Edge of Reason

Edge of Reason E D G E Security is a covert international organization that handles jobs most governments won t The operators are the elite of the elite soldiers and spies chosen for their skills and secrecy and

  • Title: Edge of Reason
  • Author: Trish Loye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • E.D.G.E Security is a covert international organization that handles jobs most governments won t The operators are the elite of the elite, soldiers and spies, chosen for their skills and secrecy, and their ability to go beyond the edge Captain Cat Valkyrie Richards knows it s easier to be alone As a special ops soldier she s worked too hard to achieve what she has t E.D.G.E Security is a covert international organization that handles jobs most governments won t The operators are the elite of the elite, soldiers and spies, chosen for their skills and secrecy, and their ability to go beyond the edge.Captain Cat Valkyrie Richards knows it s easier to be alone As a special ops soldier she s worked too hard to achieve what she has to jeopardize it by having a fling with a fellow soldier Besides, she tried that once and the results almost shattered her Now she s stronger and focused on the mission at hand Nothing will distract her As a Navy SEAL, Rhys Lucky Lafayette knows how to achieve a mission no matter what the odds and when Rhys sees Cat he zeroes in on his target She let him get close once before and he s determined to make her see the benefits of it again But when E.D.G.E sends the pair to recover a senator s son kidnapped by the Boko Haram, the simple rescue turns into something much darker and deadlier Will Cat and Rhys be able to forge themselves into the necessary fighting force able to accomplish the mission or will they be pushed to the edge of reason.

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    1. Edge of your seat exhilarating Cat and Rhys met during a battle more than a year ago. They worked along side one another during the temporary deployment that Jake and Rhys had went through to determine if they were truly interested in joking the EDGE team. Chemistry was sizzling between the two immediately, but with Cat's previous relationship with a teammate weighing on her mind, she decides not to give their romance a chance. Rhys is determined to make her his one way or another. After their f [...]

    2. I loved this book so much. I especially like books with a strong independent heroine who can kick ass just as well if not better then the boys. If thats what you are looking for this book is for you. The characters are all well thought out and the story gives you an idea of what its like when you have to follow orders even if you know its not the right thing to do. The push and pull of Cat and Rhys's relationship and its development is done at a good pace for these characters and is not rushed. [...]

    3. A disappointment for me personally because I had high hopes for how gender inequality in the military might be tackled here. Instead, there were so much posturing, overreactions and chips (or should I say boulders?) on the shoulder moments that just left me unable to enjoy Cat and Rhys together. Especially when mutual respect and understanding took a way long time to come. If I thought Dani (the hr in the first book) was too strong to need anyone, Cat surpassed this particular benchmark by a hun [...]

    4. I don't read books to balance out equality in a male dominated world, as some reviews have been disappointed with this book. I also don't only read military books - in fact this in only my 3rd set of military series. I also haven't read anything by this author b4 - other than edge security book 1. I can choose a book to read just on the book cover alone - I can b shallow like thatHowever, for me. this book was ace! I have to concentrate enough as I'm not military savvy and there's lots of twists [...]

    5. Nice seriesI am really enjoying this series. I loved Rhys in the first book. His ready smile and Cajun accent were too adorable to resist. He was exactly what Cat needed. When Cat was on a mission, her Valkerie persona took over, and she was completely confident and ready to kick butt. When not on a mission, Cat lost that confidence and suffered from insecurities about her femininity and ultra tall and well muscled form. Fortunately, Rhys was practically a giant and appreciated the toned body an [...]

    6. Edge of ReasonEdge of Reason. This was a great adventure. Being a female Veteran, Cat hit the nail on the head discussing the challenges we faced. I can't wait for the next book.

    7. A very hot romance lying just beneath the story with a military foundation.Knowing words used by soldiers in advances is a plus but not necessary.

    8. Not sure why I skimmed this one. I really enjoyed Dani and Jakes book but for some reason I found myself skimming a good bit for Cat and Rhys bookd I can't put my finger on why. Maybe it was all of the attention put on Cat's personal dating life and how men treated her like crapok I get it.g a woman in a mans career field is toughbut every single guy (outside her team) thinks she's inferior? Seemed a bit of an overkill to mebut just one persons opinion. I think I'll read another author for now a [...]

    9. Valkyrie and LuckyI am always excited when I find a new series that pulls me in and doesn't let go. Book One is a great standalone series opener with an HEA and introduces the main characters and the shadow agency they work for. This book follows in it's footsteps. Valkyrie is a captain and team leader at EDGE who helped extract a SEAL team in enemy territory as book one begins. Lucky was one of the SEALs she rescued. He finished out an assignment before accepting a job with the shadow agency, a [...]

