What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours

What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours From the award winning author of Boy Snow Bird and Mr Fox comes an enchanting collection of intertwined stories Playful ambitious and exquisitely imagined What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours is clever

  • Title: What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours
  • Author: Helen Oyeyemi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the award winning author of Boy, Snow, Bird and Mr Fox comes an enchanting collection of intertwined stories Playful, ambitious, and exquisitely imagined, What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours is cleverly built around the idea of keys, literal and metaphorical The key to a house, the key to a heart, the key to a secret Oyeyemi s keys not only unlock elements of her characFrom the award winning author of Boy, Snow, Bird and Mr Fox comes an enchanting collection of intertwined stories Playful, ambitious, and exquisitely imagined, What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours is cleverly built around the idea of keys, literal and metaphorical The key to a house, the key to a heart, the key to a secret Oyeyemi s keys not only unlock elements of her characters lives, they promise further labyrinths on the other side In Books and Roses one special key opens a library, a garden, and clues to at least two lovers fates In Is Your Blood as Red as This an unlikely key opens the heart of a student at a puppeteering school Sorry Doesn t Sweeten Her Tea involves a house of locks, where doors can be closed only with a key with surprising, unobservable developments And in If a Book Is Locked There s Probably a Good Reason for That Don t You Think, a key keeps a mystical diary locked for good reason Oyeyemi s creative vision and storytelling are effervescent, wise, and insightful, and her tales span multiple times and landscapes as they tease boundaries between coexisting realities Is a key a gate, a gift, or an invitation What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours captivates as it explores the many possible answers.

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    1. Some writers sideswipe you below the knees and knock you over. There you lie, breathless, with the world looking strange and incomprehensible, until you realize it's pretty amazing seeing ordinary things become extraordinary. That's as close as I can come to describing the experience of reading Helen Oyeyemi. I love her reliance on stories within stories which take her work to unexpected and untamed places. She seduces you so that when you finish reading you surface someplace unexpected that you [...]

    2. Reading Helen Oyeyemi is like working out with a friendly but very aggressive personal trainer. At some point, you’re going to find yourself splayed out on the mat, panting like an animal and protesting that it’s too hard, you can’t do one more set. And then she'll blow her whistle in your face and cheerfully scream at you to get a move on. In much the same way as a good, hard workout eventually leads to an endorphin-fueled breakthrough, Oyeyemi’s short stories eventually clarified for m [...]

    3. The short stories in this collection are inherently weird, but Oyeyemi makes it work with her transformative, deeply moving, and well-crafted style. These are stories about a variety of characters—from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, sexualities—and I loved how certain characters were woven into each other's lives. Recognizing a character in a newly told tale and feeling connected to them for having known other parts of them in a previous story was the best feeling. And also i [...]

    4. This was my first read by Helen Oyeyemi, and it was definitely an interesting one. However, I must admit that her way of telling a story doesn't appeal strongly to me. Her stories are all entwined in some way, so that characters from one story suddenly appear in another, and that part was fine with me. It was the fact that her stories are quite messy and confusing that I didn't really like. I'm okay with open endings - I actually prefer them to closed endings - but I don't like it when the story [...]

    5. One astonishing, gulp-it-down, re-read it for deeper truths story ('books and roses', the opener) then just a long, slow ride of WTF? and thoughts of "what am I missing?" told in beautiful but impenetrable prose. Phrases caught me repeatedly (although none that feel shareable out of context), but overall I just didn't have the key to this house. (You'll get the reference if you've read it.)-------------------I received an advanced reader's copy of this title from the publisher in exchange for an [...]

    6. congratulations! semifinalist in ' best fiction category 2016! books and roses"sorry" doesn't sweeten her teais your blood as red as this?drowningspresencea brief history of the homely wench societydornička and the st. martin's day goosefreddy barrandov checks in?if a book is locked there's probably a good reason for that don't you think

    7. 3.5 StarsWeird, sometimes wonderful, but… just as often crazy-weird, as in if she was sitting across from me telling me these stories, I would either suspect she had taken some magical mystery tour courtesy of Timothy Lear’s medicine cabinet, or she needed drugs of another kind. “books and roses” – This was my favorite, and the reason I kept reading the remainder of the stories. What’s not to like about a story including a mysterious library and a locked garden? “A library at night [...]

