very interested in reading this book in preparation of seeing the movie. I found it long and tedious and not entertaining. The book appears to have been written as a historical record of her life but as a reader, I would rather watch the movie and be entertained.

    25. Very enjoyable read. Lots of information not in the movie, especially what happened after her death.Didn't know we were from the same hometown.

    26. I couldn't wait to read about Florence Foster Jenkins after seeing the movie. What a fascinating and inspiring woman. Follow your dreams!

    27. Short and entertaining, though it doesn't explain how Florence went from a seemingly promising vocal student to one of the worst singers of the time.

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