    10. Hard-edged thrillerExcellently written, this is the second book in a series of what look to be awesome stories. Cat is a strong woman, confident in her abilities as a soldier yet constantly challenged by men who clearly suffer from an inferiority complex, leading to a nonp-existent dating life. Rhys is a strong man, confident in his abilities as a soldier yet struggling to see Cat as his superior and equal instead of a woman to be protected. Coupled with the raging attraction he has for her and [...]

    11. This is the second book in the Edge series and I enjoyed it as much as the first. I have the Third book to look forward to and will start it very soon. I really knew nothing of SEAL, the mystery and intrigue of overseas missions, terrorist activity etc. but Trish brings it all to life in this series.A very compelling read, hard to put down once you start reading. Having a bit of romance thrown in is nice too. I love the way the different characters from each book show up and tie things together. [...]

    12. I enjoyed this economy book in the series more than the first one,Edge of Control, but I wouldn't have discovered her if not for the first book. Edge of Reason seemed more fleshed out than Edge of Control. There was more interaction between Rhys & Cat, allowing their relationship to grow. Jake and Dani's story just seemed too fast, without time to develop.I do like that romance is mixed in with adventure and intrigue. I also like that they have real missions requiring the use of their many s [...]

    13. OMGAnything or where to start with this book I loved it loved it characters really well written put together and just really wild . Finally author who isn't afraid of using strong woman as a character with just enough softness to remember she's a woman . Thank you thank you thank you I just can't say enough to let readers know how much I enjoyed this book. Intertwining reality with romance.

    14. Could not put down Cat is the team leader of Alpha squad at EDGE. She is a no nonsense strong women. Rhys is a Navy Seal assigned to the EDGE team. These two have some major chemistry and fight it as much as possible. They are sent on a mission that goes wrong. Rhys is having a hard time not wanting to protect her which is messing things up. These two have to figure out how to make everything work and save the ones counting on them.

    15. TruthI am so glad that you have written this series. Being able to read about the real threats that our elite military and undercover ops agencies are there to protect us from is refreshing. Even though we never truly know what they are doing. I know they don't do it for praise, being from a military family, they do it because they want to. Thanks for all they do. Keep the series going.

    16. O.K. Story. Liked the action. I liked the action scenes in this second book of the EDGE series, but there wasn't enough "steam" between the main characters. So the romance side was quite boring. I do like a strong female lead, and I was relieved to see that Cat had a normal upbringing. No dramatic past to overcome. That particular storyline way is overdone.

    17. Great seriesI have a set of authors who I read exclusively, found this series & fell in love immediately!! Needless to say added Trish Loye immediately!! Geat action, great characters & strong women. The women aren't whining,babbling dummies but what really make the books great!! Can't wait for #3!!

    18. WowJust a good as the first one! Action packed and hot and steamy some seriously awesome writing. Enjoyed this one a bit more than the first because I felt like I got more from both sides of the relationship. Can't wait to read the next one.

    19. Thrilling and excitingI loved that the female lead was a strong kick mass soldier. This was better than the first book in this series. Well written, and exciting to read as it was based around current events. Looking forward reading the next book in the series.

    20. Edge of Reason by Trish Loye 5 StarsI love Trish Loye's writing style. I love her strong characters that aren't afraid to show emotion. I can't wait for more books from the Edge Security Series.

    21. So good Love this story. They the relationship. All this author characters has so much deep. U can about all the characters from the being to the end of the book and I can't wait for the next book.

    22. Great read, love the strong women AND their strong menHigh quality writing for a kindle unlimited freebie. Engaging characters and plot. LOVE LOVE LOVE the strong, independent women. Love that the tough alpha guys admire rather than dominate them!

    23. Enjoyed the writing, however always when the woman in in command why does she need to be saved by the man? Can't she be competent enough to do her job herself?

    24. Tough leaderNice to read a book about a tough female leader. Characters were perfect. Good book. Love the military books and author loye

    25. Great SeriesAm enjoying this series. Characters are interesting. Love these action and romance books. Thanks for a good read. Can't wait to start next book

    26. Gd bookReally enjoying this series. Full of drama and intrigue. Hot sexy alphas and equally capable and feisty females. Looking forward to the next book.

    27. Action Packed!Loved the struggle Cat goes through. Relates to most women in power! Love how Rhys never gives up in her even when most men would!

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