    8. Helen Oyeyemi may be one of the most imaginative writers working today so it is no surprise that her story collection astounds and amazes. Using the metaphorical (and often literal) conceit of keys, the stories tackle themes of discovery, connections, and belonging.The first story – my personal favorite – is entitled Books and Roses and reveals Ms. Oyeyemi at her finest. It begins (as do many in this collection) as a fabler: “Once upon a time in Catalonia a baby was found in a chapel.” A [...]

    9. bigarurre: "a medley of sundry colors running together" and/or "a discourse running oddly and fantastically, from one matter to another"I was mesmerized by Oyeyemi's dizzying imagination from the start. Her stories flow seamlessly and morph into unexpected shapes within the turn of a sentence. You come to think you're reading about an abandoned baby left at a monastery, but by then you're following the life of a laundress, getting lost in a library where books whisper and rustle in the night, an [...]

    10. 3.5 stars rounded down to 3.A somewhat mixed but still magical bag from Helen Oyeyemi. Although her prose is memorable and unparalleled and her ability to craft a story is a thing of wonder, there's always a severe degree of disconnect from her narrative that keeps the reader from being fully immersed - something where the pieces are all there on the page, all the key elements of a good story, but it leaves me wanting something more, a more tangible way of understanding the motives of her charac [...]

    11. I love, love, loved Mr. Fox. I did not love this one quite as much, but I did like it quite a bit. It's about the ghosts of connection and missed opportunities and prejudice and metaphors that are more real than reality. It's about people who love shadows, people who are trying to understand and getting in their own way, people who can't quite trust and are eaten up inside. It's got modern issues without ever being about "modern life" in an annoying way, it stays mythic and has a wide ranging le [...]

    12. Gave up. Really sorry, book clubbers. But, I'm gonna die one day, and I just can't waste my precious reading time on stuff that's trying so painfully hard to be weird and shocking.

    13. This is a collection of short stories, each with interesting and somewhat magical settings that are refreshing and fun to read. However, I found myself a little lost in some of the stories wondering how I missed a turn here and a clue there, and my biggest problem with the tales is that they didn't end with quite the umph I imagined or wanted.A few concepts that describe some of the action: puppets that come alive, orphans left with benefits, evil rulers, female lovers, magical lands, dreams tha [...]

    14. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestThere are two kinds of literature in the world: the kinds that make sense & the kinds that don't. In recent years, the kind of literature that don't make sense have become popular, lining the shelves in hipster bookstores, as devoted hipster-lit aficionados have long arguments about "what the author really meant." (And don't tell me that Helen Oyeyemi isn't hipster-lit, because I was in a hipster bookstore recently, & she had an entire dis [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.4.5 starsAn engrossing, often elusive collection of short storiesI'd heard great things about this book, so was very excited to hear that I'd received a copy. I wasn't quite sure what to expect though; some reviewers raved about it, others seemed a little baffled, so my curiosity was piqued!My opinion? Oyeyemi is a highly original writer, and I love the fact that she's uncompromising. She doesn't simplify things for [...]

    16. Oh wow, how I love Helen Oyeyemi's writing. Her novels are like labyrinths: disorienting and a little scary, but they leave you with such a charming impression that you'll always remember them once you're finished. The same goes for these short stories, and although I didn’t love all of them, I did find them hard to forget. In What is Not Yours is Not Yours you’ll find a collection of stories wherein a variety of characters – from different ethnicities, sexualities, religions – are all s [...]

    17. You told me about how stories come to our aid in times of need. You'd recently been on a flight from Prague, you told me, and the plane had gone through a terrifyingly long tunnel of turbulence up there in the clouds. "Everyone on the plane was freaking out, except the girl beside me," you said. "She was just reading her book--maybe a little bit faster than usual, but otherwise untroubled. I said to her: 'Have you noticed that we might be about to crash?' And she said: 'Yes I did notice that act [...]

    18. Three stars isn’t a bad rating and this isn’t a bad short story collection, but I have to say, I’m disappointed. I knew that I liked Helen Oyeyemi’s writing going into this (and I still do!), plus, the blurb sounded super intriguing and all the right people (aka people whose opinions I trust) liked it – all of this combined and I had very high expectations going into this collection. And while there were some pretty great stories, quite a few of them left me more confused than anything [...]

