Discovering Your Roots: an Introduction to Genealogy (Great Courses)

Discovering Your Roots an Introduction to Genealogy Great Courses None

  • Title: Discovering Your Roots: an Introduction to Genealogy (Great Courses)
  • Author: John Philip Colletta
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Audiobook
  • None

    One thought on “Discovering Your Roots: an Introduction to Genealogy (Great Courses)”

    1. As someone who greatly enjoys listening to cds in my car from the Great Courses collection [1], and who has a strong interest in genealogy and family history [2], this course was obviously one that I enjoyed a great deal and would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone with the same interests. It is clear and obvious why this particular instructor, even with a somewhat irritating voice, received the chance to teach this course. This is a demanding course, and will challenge anyone who takes it serio [...]

    2. I "borrowed" this from my local library and listened to it during my work commute. Truly a must-listen for an amateur genealogist such as myself.It is very intense! Jam packed with great information valuable gem after another. I highly suggest listening when you can totally focus and writing down relevant notes. He injects humor as well, which is nice. A fabulous teacher with a smooth voice tone (never too high or low), able to bridge a story to a point he is trying to make to drive it home. Yes [...]

    3. Great for beginners and stuck intermediate researchers. I have been researching on and off using the obvious and easy sources for a couple years now. I have reached a few brick walls in my research and decided to take a basic genealogy course. While looking at local course options I happened to see Audible advertising their offerings in the "Great Courses" series. This course has helped me ensure I am covering all of my bases, and given me additional websites, sources, and ideas for moving forwa [...]

    4. A pretty fair series on lectures on getting into genealogy. One could do far worse as an overview course of instruction on the subject. It appears that the accompanying PDF file is comprehensive if not verbatim from the lectures. Plus, the PDF contains the references from the lectures, it appears.

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