    19. I mostly enjoyed this collection of stories, all of which feature locks and keys (although I'm not sure I actually noticed that myself ), and all of which contain some speculative or magical realism element. Many of the stories have the same characters popping up on the edges, so they're all in the same universe. I did enjoy seeing how characters from one story were viewed by the main character of another story. However, while I found these all gripping and incredibly well-written, at the same t [...]

    20. This gorgeously undulating collection of stories sits somewhere on the edges of this world, where magic exists unquestioned and unexplained, lurking horrors softened by the veil between reality and fantasy and always overcome - just like the old fairytales. These could even be new fairytales, for all that they disregard the tropes of Masculine and Feminine segregated into clearly defined roles. There is even a retelling, of sorts, of Little Red Riding Hood - though the wolf is not a wolf and Red [...]

    21. Disclaimer: Do not let this somewhat of a review stop you from trying this. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the writing or the book in fact, the abandoning is a consequence entirely of my own tastes.I couldn't do it. In the beginning I was intrigued but six stories in and I was just left scratching my head. I cannot take it! I CANNOT! This is for sure the last of Oyeyemi's work I am going to try.

    22. I found these stories difficult, enthralling, fairy-tale-like, and haunting. Whether it's a group of puppeteers and their life-like (just "like"?) puppets or a husband and wife trying out a new way of invoking the missing or dead, each story is a jewel, hard and glittering. Some were less enchanting than others but all were interesting and of value. I got a little weary at times of the fairy tale tone which is why I'm rating 4 stars instead of 5. 4.5 would probably be most accurate. I loved Oyey [...]

    23. By just a few pages into the first story, I was reminded again of how much I love Oyeyemi's fabulous storytelling style. I'm generally not a fan of short stories and, though I've read a few collections, I often don't make it all the way through a book of short stories because I get too bored with them or the quality varies too much between stories. Not so with Oyeyemi's collection. Each story is meaty enough to feel completely satisfying; I love that she weaves a couple of common themes through [...]

    24. This is a lovely book of short stories: they are often surreal and occasionally baffling, but nonetheless beautiful. Oyeyemi’s free-flowing imagination results in a wholly original collection of stories: one never knows what will happen next, or what byways the story might take us down before the end. Locks and keys are a recurring motif, but not the only commonality – six of the nine stories are set in contemporary England, and characters from earlier stories regularly reappear. This isn’ [...]

    25. Το What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours είναι από εκείνα τα βιβλία που μπήκαν στην λίστα μου αυθωρεί, παίρνοντας την σειρά άλλων με τσαμπουκά. Έπεσα πάνω σε σχόλια που διάβαζα διαγώνια και που μετέφεραν με ομοφωνία έναν ενθουσιασμό άκρατο: μια νέα φωνή που πρέπει να την ακούσεις. Ευφάνταστη, κα [...]

    26. Brilliant. Allusive and elusive. Oyeyemi's writing here has refined and smoothed—the flashy pyrotechnics of White is for Witching and condensed beyond even Mr Fox into a deeper, more internal power of story, dream, desire. Need to ruminate on higher meaning here, if there is any beyond the title and: keys open locks.

    27. books and roses - 3.5/5 stars'sorry' doesn't sweeten her tea - 4/5 starsis your blood as red as this? I: (no) - 3.5/5 starsII: (yes) - 3/5 starsdrownings - 4/5 starspresence - 4/5 starsa brief history of the homely wench society - 4/5 starsdornicka and the st martin's day goose - 3.5/5 starsfreddy barrandov checks? - 3/5 starsif a book is locked there's probably a good reason for that, don't you think - 4/5 stars

    28. 2.5-3 StarsThis short story collection was very different that others that I have read, and 1/2 the time I was absolutely confused on what I had just read, taking moments after reading the story to think, is there something more deeper to this that I am not getting? To me, I liked the first story, it was very flowery and the ending saved it. Idk, I just couldn't push myself to read more than one a day, and I'm good. I hope that the next book of her's that I pick up is better. I really do.

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